Repurposed Frame Bathroom Mirror & Windmill Chalkboard

Repurposed Frame Bathroom Mirror & Windmill Chalkboard

I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day celebrating with your spouse or father.  My youngest son and daughter went out to eat with my husband and I to celebrate, but they both had to work today so it was a quiet day other than that.

Over the next week I’ll finally be sharing my bathroom makeover.  I know you are probably thinking “It’s about time,” but working on the outdoor projects were a priority before the weather became unbearably hot.

So first up is my bathroom mirror.

I wanted to replace the bathroom mirror above the sink and thought I would make one out of pallet wood, but when I came across a framed paint-by-number print of The Last Supper, I realized it would be easy to turn it into a mirror.


It always amazes me that thrift stores put price stickers on the front of frames.  I guess they assume no one would want the print.

I measured the size of the print and went to Lowe’s and had a larger mirror cut to size.  I have the leftover piece to use for a smaller frame.


All I needed to do was refresh the frame with wood stain and put the mirror inside it.  It was such an easy project, but it turned out really pretty.

Repurposed Thrift Store Frame Into Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror | www.knickoftime.netI also made a windmill chalkboard with a Chalk Couture transfer and Chalkology Paste.

The windmill transfer came from the same Farm House set that I used on my Galvanized Bucket Planter.  

I taped off the edges of the transfer with painter’s tape so no paste would get on the Aiden Chalkboard.

Making a Farmhouse windmill chalkboard with Chalk Couture transfer |

I think it turned out really pretty and it’s the perfect size to fit between the mirror and the wall next to it.

Farmhouse style windmill chalkboard made with Chalk Couture transfer and Chalkology Paste |

In a few days, I’ll be showing you the vanity and flooring I chose for my bathroom.

I’d love to hear what you think about my frame turned bathroom mirror!

Vaya con Dios,



  1. Very nice Angie. That PBN painting is fantastic. I don’t think I have ever seen a PBN of The Last Supper. Might be worth something to those that collect that art.

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