TV Tray Table Makeover Ode to Chickens🐔

TV Tray Table Makeover Today is amazingly special for two reasons. The first is that my husband and I were married 30 years ago today.  That blows my mind! I’ll tell you the second reason in just a bit.

How to Make Custom Canvas Wedding Banners

More DIY Wedding Decor | How to Make Custom Canvas Wedding Banners How To Make Custom Wedding Banners Using Any Font Just between you and me … I’m starting to freak out just a little.

Furniture Refinishing for Beginners| Refinishing an Antique Coffee Table

Furniture Refinishing for Beginners Tips, tricks, and what I learned by refinishing an antique coffee table. It’s been years since I tackled a furniture refinishing project, but when I spotted an antique coffee table at a thrift store, it had to come home with me! It has a crack and some pretty bad stains on the top. The $40 price tag was steep, but I still wanted it. My husband tried to talk me out of it, but I was {Read More}

The Best Affordable Farmhouse Furniture Finds

 The Best Affordable Farmhouse Furniture Finds My coffee table needs a total makeover.  The top has water damage and the rest of it needs painting.  I’ve been procrastinating about getting the job done and started looking online for an affordable coffee table. BIG mistake.

Typography Stenciled Chair and Chair Back Shelf

If you’ve been a regular visitor of my blog for awhile,  you may remember the grain sack typography chair makeover I did a few years ago (seen HERE).  Well, today is a day of totally trashed chair projects, and I have other typography chair to show you that I finished, as well as a broken chair that I turned into a shelf. Here’s the first chair.  I bought it at an auction several years ago, and stored it in my barn {Read More}

Creative Reuse For Shopping Bag

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.  My son and I arrived in New Mexico, and while I’m spending this evening with family,  my blogging buddy Marie is here to share how she transformed an accent table with a shopping  bag, and it turned out amazing. Take it away, Marie!

KISS: Easy Rustic Bench Makeover in Just 3 Steps!

I’ve been thinking I need to do a weekly KISS project (keep it simple stupid).  It’s a good reminder for me that not every project needs to have 20 steps to complete, and challenges me to keep projects as simple as possible. Last week when I brought home a bunch of bargains from a thrift store grand re-opening, one of my purchases was this  rustic bench. It’s super sturdy, has great wood, and I knew it wouldn’t take much effort to give {Read More}

Grain Sack Typography Chair

I love going to auctions and bidding on broken things, because I know those are the things that not many others will bid on, so I can get a good deal. Last month, I bought a pair of antique caned chairs at an auction.  It appears that someone started the job of recaning them, but never finished.  I thought about trying to learn to cane them myself, but I knew the chances of that happening anytime in the near future {Read More}

She’s Got Legs…{She Knows How to Use Them!} My New Cable Spool Table

If you weren’t born before the late 70’s, you won’t “get” the title of my post, but I’m sure those of you who were, know it was based on the 1983 Z Z Top song “Legs”.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself – I was a high schooler in the 80’s and the title perfectly fit today’s project. How to Make a Farmhouse Style Cable Spool Table A year or so ago, I brought home an antique Duncan Phyfe table table {Read More}