He Saved the Best Rock for Last | A Love Story

There once was a little boy who climbed onto his friend’s bike that was too big for him.

He tried to ride it down the driveway, but he fell and broke his arm.


A few years later, that same little boy climbed up another friend’s bunk bed, got his leg stuck in the ladder rung, and fell and broke his other arm.

Years passed, and his poor frazzled mom thought he’d outgrown his arm-breaking tendencies, when she got a call from his best friend in college saying he was in the hospital.

He was rocking climbing at a gym, and you guessed it …

Behind every rock climbing son is a worried mom! | www.knickoftime.net

He fell and broke his arm again.

But one day, she got a call from her son.

Mom, I’ve met someone.”

The mother was overjoyed.  Her rambunctious little boy had grown up and met someone special.

And then he said the words,

And she likes to climb too.”

This relationship is on the rocks ... literally! Rocking climbing partners for life | www.knickoftime.net

And last weekend, he proposed to the rock climbing love of his life.

His fiance has a ring that belonged to her grandmother, but she wanted something smaller and simpler – a little “rock,” so he bought her this dainty Champagne Diamond ring (affiliate).  He told me when he ordered it, and I impatiently waited to hear when he popped the question.

Dainty Champagne Rose Gold Engagement Ring | www.knickoftime.net

He was waiting for a day with decent weather, so he could propose when they could go hiking and have a picnic.

A man who loves the outdoors and rock climbing, meets a young woman who loves the same. A couple that belays together, stays together! | www.knickoftime.net

Should I be worried about their love of rock climbing and high places?

Oh darling, let's be adventurers | www.knickoftime.net

I don’t think so, because …

  The couple that belays together, stays together. 🙂

They can climb every mountain together, for the rest of their lives.

Climbing every mountain together | www.knickoftime.net

With two sons getting married, it’s going to be a busy year.  And I couldn’t be happier.

Because I have weddings on my mind right now, this is my favorite Youtube video this week.

Trust me, you’ll love it. 🙂

If you know anyone getting married, this Antique Certificate of Marriage is a free printable.

Download the full size printable HERE.

This free printable antique certificate of marriage would make a beautiful framed wedding gift | www.knickoftime.net

Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Candy Walsh says

    Congratulations to your son and his new fiancé! What a cute little boy he was and a handsome young man that I know you’re so proud of! As moms, it’s so hard for us to watch them fall and when they’re babies when can pick them up and cuddle them back to health and happiness from whatever kind of “fall” they may have taken, then they become adults and we have to watch them fall, hold ourselves back from running to the rescue and be secure in the way we raised them, secure in our faith, trust that they’ll make the right decisions when they get up and dust themselves off and pray a lot, lol.
    My son is an avid cyclist who has ridden that beautiful mountain your son chose to propose on, so I pray a whole bunch, lol. I have also been there many times, it’s only about 30 minutes from where i live~could we be neighbors?

    • Candy, I don’t think we ever stop worrying about our kids, but it’s a relief to know there’s another woman who loves him and will be looking out for him too! 🙂

  2. Ginny Gudermuth says

    I have a daughter who was a rock climber.(to the extreme) Now she has two little girls. She takes them to the climbing wall and helps them climb but her two feet are firmly on the ground. Responsibility breeds caution.

    • Ginny, I’m just relieved he hasn’t done any extreme climbing (yet). He does more bouldering than anything, but I hope once they have kids, they’ll be more cautious too!

  3. Congratulations to all! What a special time for your family! Enjoy every minute, Angie!

  4. What a wonderful true story and I loved the YouTube video.

  5. Kimberley A Mason says

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful portrait of love in bloom! I adore a good love story. May they have many more beautiful moments~

  6. Hi Angie – What a beautiful story and many congratulations on your growing family. Hugs, Holly

  7. Oh this brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful sweet way to tell us this! Congratulations to the happy couple and may both your sons be as happy as can be Angie!!

  8. It must be fun to share this exciting information with so many people!!! Congratulations on an adventurous year ahead!!! And, God bless your whole family!! 🙂

  9. SusanIrene says

    Thank you for sharing your family’s happenings. Congratulations to you and your family. It looks like 2017 is starting out as a happy joyful year which you deserve.

  10. Yea! Much happiness to your son and his rock climbing Love of his life. And congratulations to you and your husband too. May 2017 be joyful the whole year through!

  11. Naomi S. says

    Angie, how exciting! Congratulations to both of your sons and their fiancees.

    About the worrying thing. I have two grown daughters, one just turned 40 this last Fall and I still worry about them at certain times. For example, last evening my daughter left my house but I tho’t she was in the basement. When I found that she wasn’t and I looked out and saw her car still in the driveway I tho’t it was strange and she hadn’t said anything about leaving. So then, I began to worry that she had gone walking to somewhere–it was dark–and someone had accosted her or something else had happened to her. I ended up calling her, but she didn’t answer, so that brought on another layer of worrying. Now we live in a very safe neighborhood in a good area, BUT…I still worried until she came home and I told her I was concerned because I didn’t know where she was. She said, “Mom, why were you so worried about me? I just got picked up to go to my book club.” The only answer I could give her was, “Because I love you.” She’s thirty-three and has two children. She doesn’t understand yet that no matter how old our children are, we always worry about them to some extent. She will know more about worrying when her six-year-old boys are older and more independent!

    • I’m the queen of worrying, Naomi. I know sometimes it drive my kids nuts, but two of them work late hours, so if they come home late, I jump into worry mode. I have to remind myself that God knows exactly where they are an how they are – even if I don’t.

  12. Congratulations to your son and your family; thanks for sharing such a sweet story. I love that song by the way. To follow up on the worrying comments as moms I don’t think we ever stop worrying.

  13. Congratulations, Angie–beautiful [well-told] story and the marriage certificate was a fun bonus for us all 🙂

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