Antique Graphics Wednesday – 1888 Mitten Image

Thanks so much for all the sweet birthday wishes!
My family and I went out to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant,
where I got to wear the birthday sombrero and open my gifts.

My kids gave me new driving gloves, a bit set for the cordless screwdriver I got for Christmas, a pretty plant and some bath goodies.  My sister sent me a beautiful old apothecary bottle and my mother-in-law sent me THE most beautiful handmade embroidered-top quilt.  I’ll post photos soon, but I want to get photos which will do it justice.

Which leads to my final gift – my husband really surprised me with the #1 item on my wish list…a new camera!  It’s a Canon Rebel T3.  The funny thing about it, is that even though I’ve been wanting a DSLR camera for a long time, I’m scared to death to use it!  I have no earthly idea what I’m doing.  There’s a reason I added Shoot Fly Shoot as one of my new affiliates – classes are definitely going to be needed!  I have “point and shoot” patience for learning to use new things, so this will be a stretch, but I’d really like to learn more about photography, so a better camera was needed.

Well, it is Wednesday, so don’t think I’d forget to share an antique graphic with you!

Here’s an adorable old image of a mitten from an 1888 Harper’s magazine.
Bundle up and stay warm!
Royalty Free Printable Antique Winter Mitten Illustration via Knick of Time


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  1. Birthday Wishes! Your family was really sweet to you and I’m drooling over your camera and I’m sure you’ll have it mastered in no time.
    Thank you for the mitten graphic…I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like it. Love it!

  2. Happy Birthday Wishes ! What lovely surprises from your family. You will love your new camera. There are so many bloggers who post about using a DSLR. Got mine for Christmas (same as yours) and set it to manual and 800 (forgot what the 800 means but many bloggers said to try to shoot at 800. I am using a tripod and that helps too.

  3. Happy birthday to you.
    I also know and love the Cannon.
    Cannon is all made ​​in Japan.
    Professional photographers around the world are using and.
    From Japan.
    Ryoma Sakamoto.

  4. Happy birthday wishes Angie. Hope you have another awesome year!

    God bless,


    Awesome gifts:)

  5. Happy Birthday! I got a new camera as a present from my brother last year and I still don’t really know how to use it, but it takes photos so much clearer than my old one. You will be amazed at the difference!

  6. Angie, I’m with you in the fear of camera club. Got the same camera for Christmas. I am familiar with a film 35mm but have been using my point and shoot Nikon DSLR you can trash the bad pics on the camera before anyone sees them!

  7. I gifted myself the exact same camera on Boxing Day as it was half price! I too am learning how to use it; but so far the images it produces are fantastic. I grabbed my old point and shoot yesterday and it felt so weird; too light, no settings to change – gah! I hated it! I am a DSLR snob now 😉 Have fun with yours!!!

  8. Oh I forgot to say

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday! I have that same camera and I love it! Of course, I’m still learning and there are certain things I just can’t get through my head. But I’m getting better ….

  10. You will LOVE IT!!! And be changing the settings on it before you know it…I bought our last year (we sold an old car we had) and this year got the 50mm lens for it. There are SO many great blogs and websites out there to help you along. I pin stuff on pinterest like crazy. And take a million photos —the more you take the more you will learn!

  11. Aww, it sounds as if you had a wonderful birthday, Angie, surrounded by your loving family, while eating at your favorite restaurant… um, there wouldn’t be any photos of you wearing the birthday sombrero, would there?!: P And congratulations on your beautiful new camera!!! The photos you post here are so gorgeous that I assumed you had been using a DSLR all along, so I can’t imagine what’s in store for us once you start posting ones taken with the new camera!

    Thank you for the sweet mitten graphic… what amazing detail!♥


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