DIY Wedding Decorations | Crates & Lanterns for Outdoor Wedding

DIY Wedding Decorations | Crates & Lanterns for an Outdoor Wedding

When my son and his fiancée announced they were getting married, she added me to a Pinterest board she’d created so I could see some of the wedding decorations she liked and wanted my help with.

DIY Wedding Decorations | Crates & Lanterns for Outdoor Wedding |

One of the ideas she liked was a display made with rustic crates and lanterns.  I have several antique crates, but needed a few more to create a similar display.  I knew I would reuse the crates after the wedding (I’ll show you how later), but I wanted to share how I made them look rustic and how to create a display that could be used for any special event, or even as indoor Christmas decor.

Supplies used:

I purchased two unfinished wood crates.  You can find some similar in craft stores, but I ordered mine online.
Create a beautiful illuminated rustic display with unfinished wooden crates |

I took them outside to stain so the fumes wouldn’t stink up the house and they would dry fast.

DIY wedding decorations |

On one of the stained crates, I put one of my large cast iron lanterns inside a wreath wrapped with the string lights and ivy strand.

I used Velcro to attach the battery box for the string lights inside the top of the crate so it was hidden.

I put pillar candles inside the large lanterns and they glowed beautifully all night long.  I’ll continue to get a lot of use from them.

DIY Wedding Decorations | Crates & Lanterns for Outdoor Wedding |

I’ve used mini string lights in the past for my repurposed jar potpourri light.


I  tucked fairy string lights inside a hurricane lantern and attached the battery box under the lantern with Velcro so it was hidden.

They looked beautiful after the sun set!

Wedding decor starry night fairy lights in a lantern |

The other stained crate was used on the gift table.


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I’ll share just a few more DIY wedding decorations soon!

Vaya con Dios,


  1. I love how this turned out, Angie! Such a great idea to stain new crates to mix with the old! I love how the fairy lights look in the lantern, too…a very cozy space for the special day!

  2. Marlene Stephenson says

    I just know they had a beautiful wedding, everything looks wonderful.Thanks Angie.

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