Robot Vacuum: bObsweep Robot Vacuum My Personal Review

bObsweep Robot Vacuum – My Personal Review

My daughter gave me a bObsweep Robot Vacuum for Christmas and after four months of using it, I thought I would write an honest review of my experience.

*Disclosure – I was not paid to write this review.  All opinions are solely my own.

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Before you buy a bObsweep robot vacuum read this honest review first from someone who has been using it for over four months. |

This robot vacuum is supposed to vacuum bare floors, carpets, and other surfaces.  It also includes two reusable microfiber cleaning pads.  It’s designed to recharge itself when needed and can use its dirt detection sensors if stubborn areas are detected.


This robot vacuum does a nice job of getting under beds and some furniture like couches that I couldn’t with a regular vacuum.


  • The cleaning head is self-adjusting, so it isn’t supposed to get stuck on any surfaces.  However, it does occasionally get stuck under the edge of the pull-open antique bin in which we keep our kitchen trash in (our kitchen).  Our daughter has to roll up and remove her thicker area rug, as it gets stuck on that too.
  • It is also supposed to sterilize, sweep, vacuum, and mop the floor at the same time.  Apparently, their definition of sweep and mop is different from mine.  You are supposed to wet the attachment cleaning pad and attach it to the unit.  The only problem is, unless your floors are already clean, you have to be home to rinse out the dirt, because they’ll quickly get dirty.  So don’t expect it to do a great job mopping your floors if you program it to run while you aren’t home.
  • If your floor has deeper grooves in it like my kitchen floor has, forget it.  It won’t even vacuum the dirt out of them.  I have to use my vacuum with a hose attachment to suck the dirt out of them – one  groove at a time!
  • If you have rooms that have different floor levels (my kitchen has a small rise with a “lip” on the edge going into my living room), the vacuum may be able to go down, but not back up.
  • Any cord will get stuck in it, so you have to make sure to remove every one, which is a hassle.

It is on sale on Amazon, so if my review didn’t scare you off and you want the convenience of having a sweeper that you can program to start and stop while you are gone, you may like this one.

In short, I like this robot vacuum as a sweeper, but not as a vacuum or mop.

Vaya con  Dios,

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  1. Jenny Young says

    My son has a Roomba. I’ve borrowed it thinking I may get one. He says it keeps the floors fairly swept…his doesn’t mop. The layout of my furniture & open floor plan seemed to confuse it when I borrowed his. But I was happy with how well it vacuumed. It would not replace an upright vacuum. It just doesn’t have the suction power of an upright.

    I keep my granbaby 5 days a week plus I have a little lapdog so between the two my floors get a lot of dirt tracked in & I don’t have time or energy to vacuum as often as I need to. I think eventually I’ll buy one….when I can make up my mind which one I want.

  2. Hi Angie,
    I’ve followed you for a long and have always enjoyed you immensely wishing you could live next door because I’m sure we would be great friends. I’ve never written because it’s just not my style but your comments about your new vac made me laugh, I got Roomba for Christmas after asking for a new carpet sweeper, figure that one out match my sentiments about “Ethel” it’s name. It may be fine for a quick clean but it’s not up to my standards as for keeping the entire house clean. I will never tell my poor husband I really could care less about it because he he is proud of it I I just vacuum when he’s not home. Glad you’re out and about after your scare, here’s to your continued good health.

  3. K. Henderson Art says

    Thanks for the review. I’ve thought about getting one and wondered if they really work. Seems like the little things couldn’t handle anything but small jobs. Remove every cord before using this??? No Thanks!

  4. I have the same one and I have to say I’m not thrilled with it. Simply because it’s forever getting stuck on some piece of furniture or rug. It is good for under my bed but that’s about it

  5. I have an iRobot Roomba. I’ve had it about 2 1/2 years. I didn’t get the floor washing model because a friend said it smeared the dirt around. I didn’t think that sounded too good. I’m very pleased with it.

    My house is mostly ceramic tiles with wide deep grout lines. The bedrooms are carpeted. It has no problem with the tiles, grout lines or carpet. I care for my 17 month old grandson 5 days a week and have a husband and dog. They’re all mess makers, so it gets a lot of use. I’ve split the house where there is a baby gate. So I move the docking station and Roomba around, so don’t have it programmed at this house.

    I think the only few things I could say as a con is, you do need to move the cords. I have a 17 month old here, my cords are all up always. Bathroom rugs are a problem, they roll up. I just close the bathroom doors and go back with a broom.

    I think I might be too tired from running after my grand baby to notice much dirt

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