Talk of the Town #186

Let me ask you two questions, if I might, before we get into today’s party.
On the surface, these questions might seem strange or even a tad nosey, but I hope you’ll understand.

A discussion came up on a blogging group I’m in.

The discussion was about where our readers hang out online: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else.

Also, what age bracket our readers are: 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, or 50+.

To be honest, I really don’t know.

So, if you don’t mind, tell me each answer in the comments below.

Now, on to the party!

Welcome back to Talk of the Town!


First, let’s take a look at what you may have missed from your party hosts!

Here’s what we’re talking about from last week’s party!
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  1. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  2. Stephanie Carrico says


  3. Thank you again for the party this week!

    I hang out mostly on FB and I’m in my 40s!

  4. ColleenB.-Tx. says

    Just call me old fashion but I don’t do Facebook or Twitter but hang out just about every other place; here, there and everywhere.
    By the way; I will turn 70 this October and I feel that everyday that I’m able to get out of bed is a Good Day.
    Just celebrated our 50th anniversary this last June.
    (hubby is the old crow and I’m the cute chick. :-} )
    ‘Today Is A Good Day To Have A Good Day.’

  5. Angie,
    Don’t do a lot of Facebook , no to twitter or instagram. If I’m hanging out anywhere it’s usually Pinterest.
    69 and speeding toward 70. I’m selective about Bloggers and everyone on Talk of the Town made that cut. You ladies are great. Loved this current one tremendously.. Currently trying to beat the heat and using all the cooler hours painting or spray painting projects outside some old,some new and lots of re-purposed. Trying to whittle down the accumulation. Yup, lots of gifts for the BIG family.
    Hope this helps.

  6. Hi
    I am in my sixties and love your posts. I get so many ideas from you and the other ladies that post in Talk of the Town. I do Facebook which takes up enough of my time – don’t do any of the other media sites.

  7. I use Facebook and Instagram but get your emails. I’m 50+

  8. Facebook & Pinterest, age 63

  9. Mellisa Stuckert says

    I hit the 50+ group this fall( but I only count half it’s so really – I am only 25!). To my teenage daughter’s horror, I am all over the internet. Blogs of all types, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat – I go everywhere in pursuit of knowledge, crafts, sweepstakes, news, and finding the good in people to post about.

  10. I am mostly on Facebook but also get your emails in my mailbox. Passed that 50+ mark nearly 20 years ago but….who’s counting!?!? LOVE all the tips and ideas you send out. 🙂

  11. I’m 66 and mostly do Facebook. But I follow you with the emails I get. Love your posts!

  12. First, love your blog. I am almost 80, and do FB, Pinterest, Etsy. Of course, I use to do a lot of crafts, but now not so much. I do paint furniture and use stencils. I love to go to Craft Fairs and purchase what I need. My best friend is 17 years younger than me so I pass along your very good ideas. Keep up the excellent work!!

  13. Amy Giannini says

    Facebook, twitter, & pinterest

  14. I only use Facebook mainly to keep connected with family and friends, but belong to a few Facebook on-line auctions where I get a lot of items for decorating my home or to re-purpose or restore. I’m over 60.

  15. Cindy McManus says

    age 62

  16. Briana from Texas says

    59 – Pinterest

  17. Naomi Shelton says

    Angie, I have a -acebook account but I rarely use it. The same is true -or Instagram and I don’t have a Twitter account nor do I desire one. My hangouts online are at blog sites like yours, those that mostly deal with make-overs and up-cycles and gardening and plants or art techniques. I am 75 years old–or young–depending on the day! I am a rather solitary type so I don’t crave communication on social media sites, but I do love my blogs-yours being one o- my -avorites!

    • I’m honestly much the same as you. I’m not very social online or in real life. I just love to make things and watch others do the same. You always brighten my day with your sweet comments Naomi.

  18. Facebook will be 70 next year

  19. Thank you so much for hosting!!

  20. Judy Lincicum says

    Hi Angie! I’m 74 and hangout on Facebook. I’ve been following your blog for 5 plus years now and have some of your pretties and stencils from your Etsy shop. It’s been fun!

  21. Instagram and I’m in the 50+ group.


  23. Pamela Martin says

    FB, IG and Email.
    62 years old.

  24. Annette Hargett says

    FB, IG, Pinterest, and usually read this blog on my email.
    53 yrs

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