Lessons Learned on a Family Kayaking Trip

Lessons Learned on a Family Kayaking Trip Every year we go on a family kayaking trip.  I look forward to it every year.  Some trips are very memorable, like the time my sons climbed a short cliff and jumped into the water below and the year we stayed at a campground that had horrible karaoke music.  But this year, our family kayaking trip was memorable because I almost didn’t survive it. Literally.

He Saved the Best Rock for Last | A Love Story

There once was a little boy who climbed onto his friend’s bike that was too big for him. He tried to ride it down the driveway, but he fell and broke his arm.   A few years later, that same little boy climbed up another friend’s bunk bed, got his leg stuck in the ladder rung, and fell and broke his other arm. Years passed, and his poor frazzled mom thought he’d outgrown his arm-breaking tendencies, when she got a {Read More}

All Good Things

When you read the three words in this post’s title, “All good things“, I’d be willing to bet your mind automatically filled in the remainder of the proverb with, “must come to an end“, didn’t it? The funnest vacation you’ve ever taken eventually ends, Your brand new car eventually starts looking like a used car,      Downton Abbey ended, and there’s no season 7.  Sigh… So when I discovered one of my favorite good things was suddenly gone,

Christmas Crazy

Last week I was feeling really stressed out. November 1st was rapidly approaching, and I knew I should have every single block on my calendar filled with holiday posts. Last year I did a 12 Days of Christmas project series, and I wanted to do it again this year. Not only did I want to do it again – I wanted to do it earlier this year than I did last year,  and better, and I wanted all 12 projects done by Nov. {Read More}

Make Your Dash Count

 http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV Those of you who have visited my blog for awhile, know I’m the mom of 4 kids, but what I’ve never shared before, is that before I ever had kids of my own, there were three other children in my life. Within 2 months of getting married, my husband and I became foster parents to 3 children with special needs, as part of a pilot program to remove young children with profound physical and mental disabilities from institutions, so they {Read More}

Hey Hallmark, I have a movie idea for you…

What does a camp stool and summer break have in common? Without peeking below, what would your answer be? I’d bet a plate full of S’mores that your answer is “camping”.           Am I right? Am I?

Going Home …

I’ve heard it said that you can never go home again, but I beg to differ.  Let me explain… Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile, may recall that a little over a year ago, my cousin lost her home, and most of her belongings, when a tornado struck her town, and nearly wiped out her neighborhood.   This is the same town I grew up near, and went to high school in.  If you missed that post, the {Read More}

Washington, Illinois Tornado Aftermath

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that my daughter and I went to my old hometown this morning to help with the attempt to salvage things on my cousin’s property, where her house once stood.    Seeing the destruction was unbelievable, to say the least. To see nearly an entire neighborhood wiped out is tragic, but beyond the tragedy is so much mercy.  Not one person in this neighborhood was killed.  There was one man in town who {Read More}