{Primping in the Ladies’ Room}

 Several weeks ago, I gave you glimpses of the project I thought I would be showing you within a day or two.

I should have known that was a stretch, but I’ve been chomping at the bit and I guess I hoped if I blogged about it, the project would be completed sooner.

Well, it took longer than I’d hoped and I really wanted to be able to photograph the room with a wide-angle lens, but there comes a point when you just have to call it good.

Some of you guessed it was a bathroom remodel I was talking about and you were right.  Not only does it feel great to have this bathroom remodeled, but this is a “ladies only” bathroom (meaning my daughter and I & guests).  We’ll be remodeling another room that is a laundry/bathroom combo
for the guys in the next few months.

I had more fun than should be legal decorating this room.
I primped it like a teenage girl before prom.

I’ll admit – you’ll either like it or hate it,
but I love it!

So, without further ado….
Welcome to my Ladies’ Room!
I’ll show you the whole space in a few shots first, then show you the details up close.

Repurposed-Book-Page-Wallpaper-Knick of Time

To fully realize why this
ladies room is such a pleasure for me,
you have to remember what it
looked like when we moved here in October.

Since a picture is worth
a thousand words, I’ll step aside
and show you the details of the transformation,
{and there are oodles}
while attempting to keep my talking to a minimum.

{Antique Cabinet now a Sink Vanity}

Here’s the cabinet before it became a vanity

My husband picked out the sink and I love it!

{Cast Iron Cistern Spigot Converted into Faucet 
& Chippy Old Latch on Cabinet}

{Mason Jar Soap Dispenser & Soap Dish}
Dish created from an antique saucer
& a cast iron base removed
from another decorative piece

{Fresh Baby’s Breath & Old Lace} 
A perfect combination

{Lovely Old Hand Mirrors Hanging from Old Door Knobs}

{Perfect Patina} 

{Extra Towel Hook}

{Old Hand-Crocheted Doilies}
They cast such a pretty shadow.

{Recessed Lights above Vanity}

{Old Canning Jar} 
It has a pretty border at the top and bottom.
I bought this at a yard sale years ago.

I love how the light sparkles off the glass

{Little Dried Bouquet}
Confession – I placed this above the mirror to
cover up the misplaced nail holes from hanging mirror

{Little Vintage Bird}
He’s “molting”, but still adorable.


{Painted Basket Lined with Vintage Crochet Piece}

{Cotton Crocheted Rug}
I made this to fit the narrow space
between the toilet & the tub.
I made a matching one to sit on top of the toilet.

{Italian Linen Placemats & Old Buttons turned into Valances}

{Vintage Milk Glass Cosmetic Jars}
The morning sunlight casts a soft glow through them

{“Ristra” of Canning Jars & Antique Rick-Rack}
10 cents for the package when it was new.
{Antique Mason Jar & Spoon Holding Bath Salts}
{Perfume Bottles Repurposed to hold 
Shampoo & Conditioner}
{Framed Antique Advertisements}
(from 1800’s Peterson’s Magazines)
Pears’ Soap had some of the prettiest ads
{Dried Flowers with Cotton Scrap Fabric}
{Vintage Coat Hook for Robe}
{Antique Apothecary Bottles Above Doorway}
{Old Clamp Light Turned Into Light Fixture}
Rust + White = self-explanatory
{1800’s Sheet Music becomes Wallpaper}

{Antique Medicine Cabinet Mirror}
{Antique Ladle Candle Holder & Old Buttons}
{Old Chamber Pot with 1800’s Magazines}

 {19th Century Herb Packets & Antique Photo}

{Enamelware Wall Pocket} 
Attached with an old porcelain knob
{Enamelware Cup}
{Rusty Hand Towel Holder now a Toilet Paper Holder}
{Old Wooden Box turned Bathtub Side Table}
The old books & ironstone chamber pot
sitting on top look gorgeous together
{Craft Paper “Leather” Flooring}
And last but not least…
{a little Antique Potty Chair}
It cracks me up that someone hung
a roll of adding machine paper on this little potty chair.
Was the child supposed to use
it as toilet paper or do some scribbling while
they were on the pot?
Here’s something I think you’ll love!
Are you still here?
If so, I want to say “thank you”
for staying with me for so long
through this post!
I rarely use the word, “adore”,
but I adore this room.
In addition to the usual activities
you do in a bathroom,
I want to sleep in it, eat in it,
and make it my office.
I’ll confess – I’ve done all 3.
I have a “desk” that spans
my bathtub, so I can put
my computer or a book on it
while soaking in the tub.
…and I’m there right now – :0)
My husband knocks on the door
every so often, just to make
sure I haven’t drown.
The ONLY thing I don’t like
about this room is the bathtub.
It’s cast iron and my husband
didn’t want to remove it when
we started this rehab project.
What I really want is a claw foot tub.
He said he may consider
putting one in some day,
but I’m not holding my breath.
The bottom of my tub is like sandpaper
and needs to be reglazed, because my derriere
gets exfoliated every time I scoot across the tub.
Not the kind of spa treatment I’m dreaming of.
And this has absolutely NOTHING
to do with my ladies’ room,
but when I finally finished this post,
Barbie’s outtakes at the end of Toy Story
popped into my head.
So, in my best Barbie voice…
“We are so glad you came.  Bye-bye now.  Bye.  Bye-bye.
Please remember to discard all candy wrappers
and popcorn containers in the nearest trash recepticle.
Thank you.  Okay, bye-bye now.  Bye-bye!  Bye!
Okay…are they all gone?
Is-is everybody gone?  Huh?
Oh my gosh, my cheeks are killing me!
I can’t keep smiling like this anymore,
I am exhausted!  I think I need a break.
A little break.  Okay!  Phew…”

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  1. Wow! How fun to have a “girls only” bathroom! You did an amazing job!

  2. Amazing,beautiful stunning droolworthy Well done you did an brilliant job.

  3. Oh your girls room is just “so nice” rustic, simple yet elegant….ENJOY! Thanks for sharing.
    Kind Regards

  4. OH boy..I’m coming to visit!

  5. What a fun personalized space you’ve created for yourself! I had to laugh at the vintage window with the hardware still attached. We STILL have those windows in our basement. And the sandpaper bottom tub. We’ve got the same feature in ours. In 8 years it’s only been used ONCE when our daughter came home from college for a weekend when we first moved in. She said she wouldn’t recommend using it again. :@

    Kudos on the creative use of all your vintage goodies!

  6. Oh. My Goodness! What a space. You thought of everything! My fav. thing is the doily banner. And you’ll have to share w/ us how you transformed that wall. Did go right over the old stuff or rip that out? Just an amazing transformation you did here. And aside from the doilies – I don’t consider it that ‘girlie’. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. So many lovely details…I can see why you are smitten…I am too 🙂 Enjoy, Laurel

  8. What a fabulous makeover! You’ve thought of everything, right down to all the little details and decorations! I love the hand mirrors and the bath mat, and especially the sink and cabinet. I can see you spending a lot of time in here!

  9. That is over the top….fabulous job. I got a ton of ideas just looking at all your pictures…thanks for sharing and I am a new follower. P S I love my claw foot tub…I have two and no I am not sharing..but you can stop by…. 😉

  10. OH MY!! :=) What a lovely bathroom………..I don’t think I would ever leave. Can’t wait to see what you do with the guys bathroom.

    Have a great day.

  11. Angie, I absolutely love this room. It has so much grace and charm. And it speaks volumes of a labor of time and love. Every little detail! Way to go. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  12. Love all the details you have in this room. I can see why you adore it! Great job! hugs, Linda

  13. i really don’t have time to type this…I have to run and get my suitcase and pack and get over to that dream bathroon as soon as my butt can move!! If I could type squealing….I would be. I want that bathroom…but my husband would not go for it. I don’t know how in the world you thought of every piece to go where it does and do what it does. Incredible!!! Some magazine is going to be contacting you…no, really, you can mark my words….they just have to!!!

  14. I am in love with with your bathroom.. You did a wonderful job decorating it!! I am about to tackle my bathroom and have found my inspiration!! I am curious about the {Craft Paper “Leather” Flooring}?

  15. You’ve got everything vintage a person could possibly want/find/need/enjoy in one great and totally unique bathroom. Put a bath mat in the bottom of your tub, that will make it less rough feeling or sit on a towel. Writing on the bath on a computer – takes care and handy towels I am guessing. Thanks for such a terrific post.

  16. such a beautiful transformation. I love what you did with the room. Thanks for linking up by the way.

  17. angie, you’re cracking me up. where to start. i love it.

    love the molting bird.
    love the wall pocket.
    love the sink fixtures and cabinet.
    love the floor.
    love the sheet music (been thinking about doing something similar on my bathroom door which is THE ugliest door that ever lived).
    love your goodbye.

    rest your cheeks, will ya?

  18. Wow. This is my first visit to your blog. I found you via Mercantile Muse. I picked a great day to find you. Your bathroom makeover is amazing.

  19. found you from the mercantile Muse….I personally love the bathroom, but all that distressing and chipping paint would drive my hubby straight to his work shop in search of a paint brush and crisp white paint. lol. You’ve got yourself a new follower.

  20. That looks wonderful! You have really put alot of work into it! Shay


  21. What a transformation! I can tell you worked very hard on this project and your attention to detail is amazing.


  22. I’m coming over via the Mercantile Muse link party, and I LOVE your antique cabinet turned vanity! It’s gorgeous!

  23. Wow, you have been very busy. No wonder you are tickled. Buh bye!

  24. Hi Angie,

    WOW! I adore your updated bathroom! Every inch of it.
    I have seen the Craft Paper “Leather” Flooring} many times. Yours looks wonderful! I have only done it to wall outlets and memo books. a friend of mine did it to her desk. It really looks like leather.


  25. I LOVE IT!!! I’d be in there every chance I’d get. You did a fabulous job. The sink vanity is wonderful.
    Your newest follower, Mary Alice

  26. Aren’t you a lucky lady to have your very own powder room! I’m sure you must be loving it every time you walk in there! great job!

  27. Lovely! I am going to borrow some of these touches for my log cabin mudroom!

  28. My favorite thing…the candles in bowls filled with buttons! My only fear is that guests will get way-laid in there. So much to see they may forget to come back out!

  29. Angie,

    I am featuring you tomorrow during Sticker Time!

  30. I would never ever ever leave this room.
    Do you make house calls? I have a gutted bathroom with your name all over it 🙂

  31. Newest follower! Love this bath…so inspirational!! 🙂 Found you through The 36th Avenue! Yeah!

  32. Oh my goodness, Angie! This is truly incredible. I am SUCH a detail girl, and you put soooo much thought, love, and planning into all of your lovely details.

    I’m so glad you now have a place you truly adore (I do too!)

    Oh, and your “not the kind of spa treatment…” line and Barbie sign-off had me giggling.

    WAY TO GO!

    Thanks for linking up at Feature Friday Free-for-All!


  33. now this is an AWESOME AFTER! what amazing little details you’ve injected – love love love it!

    would love to have ya c’mon over to visit & link up for our party going on right now!


  34. New follower from 36th Avenue… I am in awe! The details in this room are so original and adorable (really those are understated words!) Drool-worthy!

  35. wow, love this! i especially love the new vanity sink. my parents have a house similar to yours in style and they’ve just redone their vanity in a similar way. i think it’s the best way to keep that vintage style flowing through your home. great job!

  36. Your bath is amazing! The vanity, antique potty chair (love the fun), color, hand mirrors … everything!! I too love all things vintage.

  37. I so enjoyed seeing this extraordinary room. I love your creative vision! Thanks for sharing.

    Warmly, Michelle

  38. Well, I was waiting…then I almost missed it~
    I absolutely LOVE this bathroom. I don’t think you mentioned the clothes line with the doilies…but I like that you kept the little ‘granny’ touch.
    I absolutely am loving the papered floor. I’m thinking of trying that myself…in all places the bathroom.

    YOu did a fantastic job on the bathroom.


  39. love it all !! love the wallpaper, floor, vanity…you will just love this space, more and more each day !! worth all the hard work ! enjoy!

  40. Love Love your ladie’s room! Love your Etsy shop also! You have great ideas you inspire me…..following, Thank you Kelly.

  41. Phenomenal! I adore this bathroom, especially your wall treatments! How did you attach the sheet music to the wall? LOVELY!

    Shared this on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 117. 🙂



  42. WOW!! Yes ADORE is the perfect word! I ADORE ALL of it:-)

  43. WTG! What a mindblowing transformation! It has that feel that it’s been there for years, slowly brought together, which is perfect. LOVE IT!

  44. Seriously I was numbering in my head all the things I liked!…and I lost count!…now I have to go lie down I need a rest …I am exhausted because I got sooo excited over this room…C
    Donna from FJI told me about this!

  45. LOVE it! The details you put in this room are amazing. So glad you are enjoying it, that’s the most important part!

  46. Best bathroom reno I’ve seen in ages!! That is one stunning room and I love all the little details. WTG!!!

  47. What a great change! I can see why you love it so. Enjoyed the WHOLE post lol!

  48. You have done a wonderful job! You can tell that you put your heart into this “ladies room” and I love it! That plank wall is fantastic!

  49. What a transformation! I LOVE it!! Everything is absolutely amazing. This is going on my Pinterest board for my future dream Ladies Room :o) Great job!!

  50. absolutely, beyond words, gorgeous!!
    I’m in the really love it category. =)

    would not know where to begin as far as what I like best, but… that papered wall is awesome and really caught my eye first thing!
    And all the accessories… perfect, and all so fun.

    thanks for all the great pics.
    barbara jean

  51. Your bathroom is absolutely beautiful! I love all of the textures going on and the color you chose for the boards on the wall. I really enjoyed all of the little details, as well. What a fun project!

    ~ Jennifer

  52. Wow, this is INCREDIBLE! I can’t believe the transformation! Awesome, simply awesome.

  53. This is not a bathroom, no, it’s a French Farm BOUTIQUE! Love it! andrea@townandprairie

  54. This just turned out fantastic! What a transformation. There are so many cute ideas here! You did a great job. I found you through Homemaker on a Dime’s link party. I was skimming the links and at first glance I thought your’s was called Pimping in the Ladies Room. hehehe Needless to say I did a quick double take.. Who knew the letter R could make such a big difference! I just had to come and look. I’ve got a bathroom makeover in my future too. This has been a great inspiration 🙂

  55. I love your bathroom and can see why you do too!
    What is the green color on the walls called??

  56. ok, never mind, I just saw the post on how your husband bought the tongue and groove boards from the courthouse, very cool!! and good for you for keeping them original!

  57. Just featured a link to your reno on Mercantile Muse- it’s GREAT!

  58. I am IN LOVE and I just did my dream bath re-do! And the wainscoting for your walls!!!!….. It’s FABULOUS!!!! WOW after just going through all this myself, I am SO impressed! Job WELL done!!!

  59. Angie, You certainly deserve the ‘WOW’ sticker. Your bathroom is fabulous! I am in LOVE!!! I especially love the beadboard turned horizontally and that color, SIGH! I love how you distressed it. All of your little extras are so darling and so fun. If I had a bath like that I don’t think I would ever come out. Hey, I loved the Barbie out takes too. Isn’t funny what pops into your head?

  60. Oh My Goodness …. LOVE LOVE LOVE … I wanna move in. Can I PLLEEEAASEEE??? Such a beautiful room : )

  61. Angie, Angie, Angie, you are the bomb and you and your hubby make a good team. This room is killer! There is not one thing that I don’t adore about this space. My favorite is the 2 die 4 floor! I have seen that done before in a magazine years ago and have always wanted to do it…I am glad that you got to do it instead of me. Love the ‘stuff’, the vanity, the color on the walls…just everything. Just amazing and so well done and just your style. When you need a claw foot tub, you need to talk to me first. Come over and I will tell you how I got mine so cheap!!

  62. You did a fabulous job!

  63. There’s really nothing more to say than BEAUTIFUL. I love everything about it. Oh how lucky you are to have your own bathroom. I wouldn’t leave this room either. Thanks for sharing you creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best party!

  64. What a fun bathroom!!! I love all the vintage stuff! I would love hanging out in there!

  65. Now That is a Ladies Room~ I Love it, love all the Loving Details you put into it…. one word of caution, I used an Antique bit of Rick Rack just like what you have pictured in a project, when it got Wet, it just feel apart in my hands… Just would hate for that to happen & all those wonderful jars break & cause a Mess or worse! Thanks for sharing….

  66. I love this bathroom!! The walls are definately my favorite! I would have to keep myself from starting at them all the time! Great job!!

  67. Wow, I love everything. I love all the little gadgets you have added. Great transformation. Can’t wait to see your next projects. I will be following your blog. TFS.

  68. You did a great job!
    The things I prefere the most are all the french details as glass jars, soap dispenser, soap dish…
    All is so cute, my compliments!

  69. Wonderful job! Lovely LOVELY transformation! We did a bath remodel (or 2nd one) down to the studs last January! Such work but sooo worth the outcome!


  70. Where do I start…so much to like about this makeover. Love the wall color and the fact that it is wood planks, love the teal/turquoise with the white, love the subway tile, love the little “molting” bird with the basket, I could go on. But the the thing I love most is how much YOU love it!! Thanks for sharing this at Show & Tell.


  71. ANGIE!!! Oh WOW!!!! Now how on earth did I miss this earlier??? I am SOOOOO engrossed with this room! Ok…I’m jealous…you have a music wall there with a VIOLIN page!!! I play the violin!!!! I WANT THAT ROOM!!! Oh I can just see it. I come over there, have to use the neccessary, and just STAND THERE STARING at that music wall!!! Forgetting why I had to go in there to begin with. I would totally live in that room. Has anyone asked you about putting that in a magazine yet??? They really should!! Awesome job. I mean it. I love that!
    Oh wow….
    and I rent….
    I can’t paste my old music on their walls.
    But maybe I can do something else…..
    Oh the wheels are turning!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing such a fantastic post!!

  72. Oh it all looks amazing!
    Visiting from White Wednesday.

  73. I’m in love with this room…can I come & live with you, …please?? So, so gorgeous!!!!!!!! – Katie


  74. Looove!! Sharing this at the party tonight- thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  75. Ok, that’s it you have to come to my house and fill my bathroom with vintage goodness too. There is just so much to love about this room I won’t bore you will listing all that I like. I will say however that the vintgage children training potty is an adorable touch!

  76. New follower from Miss Mustard Seed. This bathroom is something straight out of one of my childhood rooms. Well done.

  77. visiting again this time from MMS…but worth the trip! Fabulous bathroom!

  78. Love it….Im sure you are so proud of this amazing bathroom….you are so creative…

  79. Wow! What an amazing room! I love the color you used, it really makes the white/cream POP! Just stopping by from a link party and had to tell you how much I loved your work! 🙂

  80. Oh I absolutely love it!!! It’s so vintage-y!!!! I love all the little details!! So cute!!!

  81. Love all the fabulous details!

  82. What a delightful transformation. Did you mention the green beadboard?…Was it reclaimed, or new and made to look so marvelously aged?…Coreen @ 58 Vintage Faire

  83. What a fabulous renovation. (This is the second time I’ve come back to look at the photos!)

  84. I adore your make over! I would love to hear how you did the floor!
    Thank you for sharing.

  85. This bathroom is great! All your clever touches are fun, what’s not to love? My favorites…… the spigot, the tub tray, enamel cup hanging instead of on the sink, and my very favorite the spoon in the bath salts. Love that.


    PS I love the cabinet too, and my daughters bathrooms have the same sink. I hate cleaning in the cracks of it though!

  86. I love everything you did! I’ll be featuring your post this week on my top ten fav picks, so check back! oxoxoxo.

  87. fabulous ~ I can see why you want to eat, sleep and make it your office ~ LOL.

  88. Holy smackeroo’s…I would never leave. It looks great!! Definently girly. YOu are going to have to take pity on the men. But geesh…it’s worth it!

  89. this is so cute, so many pretty vintage details! love the sink and faucet and the hand mirrors hanging, oh and the doilies on a clothes line. great job!!

  90. This looks great! Wow! Have a wonderful night!

  91. Gorgeous! And the cast iron tub still feels vintage event though it’s sittin’ on its behind instead of some feet. Kudos, fer sure!!!

  92. I adore that it’s a girls only bathroom! And the color is fantastic! I’m hosting a favorite things linky party and would love it if you stop by and post something!

  93. This space is soo awesome!! I love so many of the details, the sheet music wallpaper, the color, the mason jars the enamel. Love, love!!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  94. Angie, What a great room you have created!!! I can see why you love it so much. I am amazed at the number of vintage items you have in there. Great job.
    Hugs, Cindy

  95. Love, love, love this room! I would have to take a bath every night. Love the color, the sheet music wallpaper, all the vintage items……the list could go on and on! I will be pinning along with everyone! Beautiful job.

  96. So glad you linked to our Impossibilities Challenge party – this is one inspiring bathroom!

  97. So lovely. So many amazing touches all adding up to one amazing renovation!

    Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities challenge!


  98. OMG!! This is such an amazing transformation!! Absolutely stunning!
    Okay, I want to know more about the craft paper leather faux floor????? Did you do a post on this that I could read???


  99. Amazing job! I love all the detail and girly things you have. Great work, I love it!

  100. I love it!! I’m your newest follower! Thanks so much for linking up…Lisa Leonard Designs giveaway just started on my blog!! Stop by if you haven’t entered yet…

    XO, Aimee

  101. Amazing transformation! I absolutely love it! I loved that you showed us all the little details, too. I am your newest follower from Eclectically Vintage.


  102. WOW, this is totally gorgeous, Angie!! I LOVE it!! and adore the clothesline–WOW! and the colors–they’re totally amazing! XO Cindy

  103. Its Fabulous I can only dream of having a bathroom like this!!!
    hugs Lynn

  104. Wow, that is all I can say wow, no wonder you have so many comments because the bathroom is simply AMAZING! You have so many fantastic details in there that just make the whole thing truly fabulous. What a great ladies bathroom, no wonder the men are banned!! Maureen.

  105. Great job on the bathroom, I mean ladies only room. You added some awesome details. Thanks for sharing.
    Joyous Wishes, Linda

  106. Awesome Ladies’ Room!!! Perfect down to the last detail.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  107. WOWZA! This is incredible. Great job…every detail is perfect. Newest follower.

  108. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love how it’s so vintage|country|chic :)You did an amazing job with all of the details!
    p.s. I’m visiting from Everything Under the Moon 🙂
    -Kayla from Love Sparkle Pretty

  109. Angie, wow!! What a project, I love all of the little details. I am a new LF follower, and thanks for joining Cowgirl Up.

  110. What a makeover! I adore it too! I want one like it….uh-oh….I feel a little redo comin on………..

  111. Angie, I am COMPLETEly bowled over by your work!! WOW! I would have a hard time leaving there 😉
    I’m your newest linky follower <3

  112. Lovely room and details.

  113. Oh how I would love to have this little “spa”! You did a great job! I’m doing my bathroom now, but it is used by everyone… Still fun though!

  114. Applause…Applause…Applause…You have a VERY cool ladies room!

  115. Angie, You & John have done a terffic job since we were there!!! I can not wait until we come again!! You are so talented, my dear niece! I know your kitchen redo will be absolutely amazing too. Very proud of your efforts! Love seeing all of your energy coming together so perfectly! your loving Aunt Lil

  116. Oh my, this is simply perfect, well worth the time it took me to find it since Cindy no longer has the direct link. Each and every single detail is amazing, my favorite is the clothesline. Sigh…I think I’ll revisit this one a few times…not stalk or anything…just revisit. 😉

  117. Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage says

    OK, this room is just way too wonderful!!! I can’t wait until I can come back and go over every square inch of it again. I love it!

    Not only would I have to have a “girl’s room” to get away with decorating like this, but the Yankee might even insist it be in a separate house. lol

    By the way, your humor about the roughness of the tub and Barbie cracked me up. Thanks! I needed a laugh. ;0)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  118. Angie…OMG..This”Ladies Room” is absolutely gorgeous!!! You did an outstanding job with the transformation..it is incredible! I wouldnt want to leave this sweeet little room either. I love the wood used on the walls,the copper spicket/faucet and the ladle used for the candle holder is so amazing too! WOW…I literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw the first pic! ENJOY…RELAX…. gotta love the built in exfoliation for the Buns!! Beautiful work you two! :o)

  119. Gosh, that’s an amazing bathroom – you’ve done a great job! I have this linked to my bathrooms post too today, for inspiration!

  120. WOW!!! Now, that’s a beautiful bathroom 🙂 Amazing… Heavenly… Incredible… Lovely – and the list goes on!!
    Greetings from Australia♥

  121. I have to say this is such a charming and sweet bathroom. It is unique and has many personal touches that make it so special. I’m glad I saw a photo of this on your current post. I knew I would have to find it and see more . I’m so glad I did. You did a wonderful Job! Thanks for featuring me again:)
    Take care, Francine
    Ps. I already caught Nathan browsing your shop a few times this week:)

  122. Love the bathroom! Great makeover. After 30 years of living in our house with a horrible bathroom we are finally purchasing new items to remodel it. A few items at a time. Just bought two new sinks. Next comes flooring. Sheila from:610 Sew Sheila Sew.

  123. I’m so happy to finally find the time to sit and soak in all of your house makeover so far! before today, I only got to really look at your laundry room (which I love!). But everything in each room is so incredible, Angie. I am in complete awe of all the beautiful detailing in every room I’ve been to so far. Amazing…

  124. I love it. . . so many creative, one-of-a-kind touches in there. As for the decision to paint the bead board. . . if you don’t like it the way it is, paint it so you’ll love it. I think antique white would be the best choice. I use Antique white (Glidden) but if there is a lot of white in your accessories they can get washed up by the white, in that case I use cottage linen. It looks white until you put white with it, then it looks like buttermilk. Personally, I think it would look better in a white. . . but I have a love affair with white and some people don’t agree. You can check out my blog to see cottage linen with white in my most recent post. Real Simple Style @ 7grands.blogspot.com

    It will look stunning whatever you decide. . . can’t wait to see which way you go.

    Stay warm and safe. . . ~ debi {I started to leave this comment on your FB page but I’m avoiding some rude peeps over there so I decided to post it here. . . }

  125. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  126. GOSH!!!! it’s beautiful. Each pic made me crave for more and why there is an end to such beautiful things. I loved the way the space was managed and the whole vintage looked GREAT.. But I wish one more thing to be there, a clawfoot tub which completes the vintage theme. Actually, I have one in my mind for some time, a double slipper type. Check this blog: http://www.dispenser.com/blog/organizedbath/the-5-distinct-types-claw-foot-bathtubs/

  127. Lovely, lovely space!!! Love the touches of crochet doilies and rug! Did you make the rug? Could you share the pattern?
    Thank you so much.

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