Love Notes | Saying “I Love You” 52 Times for the Newlywed Couples

Love Notes | Saying “I Love You” 52 Times for the Newlywed Couples

The easiest way to stay connected with my two sons who live out of state is to pick up the phone and call them, but I wanted to send each of them personal notes from me to encourage them in their new marriages (my oldest son got married last week, and my middle son’s wedding is in the fall).

I decided to send postcards.  They cost less postage than regular mail, and I could select an assortment of cards I thought they and their wives would enjoy.

For my oldest son and his wife I picked this set of 20 Bible verse photography postcards.

The nature photography on each postcard is beautiful and each card has a Bible verse printed on it, so I can just write a personal note on the back side.

I also bought this set of 20 Vintage Style Flowers & Butterflies.

Each one is like a little work of art, and I think my daughter-in-law will really like them.

My oldest son was a passionate “birder” when he was in junior high and still loves birds, so I almost bought this set of 100 watercolor bird postcards.  The price was good, but it has more cards than I need.

Remember my rock climbing middle son and his fiancée?

His wedding is in October, and for them I chose a set of 59 National Parks postcards.

I hope these cards inspire them to visit all the National Parks together.  I’ll be writing a Bible verse on the back of each card for them too.

I love this set of 50 Retro Vintage American Travel Postcards.  They would be fun to use for decoupage on a tray or furniture, or to give as a gift for couples who travel a lot.

I bought each couple a set of 100 blank Kraft Paper Postcards to encourage them to write love notes to each other.  I think it’s a great habit to begin their married lives with.

Writing love notes | Saying "I Love You" 52 Times for Newlywed Couples |

Do you send handwritten notes very often?  I’d love to hear how you encourage your married children!

Vaya con Dios,


  1. My son isn’t married – but he does happen to work with my husband. They have a “shop cat” and my husband and I take care of her every Sunday. While there, I pick an inspiring quote or words or wisdom and write them on a sticky note – then stick it to the side of his computer. I figured he would find it “cute” and just throw them away – but nope! He actually keeps every single one right where I put it and the first thing he talks about every Monday when he gets home is the little note I left for him over the weekend. We should always inspire and encourage our children as they enter different seasons of life – and that you are including their wives is such a beautiful thing!

  2. Marlene Stephenson says

    Great idea,pretty cards, thanks and have a great weekend.

  3. Sandy McElroy says

    Where do you get the love notes Angie ?

  4. Oh I love, love, love this idea. We do not have children, but I’ve often thought that one of my ministries could be to send encouraging notes. Sadly I have failed more than won any kind of challenge for myself to send a note to someone every month. I do however try to include a notes to my husband in his lunches, sometimes every day of the week, other times he’s luck to get one once a week. And he says that he keeps them all in a box at work. 🙂 Some days it is just a menu of what is in the box, because I want him to see it all if I spent the time to pack it. Other times it is a goofy poem I make up as I’m fixing the lunches. I’m not a morning person so poems are special because they are not commonplace.

    I do love to send snail mail to my nieces and nephew though and these postcards might be fun. 🙂

  5. Jenny Young says

    We are blessed to have our son & daughter-in-law living 5 miles from us, plus they both work for the same company my husband works for. I have mailed them a few cards in their almost four yrs of marriage but I usually just text or message things I want to share, things I think they’d like.

    Our daughter-in-law works days & our son nights. So sometimes I pick up lunch & eat with my daughter-in-law on her lunch break. Or I take my son to breakfast when he gets off work in the mornings. It’s our sweet time together. My husband will go in sometimes to work at night & always has a coffee with our son on his lunch break…their sweet time together.

    They actually reach out to us more than we reach out to them! Such a sweet surprise to me in having adult children! We’ve tried to give them their space with them living so close to us. Most of the time we wait for them & we rarely have to wait more than a week to see them…of course my lucky husband sees them almost every day.

    Our first grandbaby is due this fall so we actually see & share with them more since we’re all so looking forward to our new boy.

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