Dairy Sign Shelf – Milkin’ It for All it’s Worth

Last year I created this sign our of wood salvaged from a broken dresser.
The dresser cost me a whoppin’ $5 and I sold all the
drawers that were in it, but I was left with the pretty
piece of wood from the bottom of the dresser,
which was perfect for creating a sign.
It’s been sitting in a corner, unhung, ever since we moved
into our new house last fall, because I didn’t want to hang
any kitchen decor that I knew I’d have to turn around and take down
when we remodeled the room.  (see the completed remodel HERE)
I asked my youngest son to sand the top
of an antique accent table that I planned to list in my shop.
After he finished, he was carrying it and dropped it and
a small section of the table top split off.
You can see in this photo that the bottom edge is now flat…
that’s where the missing piece was.
I realized the broken piece was about the same size as my dairy sign and my mental wheels started turning.
I added the broken piece from the table to the top of my
dairy sign and now I have a shelf to hold my milk bottles!

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  1. I think you have defined ‘serendipity’! Wonderful example of making lemonade, and I love your shelf … now it’s off to my barn to see what I can break to copy you :0)


  2. Love the sign and what a clever idea!
    It looks like the sign was part of that shelf.
    Enjoy your Saturday!


  3. What a great idea!! Love it!!

  4. That is definitely a great idea! Love it!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  5. This was UDDERLY fantastic… I love the shelf and dresser piece… such a great idea!

  6. Love the shelf:)

  7. Now the sign looks complete as a shelf–very pretty and clever, Angie!

  8. Angie,
    I love finding imperfect pieces.You married these perfectly!

  9. You ROCK! It reminds me of the time I purchased a oval, float-plate beveled-glass mirror (try saying all that 3 times!) for $10 bucks (What a deal, right?)and my oldest daughter broke it. Yes, I was sad-ish, but it was an opportunity to show that “people mean more than things” in action. Although the botton part was shattered, the top 5/8ths, fits nicely into the back of our fireplace, with candles in front when there is no fire.
    I am sure that your son was thankful you were resourceful and reused the parts, but I just imagine that he was more thankful that you were gracious about the accident. I love repurposing findings, and you did an AMAZING job. I think I need to find a surface or two to “accidentally” *wink-wink* break!

  10. It’s perfect! I love vintage signs… even if they’re faux! You did a good job!

  11. Wow, Angie, you have a knack for seeing the potential in things. Just today I was ripping apart a chair my friend gave me because it had a broken leg that her husband couldn’t repair. I was excited because in it I see a couple of signs, some legs for a three legged stool and some little spindles and even some shelf brackets -all out of this one chair. The hard part has been getting it apart without shattering it. Well made furniture is tough to salvage for parts sometimes.

  12. I love what you finally did with it, it looks beautiful and perfect where it is now.

  13. Love this!!!!

  14. Cute, cute shelf. Perfect for your milk bottles.
    Mary Alice

  15. So cute! Looks lovely on the wall 🙂
    Greetings from Australia♥

  16. Angie,

    Wow! Your so clever and your shelf is so pretty. I adore how you displayed your collection.


  17. That looks great on the walls! Super cute 🙂

    New follower from the Blog Hop
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

  18. Wow!! This looks amazing! I love it!

    I host a weekly Friday link party, I would love for you to join if you are interested.

    Have a great weekend!


  19. GORGEOUS! Love the distressed look! I have tons of “almost perfect” projects sitting and waiting for that final inspiration! Well done!

  20. Love this shelf and the whole assemble. Great job. Thanks for sharing…

  21. This looks great!

  22. So pretty and looks perfect up on your wall. Love the whole ensemble. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best!

  23. What a beautiful shelf! Love the distressed look, it looks beautiful!

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