TV Tray Table Makeover Ode to Chickens🐔

TV Tray Table Makeover

Today is amazingly special for two reasons.

The first is that my husband and I were married 30 years ago today.  That blows my mind!

I’ll tell you the second reason in just a bit.

Today’s project is in memory of chickens.

That’s right, I said “chickens.” 🐔

Oh, and whining.

That’s right, I said “whining.” 🙂

Let’s start with the chickens first, since whining is so unpleasant.

You may remember a few years ago when I wrote a post about our farm fresh eggs that we got from our daughter’s chickens.

She had the best small flock of chickens.

They would all eat from her hands, including the rooster.

She had four or five hens, but the rooster seemed especially fond of one hen.  They were always together.

farmhouse chickens egg layers |

That was the backstory so you’ll understand why I gave a TV tray table a makeover.

Now, about the whining …

My husband likes to sit on the grainsack stenciled chair that I made a few years ago and uses a TV tray table that I got at a thrift store to put his plate of cookies and milk on.

Fast forward to the next year.

When my daughter bought her first home last year, she “borrowed” the TV tray table.

My husband has been whining about it ever since.

I understand.

Really, I do.

He doesn’t have anything to put his cookies and milk on while in the chair.

Because I haven’t found another one in a thrift store, I finally broke down and bought a new one.

It was less than $10, so it didn’t break the bank.  But I had to make it fit my style.

That’s where the chickens come in.

As soon as I spotted this Chickens Transfer in the new Chalk Couture catalog, I knew that was the perfect thing for the tray table.

It’s so much like our rooster and his hen!

Chalk Couture Chickens transfer Corner Market Collection available from Knick of Time

He could have his table and I could have the chickens, if only on a table.

Here’s how I did it in under 10 minutes.

  1. Remove transfer from the backer and “fuzz” on cloth.
  2. Apply wax to table and buff with a cloth.
  3. Center the chickens on the table, making sure the silkscreen area is pressed down with no bubbles.
  4. Leave the edges not pressed down, so it’s easier to remove.
  5. Use a stir stick to apply paste above the chickens.
  6. Use handled squeegee to pull down the paste over the chickens.
  7. Remove excess paste and put it back in the jar.
  8. Repeat if using other elements.

Chickens TV Tray Table Knick of Time

Next, I added “FARM FRESH” under the chickens.  It’s a small part part of the Groceries transfer.  I can’t wait to use the rest on other projects.

Chalk Couture Groceries Corner Market Collection available from Knick of Time Chickens and Groceries transfers are both part of the Corner Market Collection.

I’m squawking about how it turned out! 🙂

TV Tray Table Makeover with the Chalk Couture Chickens transfer by Knick of Time / knick of

I said I would tell you the second reason today is amazing.  That’s because today is the release of the Chalk Couture Celebration Suite catalog with 26 new designs.  I ordered quite a few. I’ll share them  once I get them. Check them all out by clicking on “WHAT’S NEW” HERE.

I’d love to hear what you think!


Farmhouse Style DIY TV Tray Table Makeover with Chalk Couture Chickens transfer available from Knick of Time

Here’e one more idea using the same transfer on a metal frame chalkboard.

Join my DIY Home Decor & Gifts Facebook group if you want 20% off Chalk Couture!

Comment below once you’ve joined and I’ll email you instructions on how to get the discount.

That’s all for now!

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. I love how that turned out, Angie! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Thanks Linda. I love it too and it was so easy.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!

  4. I love, love, LOVE your TV tray makeover, Angie, it’s beautiful!!!!

  5. Stephanie Carrico says

    Happy Anniversary!
    My husband and I celebrate 30 in July….

  6. Cindy Justice says

    Love Love Love it! Happy Anniversary dear friend!

  7. Terri Hughes says

    Happy Anniversary to you both. I love the way the tray turned out. Very nice!

  8. Randall J Curry says

    I love this I have 6 of these tables and would love to do this on them. What is the Paste referred to in the instructions? I sent a request to join the FB group

  9. That is one awesome makeover of a TV table! Love the tribute to the rooster and his hen.

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