My Small Covered Porch That Finally Got a Makeover

Do you have a space in your house or yard that is just plain ugly?

So ugly, you don’t want a single soul to lay eyes on it?

But I’m going to show it to you today because we decided to turn that ugly spot into a space we we love now!

For us, it’s the small covered porch at the back of our house.

Seriously … it’s embarrassing.

We rarely go back there, except when my husband grills, and it’s become a landing spot for junk.  We had a broken chest freezer, a broken dryer, and a broken, rusty set of metal file drawers.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was a bag of hardened concrete, empty tubes of caulk, and a metal chair  in the mid-makeover stage.

     Ack!  Really bad, right?!

On the other side of that small covered porch, we had what was left of an above ground pool.

Basically, the whole space was just ugly, BUT it had one thing going for it.  The view across our pasture and the forest beyond is beautiful!

So with a little prodding, I talked my husband into revamping it to turn it into a useful and wonderful spot we can enjoy.

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The first project was to get that old pool out of there!  Then he added a railing at the edge of the covered porch, and another at the edge of the deck, because it’s a big drop to the ground.  He also added a gate (which isn’t visible) to keep our miniature horses from escaping.

I cleaned up an antique window to hang, and he wired an antique lantern that I bought a few weeks ago for a porch light.  This is the view from my kitchen window now, and it makes me so happy to look out and see this instead of a junkyard!

Farmhouse covered porch with white railing and antique window to "frame" the view|

I bought the lantern and several other antiques from an elderly woman at a yard sale last month.  It had been spray painted gold, so my husband repainted it black.  It was a bargain at $5, and he rewired it for $1 using pieces from a thrift store hanging light.

Repurposed oil lamp hanging light fixture for farmhouse porch |

My husband works at Lowes, and he alerted me that this faux wicker outdoor coffee table was clearance priced, and the chairs were on sale too.  I picked the flowers from my guest house garden and found the ornamental pepper plant in a grocery store.  It is just so bright and adorable!   I bought the antique nail keg a few months ago.  I didn’t have a plan for it at the time, but it’s perfect as a little plant stand.

I bought the Fresh from the Farm pillow for less than $3 (available HERE) and used my Farmer’s Market stencil to make the other pillow.  The stencil is available HERE.

The peppers aren’t edible and they are annuals.  They won’t last, but they just make me smile. 🙂

Ornamental peppers on farmhouse covered porch |

I used a rusty tractor implement with a rusty little cup on top as a candle holder.

A rusty old tin cup and tractor implement make make a funky little junk candleholder on the coffee table for the farmhouse covered porch |

There was a small hole in house siding, so I whipped up a quick sign on salvaged wood using the Feed Sack stencil to hide it.

I’d love to get an outdoor rug to cover the stained concrete, but I’m waiting to see if they go on clearance.

Later, we’ll add more furniture on the deck next to the porch, but we’ll probably wait until next spring to do that.

I’m thrilled with how our small covered porch makeover turned out … and that we accomplished it for well under $200.

Farmhouse style pillows and wicker outdoor furniture on small covered patio |

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Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Sandy McElroy says

    It looks relaxing, now you can enjoy the space and view.

  2. Andrea O'Rourke says

    Angie, I LOVE your remade porch!! It’s beautiful!! Removing one of the benches really opened the porch up, too. Instead of buying a carpet for the porch, why don’t you just paint a pattern on it to look like a carpet?

    • Andrea, I thought about doing that, but I’m concerned about the paint getting worn or scratched off with the chairs being scooted around. I may just paint it one solid color that could easily be repainted if needed.

  3. What a lovely before and after Angie!! Your new space looks so pretty and relaxing:)

  4. Marlene Stephenson says

    Nothing like seeing a nice view out the kitchen window and being able to sit and relax is a bonus. Looks really nice.

  5. Wonderful! I have a front deck that could use a makeover. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thanks K! I wish we would have done it a long time ago, because I’m enjoying it as much from the inside of my house looking out, as I am actually sitting on the porch.

  6. Pamela Martin says

    I LOVE what you have done with that little space. So cute.
    It must be handy to have a husband who works at Lowes who can alert you to good deals.

  7. Your “new” porch is very inviting, Angie! Tell your husband he did a great job! And you did a good job staging it! I think it would be so relaxing to sit there with a cup of tea or a glass of lemonade and enjoy the view. What direction would you be looking if you were sitting on your porch? I was imagining viewing the sunset and listening to the crickets. But possibly it would have to be the sunrise!

  8. Everything looks so nice Angie!!..What a cute space you have made, especially love the
    candle holder!!..You are so creative!!

  9. What a great spot to sit and enjoy that view. Everything looks great.

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