Farmhouse Mini Towel Ladder Using Wood Lattice Trellis

For a long time I’ve wanted a farmhouse mini towel ladder, and they seemed fairly simple to make.

But I just never got around to it.

I even almost bought this one or this one on Etsy.

Both were under $20, but I still didn’t get one.

Then one day I was scouting Facebook Marketplace and saw someone selling five wood lattice trellises.

I figured if the price was low enough, I could use them in various spots in my Junk Garden.

After inquiring if they were still available, they messaged me back and said I could have them all free!

But they would have to be picked up that day.

After convincing my husband why I wanted them, we jumped in my car right away so someone else wouldn’t snag my freebie!

We got to the house and they had the wood lattices zip-tied together, ready to load up.

Believe me, I thanked them profusely!

Once home with my freebies, I looked around the garden to see which spots I could use them in.

A light bulb suddenly went off in my mind.

Instead of using all of them, I could use part of just one to make the farmhouse mini towel ladder I’d been wanting!

My husband cut off three slats that will be the ladder “rungs.”

The cut ends were splintered and rough.  Nothing a little sanding and wood stain wouldn’t fix.

There’s still this much left of that trellis and I still have four more trellises to use in my garden or turn into something else.

The wood stain really made the wood look much more vibrant.

Farmhouse Mini Towel Ladder Using Wood Lattice Trellis by Knick of Time

It holds two towels just right.

Farmhouse Mini Towel Ladder by Knick of Time

Sometimes it pays to not buy what you want, and wait to see if you can do it yourself instead.

Now I can make another one for my bathroom hand towels!

Vaya con Dios,




Farmhouse Mini Towel Ladder Using Wood Lattice Trellis by Knick of Time

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  1. ColleenB.-Tx. says

    Free Trellises! What a deal. Cheap is good but Free is better.
    They can be used in a number of ways. Build cedar planter boxes and secure a trellis on the back side for vine to grow up on or can even secure small wooden planter boxes right onto the trellis.
    Who says that a trellis always has to be vertical; try using a trellis horizontally.
    I must say; I Do Like your mini towel ladder.

  2. Love this idea! Great look and you still have lots of trellises to play with, too!

  3. Lucky you! All 5 at zero cost! A great bargain.

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