Antique Graphics – ABC Song, Bird Border & a Funny

I may never buy scrapbook paper for projects again!
There’s just so much to love about antique books
and the images in them!
Here are a few I though you might enjoy.
Do something lovely with them!
The first is from a 1904 school song book.
This lovely bird border is from a 1905 school reader.
I have additional graphics available on the Antique Graphics category on my sidebar.
I’ll be adding to this collection each week – I’ve got so many more lovely ones to share.

A funny thing…
I brought an antique ironing board home from the auction this week,

and it was wrapped with layer upon layer of sheets for padding.
They were rotted and filthy and nailed to the board,
so I started cutting them off and removing the nails.
Underneath it all I discovered a 1940’s Wonder Woman comic book!
I have no idea why that was there, since it was on the underside of the board
and wouldn’t have provided extra padding.

You just never know what surprises you’ll discover
when dealing with old stuff!

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  1. love the music sheet and bird page!!! Thanks so much!!
    what a find..that antique ironing fabulous!!!

  2. Just came across your blog. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Too funny, maybe the person that wrapped the ironing board got strength like wonder woman just knowing that it was under her chores.

  4. Thanks SO MUCH! Have been looking for vintage sheet music!

    Deborah (visiting from

  5. Angie,

    I just LOVE seeing all these beautiful graphics…the ads, the music, the cards…they are just spectacular! I would really like to learn how to go about using them. I know nothing about how to transfer graphics. Is there a simple to understand tutorial somewhere on your site that could help me learn the process. My mouth just waters at the wonderful ways you decorate using items you have added graphics to. I also have my own collection of old hymnals, some are in pieces and I would not mind using those original pages, but just don’t know how to go about it. I would appreciate any instruction you can forward to me.

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