Sewing Machine Table Repurposed Magnetic Message Board

This is on old project that I made and posted several years ago.  The photos had disappeared when I did an update, so I reloaded them and decided to share it again since I know many may not have seen it the first time. A few years ago, I brought home an antique sewing machine on a stand from an auction.  The stand was badly damaged and one of the drawers was missing, but I could see a lot of {Read More}

Salvage I Never Thought I’d Never Find a Use For!

It’s finally warmed up enough, that I ventured out into my junk shop (which would be a workshop if I ever get it cleaned and organized, and started rummaging through my stockpile of salvage. I’m still trying to get my  creative mojo groove back, and repurposing junk usually does that for me. I spotted a piece of salvage that’s been taunting me for a long time. Do you know what it is? If you guessed it’s an piece from an antique sewing {Read More}

antique sewing machine table, plus things I love

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … I’m no seamstress. I spend more time yelling at my sewing machine than actually sewing, because every time I use it it’s like making a date with my seam ripper. A really bad date.  I’m just sewing machine jinxed. I only sew if I can’t talk my mom into traveling 1,000+ miles to visit and sew for me, and if I can’t I’ve been know to give her fabric with instructions when I {Read More}

Spicing up an Antique Sewing Table Drawer

 Does salvage make you feel just a wee bit giddy?  I’m really not a giddy kind of gal, but when I see something made of old wood that is broken, my heart rate speeds up a bit!  I know a lot of people are sensitive when comes to antique pieces, and don’t like to see them painted or repurposed, but when I find something that is broken, I feel okay about tinkering with them.  This cute little drawer was originally the {Read More}

Sewing Machine Salvage to Plate Rack

Today is another of the never ending projects you can make with salvage from an antique sewing machine.  One of the other parts I’ve never found a new use for is the round part that covers the wheel. I hate to let any parts go to waste if I can help it, so I finally decided to just have a stare-down with that thing, until an idea came to me.  If I leave something laying on my kitchen counter long {Read More}

Antique Sewing Machine Table into Rustic Side Table

It’s no secret that I love antique sewing machine tables, especially when I can get a great deal on one.    The best way to get one reasonably priced is to look for ones that are damaged. I’ve gotten three of them (so far).  All of them had non-working sewing machines, 2 had missing or damaged drawers and one had a very damaged top.  Today’s project involves the one with the damaged top. I showed it to you several years {Read More}

Repurposed Antique Sewing Machine Stand Wall Bins

I resisted the urge to go to the auction last weekend, so I could focus on working with all the stuff I already have.  Junk can breed quickly if you aren’t careful, and my stash of junk has been reproducing all over my house.  I’ve had a pair of cast iron legs that were removed from an antique sewing machine table for several months.  They’ve been leaning against the wall in my entryway, and have fallen over several times, so {Read More}

Repurposed Sewing Machine Table Creations, a Tip to “Age” Painted Wood, and New Year’s Resolutions

Last month I brought home an antique sewing machine on a stand from an auction.  The stand was badly damaged and one of the drawers were missing, but I could see a lot of potential with the various parts, so I bid on it and won.  My husband disassembled it all, and I started brainstorming projects I would make with the pieces.  I haven’t come up with uses for all the parts, but I thought I’d share a few I’ve {Read More}

God Bless Us, Every One! – Repurposed Sewing Machine Table Salvage Sign

In past years, I didn’t get in the Christmas decorating groove until halfway through December, but this year it kicked in earlier, thank goodness!     As always, the first step for me in creating something is to dig through my stash of junk out in my workshop, to see what I have to work with.  I don’t usually know what I’ll make, but I grab anything that seems inspiring at the moment, so I grabbed a wooden rectangle-shaped piece {Read More}

{4} the Love of Old Wood

Old wood is so rewarding to work with. It just seems to look wonderful, no matter what you do with it. Last week I told you how I did a little surgery on an antique sewing machine table and was left with 4 gorgeous, old, wooden parts that originally held the drawers on the table. Two of the pieces I finished have chalkboard backgrounds, and various bits of salvage added to them. I showed you the first one I made {Read More}