Sewing Machine Table Repurposed Magnetic Message Board

This is on old project that I made and posted several years ago.  The photos had disappeared when I did an update, so I reloaded them and decided to share it again since I know many may not have seen it the first time.

A few years ago, I brought home an antique sewing machine on a stand from an auction.  The stand was badly damaged and one of the drawers was missing, but I could see a lot of potential with the various parts, so I bid on it and won.  My husband disassembled it all, and I started brainstorming projects I would make with the pieces.  I haven’t come up with uses for all the parts, but I thought I’d share the largest piece.

Some projects I make come together so easily, it almost seems as if they create themselves.  And then there are the other projects – the ones that get made kicking, screaming, and fighting me every step of the way.  This was one of those kicking and screaming projects, but I’m so glad it didn’t get the better of me and I finished it.

Repurposed Antique Sewing Machine Table Magnetic Memo Board by Knick of Time

I didn’t take any “before” pictures, but as soon as my husband removed the top from the stand, I envisioned it becoming either a chalkboard or a memo board, or something like that.  I really thought it was going to be an easy project, so I gave it a few coats of paint on the front.  But that turned out to be the only easy step of the project.  I wasn’t all that excited about the idea of turning it into a chalkboard, so I spent several days pondering what to put inside the opening.  I had several things that I could have used, but none of them were “it” for me.  A trip to the thrift store yielded a sheet of metal that I was fairly certain would fit behind the opening.  The owner of the thrift store didn’t have it priced and didn’t even know she had it.  I unearthed it from behind a pile of stuff – it was meant to be found by me, I think.

Repurposed Button Magnets by Knick of Time |
Now I knew the center would be a magnet board, but there was extra space on the sides that I wanted to do something useful with.  I rooted, and rummaged, and scrounged around in my workshop multiple times, and drug all kinds of old junk back into the house to see if any of it could be useful.  I was determined I wasn’t going to bed until I finished it, and it took me until a little after midnight to finally be happy with the outcome.
I’ve had the adorable rusty tin cup for several years, and although I wasn’t really planning to get rid of it, it seemed to be a perfect fit for my project.  So I attached it to become a pen/pencil/paintbrush holder.
Number 2 Pencils and Antique Rusty Tin Cup
More digging in my workshop yielded a rusty old funnel.  I show it as a string dispenser here, but if this item is used in an entryway, it would make a great charging “station” for a cell phone by bringing the cord up from the bottom of the funnel and putting the cell phone inside it.

Repurposed Metal Funnel String Holder

A few coat hooks were added above the funnel to hold scissors, keys, etc.

It was a really fun project and a great way to use the salvaged piece.

Let me know what you think about it!

Vaya con Dios,



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  1. Live it!! Great idea!

  2. Thanks Joann!

  3. Love this. The funnel for sting and cup are such perfect finishing touches that are
    part of the charm.

  4. Angie,

    This is such a unique and fun piece. Thank you for sharing!


  5. Marlene Stephenson says

    Oh wow, i have one stored, when it gets warm, i now have an idea from a very unique person. By myself i never would have thought of this, some people are so talented and praise God i know one. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  6. Clever, Angie! I like it! I think I would like it with a chalk board in the middle , too. Or, if you had a piece of art you wanted to frame you could put that in the center and maybe some articles related to the artwork on the sides, just as something interesting to hand on the wall.

  7. Alce Mullis says

    How did you attach the funnel and cup to it? Love the repurpose old machine cabinet top. Thanks for sharing! What kind of paint do you use?

  8. OHHHH I love it!!!!!!!!; soooo much!!!!!!

  9. This is awesome, Angie! Great use of the top! I’m still trying to figure out how to repurpose the actual machines into something I’ll use; think I’ve got probably 10 in the garage;0

  10. I Love Love this idea, I think it would work great next to my desk , so I’m going to keep my eye’s peeled when I’m out Junkin. Love Ann

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