Just Muddle Through It

Last week I had a new project idea that I was all excited to work on.  I picked up the supplies I needed when I was in town, and was ready to work on it first thing in the morning.  I thought I was good to go. Normally when I have a project that requires a photocopy, I use my laser printer, because the ink doesn’t smudge.  But this project required a copy from an inkjet printer, and it wasn’t until I went to work {Read More}

Brown Paper Number Tags

I told you last week you might be seeing more brown paper projects, because I’m on a brown paper kick right now.  I decided to challenge myself to see how many projects I can come up with using it.  I don’t know if I’ll do it all year, but I’ll do it as long as it’s still fun! This time, I made some adorable alphabet and number tags.  Technically, I used brown craft cardstock paper, not regular grocery bag kind of paper, although {Read More}

Rustic Brown Paper Pot

Sometimes new projects are a huge success, and other times, they are a dismal failure.  Today’s project turned out wonderful, but only because another project was a dismal failure first.  Last year about this time, I made a canvas bucket bag (seen here), which I absolutely loved, and I always thought it might be possible to make something similar out of brown paper, and I decided I would attempt it.  My husband walked in while I was working on it, {Read More}

Brown Paper Packages Gift Card Holders

 I really hadn’t intended to share any more Christmas projects, but I bought a few gift cards, and they didn’t come with gift card holders.  I decided to whip up a few of my own, and what immediately popped into my mind was, “brown paper packages, tied up in strings“.  Of course, these are a few of my favorite things, so I wanted my gift card holders to look like small brown paper packages.  It was quick and easy, and looked {Read More}

Rustic Brown Paper Bow & a Winter Memory – 12 Days of Christmas {Day 11}

I can’t believe my 12 Days of Christmas crafting event is almost over, and I really can’t believe I pulled it off!  I wasn’t thinking things through carefully when I scheduled it – with Thanksgiving, a visit from my inlaws, and one of my college sons coming home for over a week falling smack in the middle of the event, but I survived – I just pulled a lot of late-nighters to get everything done. I think I deserve to {Read More}

{Primping in the Ladies’ Room}

 Several weeks ago, I gave you glimpses of the project I thought I would be showing you within a day or two. I should have known that was a stretch, but I’ve been chomping at the bit and I guess I hoped if I blogged about it, the project would be completed sooner. Well, it took longer than I’d hoped and I really wanted to be able to photograph the room with a wide-angle lens, but there comes a point {Read More}