Country Living Farmhouse Pets | Meet the Minis

Country Living Farmhouse Pets | Meet the Minis

About a year and a half ago, my daughter gave away her beloved quarter horse, Indy.

It was a tough decision, but at the time she was in college and working full time, and she just couldn’t give him the exercise and attention he needed.

Fortunately, we know the family and are able to visit him occasionally.  But we still miss him a lot.

for the love of a horse |

We weren’t the only ones who missed him though.   His little buddy Shimmery (my daughter’s miniature horse) missed him too.

It broke our hearts to watch her standing by herself, looking lost and forlorn in our pasture.  So when my daughter asked if she could get another mini to be her companion, I wholeheartedly agreed.

So several months ago, we adopted Blade into our family.

He’s a little gelding that was completely untrained and very skittish when we got him.

My daughter has patiently worked with him, slowly building his trust.  She’d love to drive him with her cart, but that requires a lot of training; so we know it will take some time.

The weather was beautiful over the weekend, so my daughter rounded up both minis from the pasture and removed all the burrs they’d gotten in their manes and tails over the winter.

They both looked like they were wearing dreadlocks, but now that they were prettied up, I could finally get some decent photos of them.

Shimmery is much happier now that she has a companion again.

And my daughter is very happy too.  She’s looking to buy her own home in the country soon and can’t wait to move her little minis (and cats) with her.

She adopted two abandoned baby kittens a few weeks ago, so I’ll be sharing photos of them soon. 🙂

Since her dog Jake passed away several months ago, she’s hoping to find a new dog to love too.

I’m so glad she loves country living and pets as much as her mom does.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

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Vaya con Dios,

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  1. She is surely much happier now as she has a companion again! They look good together

  2. Awwww…there is nothing like animals to love. Thanks for sharing.

  3. SusanIrene says

    Thank you for sharing your lovely daughter with us. Your post was very heart-warming.

  4. Sweet post…you are right…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  5. We have a miniature horse as well – I adore him. He’s the sweetest, prettiest thing. We still have 3 full size horses as well, but Chipmunk is special. 🙂 I wish your daughter all the best with her quest for her own country home!

  6. Naomi S. says

    What a thoughtful and kind thing you did for Shimmery. I bet she’s so happy to have a companion now. Both are mini horses? Not the same as ponies, right?

    I was always afraid of horses because they are so big. But a few years back I was asked to photograph a friend’s daughter with her horse and I had to get fairly close to the horse to get the shot I wanted of horse and girl. He was a beautiful animal with such soulful eyes and that day I just lost my fear and was besotted with his “horse-ness” and the way he had such presence. Now I regard horses in a much different way and not fearing them anymore I can truly appreciate them as fellow creatures on this earth.

  7. Kimberley A Mason says

    I love animals of all kinds and really want to move to a home in the country someday. I feel inspired by your daughters story. thank you for sharing.
    Kimberley Mason

  8. Awwww absolutely adorable.

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