Vacation Travel Jars Repurposed & Upcycled

Vacation Travel Jars Repurposed & Upcycled

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a chronic bottle and jar saver.  The only problem is when I run out of shelf space to store them.

So, I decided to upcycle a few of my own into vacation travel jars filled with sand, shells, or money!

Vacation Travel Repurposed Jars by Knick of Time

Supplies to Make Your Own Vacation Travel Jars:

NOTE – The Beach Day transfer is being retired July 1st, so grab it while it’s still available!

I’ve used this empty candle jar for several years for paper clips and fasteners.

Paper clip jar to be used for a beach vacation memories jar by Knick of Time

Instead of paper clips, I added “Vacay” to the front with Green Envy chalk paste and added craft sand and shells I bought at a thrift store while in New Mexico.

Beach Vacation Travel Memory Jar by Knick of Time

Next, I used another candle jar.  See how to reuse the candle wax since it smells so good HERE.

Used up candle jar to be used for a travel fund savings jar by Knick of Time

After removing what was left of the wax, I added “Wanderlust” with White chalk paste.  That vintage suitcase really makes it adorable!

Now it can be used as a travel fund savings jar.

Wanderlust Vacation Savings Jar by Knick of Time

For the last jar, I used a Dollar Tree jar with a metal lid.

These jars aren’t seasonal, so they have them in stock most of the time.

Dollar Tree jars for beach day memory jars filled with sand and seashells by Knick of Time

On our trip in Arkansas, I picked up a bag of shells.  So I put “beach day” on it with Morning Sky chalk paste and filled it with sand and shells.

Beach Day Vacation Jar by Knick of Time

I didn’t use either the Live Life in Flip Flops or Summer Is My Happy Place transfers, which I think would be cute.  But they are being retired July 1st , or sooner if they sell out before then, so grab them while they are still available.

Do you have any travel plans this year?  I’d love to hear about them!

Try making vacation travel jars!  Even if you aren’t going to the beach, a photo, pine cones, fishing lures, or other memorabilia can go inside.

Get creative!  Let me know if you have any other ideas for using jars that might otherwise go in the recycle bin.


Vacation Travel Jars Repurposed & Upcycled by Knick of Time

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  1. Naomi Shelton says

    Cute, Angie! I like the round jars with the flat sides. Where did you get those? I like the beach theme and have shells and sand in containers in my bathroom. Shells are one of my most favorite things in nature. I have a lot of them and could never have enough!

  2. Those jars are from Dollar Tree Naomi.

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