Farmhouse Master Bathroom Style Board & Plans

No other room in my house has been remodeled and tweaked as many times as my farmhouse master bathroom.

I had no intention of doing it again, but the floor became damaged when the toilet leaked, a coat hook on the back of the door poked a hole in the wall behind it, and we never replaced a bathtub or toilet the first time because it wasn’t in the budget.

If you want to see the first remodel, it’s here (bad photography warning).

So I talked my husband into another remodel.  He’s such a trooper about all my house ideas!

Here’s the plan as it stands right now:

  • Plank the walls and ceiling.
  • Overhaul the built-in cabinet.
  • Replace or update the vanity.
  • Replace light fixtures.
  • Replace bathtub and toilet.
  • New accessories.

I thought about the look I wanted to achieve, and scoured Pinterest, Amazon, and other sources for the vanity, bathtub, lights, baskets, and shelves I wanted.  Of course we’re constrained by a budget, so a few DIY projects popped into my mind.

After playing around with ideas, here’s the style board I came up with:

Farmhouse Master Bathroom Design Inspiration Board by Knick of Time | #KnickOfTime #farmhousestyle #bathroom #makeover

 Farmhouse Master Bathroom Source List

If you want to shop this look, here are the sources for these items.

*Affiliate links are included to help you shop this look.

Weathered Oak Vanity

Rustic Barnwood Mirror

Bronze Vanity Light

Pendant Light

Bronze Faucet

Rustic Bath Tray

Seagrass Storage Baskets 

Mason Jar Bath Set

Be sure to come back next week for the first installment of the Farmhouse Master Bathroom Makeover!

Vaya con Dios,

Please know that Knick of Time uses affiliate links, including but not limited to Amazon to help keep this blog up and running.


  1. Marlene Stephenson says

    Looks like it will be a great area, will be exciting to see it develop. Have fun, and have a great Easter with your family.

  2. Love the weathered oak vanity. I don’t think we could use something like that because I have to store scads of toilet paper! Maybe if I give in a skirt. Then, there’s the cat furs to deal with!

  3. Love all of your inspiration photos! Looking forward to seeing how things turn out!

  4. Angie, I just looked at the light fixture post and it says it’s not appropriate for bathrooms. Did you see that? The only reason I could guess is that it only takes one 60-watt bulb. Otherwise, what would the problem be?

    I love your inspiration board ideas. What are you thinking of to replace the floor? Whatever you end up doing I know the final results will be charming. I’ll look forward to seeing each installment!

    I’m so glad you’re back to your regular blogging and hope that you will heal completely from your stroke.

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