Transforming Time

I bought this vintage clock about 6 months ago because
I really liked the face, but it isn’t a high-end clock
and the wood is not great quality, so I knew I would
either remove the face and use it for display, or
attempt to do something to improve its appearance.
First, I gave coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Smoky Mountain paint and although
it looked wonderful, the color wasn’t right for my living
room or kitchen, so I gave it another coat of Pittsburg Gray
and that ended up being the perfect color to match
the gray window that divides the two rooms.

I did just a tiny bit of distressing in a few spots,
and I love the little touch of color that shows through
with the Smoky Mountain under the gray.  It
wasn’t a planned thing, but I’m really happy with that.

Unfortunately,  when my husband removed
the glass face cover, I left it sitting on the kitchen counter
while I painted it and let the paint dry, and
someone didn’t see it there and set something on it,
breaking the glass, so it no longer has a glass cover.
Eventually, I may get around to getting a new one for it.

I love the rhythmic ticking sound,
and am thrilled with the new look of my $12 clock.

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  1. Who needs the glass anyway?
    Love it!

  2. Oh, Angie, it’s gorgeous… it looks like a completely different clock! And I agree with Bonnie; no one will ever miss the glass.!: )


  3. Great makeover on the clock!

  4. Great job Angie! Don’t forget you can water the paint down too if you ever want to layer colors again. It’s super easy to do and almost creates a color wash giving a really neat look when layering over another color.

  5. The face is great, who needs glass when you look that good.


  6. The trandformation with the paint is gorgeous. I love this clock and it doesn’t need glass it is so pretty.


  7. I like it much better now!

  8. Angie, Love the transformation! It looks just great without the glass.


  9. Great new look! Love the colour 🙂

  10. I absolutely love your clock transformation. The paint totally changed the entire look of it. Something like that has been on my wish list for awhile now!


  11. Looks so much better! I don’t know if it’s because of the different paint color but the face of the clock looks more aged. I like it!


  13. love your re-done clock. I have two in the garage need a facelift too. (I also could not decide about take apart, or paint.) Yours looks so great, I may paint. =)


  14. PS I think without glass is fine, but if you wanted some I bet you can find another clock like that at a garage sale or thrift store. I see them all the time. =)


  15. Beautiful! LOVE the color!

  16. Pretty! Sorry about the face breaking 🙁

  17. angie–the clock looks so much better, great transformation. It’s a shame about the cover, but still looks fabulous!


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