Enamelware Coffee Pot Fall Farmhouse Centerpiece

Enamelware Coffee Pot Fall Farmhouse Centerpiece

I took a few days off from working on new projects since my mom is visiting.

My daughter had a few days off, so she came over to grill burgers for us.  She came over another day and made biscuits and gravy.  Any day is a good one when someone else does the cooking!

We planned to go to a fall festival, but it was rainy and chilly, so we went out for lunch instead.

I go a little stir-crazy if I don’t work on some kind of project, but I wanted to keep it simple.

A few weeks ago, I bought a bunch of fall picks at both Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabric.  Most were half off, so I couldn’t resist.

I wasn’t sure what I would do with them at the time, but I’ve had an old enamelware coffee pot for several years and realized that it would be easy to turn it into a fall centerpiece using those picks.

Enamelware Coffee Pot Fall Farmhouse Centerpiece

The next time I was in town, I bought a few small round foam floral discs.

I laid everything out with no real plan.  Sometimes you just have to wing it!

Enamelware Coffee Pot Fall Farmhouse Centerpiece

The bow I had bought was super cute but much too large.  I’ll save that for another project.

Enamelware Coffee Pot Fall Farmhouse Centerpiece

The first thing I needed to do was glue the two foam disks together so the picks would be tall enough.  I put some hot glue on the bottom of the connected disks and stuck them inside the coffee pot.

Enamelware Coffee Pot Fall Farmhouse Centerpiece

The yellow flowers were going to be the focal point in the coffee pot, so I put them in first.

Enamelware Coffee Pot Fall Farmhouse Centerpiece

I kept poking the various picks in, then taking some back out until I got the arrangement the way I liked it.

I didn’t end up keeping the pinecone pick or using some of the leaves I bought, so they’ll go into my craft stash.

Someday I’ll find a project to use them on.

Enamelware Coffee Pot Fall Farmhouse Centerpiece

Here’s how the arrangement ended up.

It’s small enough not to be overwhelming, but full of fall color.  I really like it!

After autumn is over, I can just remove the picks and change them out for other seasonal ones.

I’m going to keep my eye out for other fun containers to use as holders for centerpieces.

Someday, I hope to take a floral arrangement class.  I think that would be so fun!

You can find enamelware coffee pots like I used here (affiliate).



Vaya con Dios,


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  1. Hi Angie,
    I have the very same enamel coffee pot stored in the garage. I love what you did with yours; it looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing this idea. Happy Fall! -Cheryl

  2. The blue enamelware is so pretty with the fall colors!

  3. Gail Ebeling says

    I love the idea. I had a pitcher that I wanted on our table. One day while walking through the dollar store to get some gift bags.so much cheaper. I looked up to see the prettiest sun flowers only a dollar. I hurried home to put them in the pitcher. The dollar store had so many flower so cheap. Very nice also.

  4. Naomi Shelton says

    That’s pretty cute, Angie! I have an old enamelware tea kettle that I burned the bottom of a while back that I think would work perfectly for a similar arrangement. I might even have some Fall picks, too. I like your idea because I’ve been wondering what I should do with that tea kettle!

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