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Farmyard Chickens Screen Printed Blue and Red Towels

GIFT TIP:  If you know someone who just had a baby or is sick, I’d make a homemade chicken pot pie or casserole in a disposable foil container.  Place the towel on top and tie twine around both.

You’ll be giving the most thoughtful and delicious gift that will really make them feel better!

Make up a double batch of the chicken pot pie and your is dinner ready, too. 🙂

Screen Printed Chicken Towels | Farmhouse Kitchen Affordable Gift Ideas |

Ticking Stripe Towels

These ticking stripe towels are from my own farmhouse kitchen collection and are available in my shop in red or blue stripes.

GIFT TIP:  Bake up a batch of homemade cookies, put them a zip lock bag, then gather the towel around it.  Tie up the top with twine.  It will look adorable and taste delicious!  Don’t forget to include your recipe.  Just punch a hole in it and string it through the twine.

Make a double batch so your family can enjoy some cookies, too.

Ticking Stripe Kitchen Towels | Farmhouse Kitchen Affordable Gift Ideas |

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  1. ColleenB.~Texas says

    My daughters Used to ask what I would want for Mother’s Day, birthday, etc. and I would always tell them canning jars or homemade item of some sort. Needless to say; they no longer ask cause they now know what I could use or want. I love it when I know they take the time in making something homemade

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