Repurposed Bottle Citronella Oil Lamps for Picnics or Camping

Repurposed Bottles Citronella Oil Lamps for Picnics or Camping |

Repurposed Bottle Citronella Oil Lamps

Hi there, friends!

Are you enjoying beautiful weather where you live and spending a lot of time outdoors?

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here and we’ve been working outside a lot, but the bugs have been just wicked.

Last year when my daughter and I were planning a weekend cabin getaway, I made some mini Mason jar citronella oil lamps to take along to fend off the bugs.

They worked really well and we didn’t get a single bug bite.

Last weekend, she went back to the same cabin with two of her friends and she wanted to make her own larger version using bottles she’s been saving.

I don’t know about your city, but ours doesn’t accept glass in the recycling program.  So by making repurposed bottle citronella candles, you can save a few bottles from going into landfills.

You can really use any type of bottle that suits your style – wine bottles, Starbucks bottles, or even hot sauce bottles.  Really, any kind of bottle will work as long as you clean it well.

They are so easy to make in just three simple steps and use just a few supplies.

Supplies you need:

Affiliate links included to help you find the products I used, but check your local hardware store for lower prices.


  • First, insert the torch wick inside the reducer copper coupling.
  • Next, use a funnel to fill the bottles with citronella oil.
  • Then wrap the thread sealant around the bottom of the reducer copper coupling.  Wrap it enough times that it fits snugly inside the bottle.

You can use the copper cap when it’s time to extinguish the flame.

That’s all there is to it!

Repurposed Bottle Homemade Citronella Lamp |

Just a little encouragement for you!

Vaya con Dios,

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Repurposed Bottle Citronella Oil Lamps for Picnics or Camping


  1. Angie- Love the idea for the citronella torches, only suggestion, make sure they are labeled appropriately, because the ingredients are toxic and could accidently poison someone.

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