DIY Pallet Wood Patriotic Party Picnic Crate

Rustic Pallet Wood Patriotic Party Picnic Crate

Say that 5 times fast! 🙂

DIY Red, White and Blue Patriotic Rustic Crate Table Centerpiece for July 4th, Memorial Day or military homecoming. |

My mind changes as quickly as the seasons, so after making a handled wooden tote a few months ago for tulips, I was ready to give it a patriotic makeover so it can be used for Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or military celebrations.

This crate is perfect to use as a picnic table centerpiece, because all the supplies fit inside it.

DIY picnic table supplies wooden crate centerpiece made with pallet wood and Vintage Sign Stencils |


Throw patriotic celebration and make this rustic table centerpiece to hold all the party supplies |

Supplies Needed (includes affiliate links in bold text for your convenience):

pallet wood

Stars stencil

red, white & blue paint

painter’s tape

paint brush (I use cheap chip brushes)

stencil brush

brad nails


furniture wax (I prefer this one)


  1. Build the basic pallet wood crate.  The tutorial is HERE.
  2. Cut another board to fit inside the crate for a divider. (It should fit snugly.)
  3. Paint the crate and divider board and let dry. (I painted one side blue and the other red.)
  4. Stencil the stars design on the long sides and USA design on the short sides.
  5. Tap the divider board into the crate.  Add a few brad nails to secure it.
  6. Distress edges of crate with sander.
  7. Apply wax and buff it to protect the finish.

Since I already had the tote made, I just tapped the nails out and removed the handles.

I painted the inside and three sides Federal Blue and the other side Crimson Red (both  by Gliddon).

How to make a Pallet Wood Patriotic Party Picnic Crate tutorial |

Secure the stencil with painter’s tape and paint over the stencil on the two long sides; let dry.

Even on rough wood, you can get crisp lines as long as you use a dry brush with very little paint on it.

Repeat on the red side.

Repeat on the two short sides with the USA part of the stencil.

The Stars stencil measures approximately 16″ x 8″.

It’s available HERE.

I’d love to hear what you think of my festive patriotic picnic crate!

Please let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Throw a patriotic holiday picnic and make this pallet wood red, white and blue wooden crate to hold all the supplies as a centerpiece |

Show your American pride this summer with this DIY patriotic crate made of pallet wood using Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils |

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DIY Patriotic Pallet Wood Picnic Table Centerpiece Tutorial |

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  1. Love the crate and love the stencils Angie!!

  2. Mellisa Stuckert says

    You hit that old-timey patriotic celebrations nail square on the head.We have moved towards a 24/7 society and where towns have have had to drop celebrations because of funding issues. There no longer is all the patriotic holiday celebrations and GASP! – some towns do not even do fourth of July celebrations on the fourth and some no longer even do them.

  3. Thank you so much for this very patriotic wood tote idea ! I love it ! Matter of fact I’m going to make one for the 4th of July. We have a beach house in the Panhandle Florida area . Every year on the 4th our family and friends get together and celebrate and this tote will be the cats meow for the big cook out that we have. Thank you again!

  4. Oh too cute! We have an old wooden fence that fell down (for good this time). I think I have just come up with a re-purpose for them!! And thank you for making this project easy for us (me) beginners.

  5. Lee Dargue says

    I stumbled (didn’t get hurt though, pun intended) upon your site through many links, beginning with Bob Vilia, as my starting point!
    I want to be included in your Blogs, as what I found so far, have been very stimulating to the point that I now desire to get busy in my workshop after a five year hiatus due to serious health problems. I’m now able to do some woodworking on a limited basics, but was to depressed to do anything but be sedentary. Thanks to your GREAT ideas for perfect projects, not only for myself, but for gifts that will mean so much to my recipients.
    BTW, I would like to get the free set of the “USA STENCILS” so I can get started with the pallet tote. I have everything to complete the project including spare pallets, except for the fresh paint and the stencils.
    Thank you, Lee Dargue, your newest fan!

  6. Such a creative idea! With Memorial Day here and 4th of July coming after, this is the perfect DIY for a small gathering. Thank you for sharing it!

  7. I love it and I’m anxious to make my own. Thanks for the stencils….

  8. I love this idea!

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