My Son’s Beautiful Fall Outdoor Wedding

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My Son’s Beautiful Fall Outdoor Wedding

I hope you aren’t sick of hearing about my son’s outdoor fall wedding.  But if you are, I promise that this is the last post about it … until someone else gets married! 🙂

Hang on, though, because I have a LOT of photos in this post.  So I’ve divided into parts.

First up, a confession and a shot with my son.  The confession is … that I bought a skirt and top months before the wedding.

BUT, I didn’t try it on until two days before we were leaving and it looked terrible!

I panicked, but my husband went with me to look for something else.  I didn’t have any luck at department stores, so he suggested we hit a thrift store.  Would you believe we found my dress, his shirt, and a tie for $13.00!  I ended up paying more for my shoes than everything else combined.  I learned my lesson though.  Never wait till the last minute to try on clothes, and start with thrift stores first!

My proud mamma photo.  His smile makes me happy every time I see it.

I’ve always been the main woman in his life, but I happily turned him over to the new main woman in his life.  They are a beautiful couple, inside and out.

Outdoor fall wedding Bride and Groom |

The bride and her bridesmaids gathered all wildflowers for the bridesmaids’ bouquets, and they were so pretty.  Her bouquet was from a local florist and it was only $9.  She’s a fellow bargain shopper.

Here are my three sons.  Their flowers were more that the girls picked.

And here is Pico, my son’s beloved dog.  He had the official duty of being the ring bearer.  I added a burlap bow tie on to his collar and a box for the rings.

My oldest son had to help my youngest son put on his suspenders.

Here are almost all of the groomsmen.  I couldn’t fit them all in the shot.  He had several more groomsmen than she had bridesmaids, so two groomsmen walked with each bridesmaid.

I love that they went with casual clothes, even mismatched pants, and kept the expenses low for all of the bridal party.

My son’s best man has been is best friend since they were in the 6th grade.

Here’s the bride with her dad.

Their officiate was one of my son’s college roommates.  He’s an ordained minister now.  The wood backdrop behind them was made by my son to hide a propane tank behind the tree.

Here’s my son removing the rings from Pico’s collar.  I love this shot of them.

The kiss!

The venue was a community center that was formerly a school.  It’s on the National Register of Historic Places and it was the perfect location for the casual outdoor wedding they wanted.

While most of the photos are my own, the next three photos were by the photographer, a personal friend of both and the wife of one of the groomsmen.  Thanks to @abbysummittran for sharing these.

He was holding her dress up to keep the weeds from sticking to it.

Rural outdoor wedding moments photos by @abbysummitttran

My son’s ring is wood inlaid in silver.  She has two rings.  One of them is from her grandmother, and the thin band was given to my son by my father-in-law after my husband’s mother passed away.

Wedding rings close up photo by @abbysummitttran

I love this one of Pico.  He was precious throughout the whole ceremony.

Outdoor wedding ring bearer dog photos by @abbysummitttran

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  1. Congratulations Angie for the lovely wedding of your son, they make a beautiful couple.
    You and your boys look great !
    Much love and blessings to the new couple.

  2. Congratulations Angie, to you and your husband. Your son and DIL make a beautiful couple.
    You and your boys look great too.

  3. What a beautiful day you all had. The bridal couple look so happy! May they be forever blessed. 🙂

  4. Donn Trulli says

    Congratulations to all concerned. It was a beautiful wedding. Thank you so much for sharing the pics with us.

  5. Congratulations to the lovely couple! May they have a happy life together and share lots of wonderful moments and exciting adventures. What a beautiful wedding they had. I love the casual style. All your projects look great, Angie! It must have been fun to make them for such a wonderful event.

  6. Sandy McElroy says

    Beautiful Angie, wish we could have been there. Thankyou you for sharing. Congratulations !

  7. Lisa Houghton says

    Hi I have waiting to see the pics since you started talking about the wedding 😊Congratulations to all what a beautiful wedding xxx just love reading your posts and getting amazing ideas xxx many blessings

  8. Laura Laskey says

    Congratulations! What a beautiful family you have. Loved everything!

  9. Oh what an adorable ceremony! I love everything about it – the simplicity, the farm house style!! Just beautiful! Congratulations – you must be so proud!!!

  10. Leslie Corak says

    Everything is lovely! You can just feel the Joy and Love through the beautiful photographs! Congratulations and God’s Blessings on each of you as your family continues to grow!

  11. Congratulations to the lovely couple! Great photos! And my kind of wedding, casual! I think it’s wonderful that you found your dress at thrift store! I love it! I would rather shop at a thrift or antique store than a brand spankin new store!
    Have a Wonderful day!

  12. This is so sweet and the couple looks so happy. Congratulations and the wedding looks lovely.

  13. Beautiful! Just goes to show you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful wedding. Love the simplicity of it all, and I could look at photos all day It’s not too many! Love ya and Congrats to all!

  14. I think this was such a perfect, beautiful wedding, Angie. I teared up reading about the rings…everything was special to the couple and had meaning. Love the photos…it’s such a satisfying feeling when it all comes together. Congratulations!

    • Linda, I’m so glad the my daughter in law decided to use both her grandmother and my son’s grandmother’s rings. I meant a lot to my father-in-law seeing his wive’s ring and his grandson’s wife’s hand.

  15. Teddee Grace says

    Well, everything was just beautiful and just right! And I love Pico! So well behaved and that bow tie!

  16. Vee Muller says

    Congratulations to everyone! You all look so happy! Thank you for sharing their lovely wedding.

  17. Looks like it was a great event, and everyone looks so HAPPY! which is what it is all about.

  18. Pam Hawkins says

    Such a simple and beautiful wedding!!! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Beautiful! Much Happiness to your family !

  20. Simple is good! Helps put the focus on the proper things–like the people and the love and commitment.

    Congratulations to your son and his bride! They looked so happy and so carefree. I wish them a long life together filled with happiness and only very light burdens.

    The photos are beautiful! Well, Angie, two down, two to go! Blessings to all of you!

  21. Congrats girl on the new addition to your family she looks like she will be a great daughter in law. Thank you for sharing your family day..

  22. What a beautiful wedding! I love your story about your outfit. And I love that your son even involved his dog. It all looks very special and personal – a wedding to remember, the best kind.

  23. Angie congratulations to the happy couple. You have a wonderful family, great kids and a great dog. Bless them all. You should be very proud.

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