Vintage Style Decorative Christmas Gift Jar

Vintage Style Decorative Christmas Gift Jar Turn a jar from your recycle bin into a decorative Christmas gift jar filled with cookies, candy, or ornaments that any recipient would love to receive! How to make a Vintage Style Decorative Christmas Gift Jar What you’ll need: A glass jar Decoupage medium Clear spray sealer Vintage post card printable Directions: Spray paint the lid and let it dry completely.  I used white paint, but you could use any color. 2. Measure your jar {Read More}

Farmhouse Christmas Wreath from Toddler Overalls

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Wreath from Toddler Overalls Ever since I made my first overalls wall pocket more than four years ago, I’ve become hooked on making them.  Not only are they an adorable way to store things, but they make really cute alternative wreaths too.  I used a hot glue gun on my first one and the second one was sewn (seen here).  I wanted to make a farmhouse Christmas wreath, so this time I’m including the easy sewing tutorial.

Christmas Cards Printables – Winter Watercolor Barn

Normally we take our family photos to include in Christmas cards during the summer. Every year, it’s a fiasco. Seriously, I think my family plots together how they can make it as difficult as possible for me to take a decent photo.  I’ve whined enough about it in the past, but if you’re new here, or just want to read about my past family photo ordeals, here you go… {2014 Family Photo Ordeal} {2013 Family Photo Ordeal} The agony goes back much {Read More}

Red Vintage Clock Face

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, I thought now was a good time to share this vintage red clock face, although it would be perfect to use for Christmas projects as well.  I can envision this used with some kind of, “it’s time for love” project.  It is a vintage Russion clock face, and is a PNG image, so you can layer it with other images. {CLICK ON IMAGE TO SAVE FULL SIZE} If you love vintage clock images, {Read More}

Vintage Christmas Gift Tags, Labels and Stickers

Welcome day Day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas celebration! If  you love vintage style, then this post is for you, and it’s something every single gift-giver needs – Christmas gift tags and labels! I love gifts that have an old-fashioned look to them, so I tweaked a few of my favorite antique images, and gave them a festive Christmas look, as printable vintage Christmas gift tags.  AJust print them, and add the to your wrapped gifts!  I even included a few that {Read More}

Antique Bird Prints

This set of beautiful bird prints both came from a 1920’s bird book, and show birds resting on evergreen branches.  They are perfect for framed art,  and would make lovely greeting cards as well.  I’ve included two printables using one of the bird images, layered over 2 antique postcard images that I previously shared.. {CLICK ON IMAGES TO VIEW AND PRINT FULL SIZE} This bird is called a Coal Titmouse.

Vintage Postage Stamps Printables – {Antique Graphics Wednesday}

I think all stamps are miniature works of art, and I love the graphics on these Special Delivery postage stamps from the 1950’s.  I think they’re perfect for some Valentine’s Day projects.  The red stamp is a JPEG and the blue one is a PNG. Blessings,

1900’s Family Christmas Scene Illustration

Here’s a beautiful illustration from an early 1900’s German book, depicting a family celebrating Christmas.  I especially love the old-fashioned toys under the tree, although all those lit candles look extremely dangerous!  Let me know if you find some pretty use for this lovely image. Blessings, Angie

Advertisement Christmas Ornament: 1800’s FAO Schwarz Bell

This antique Christmas advertisement was from F.A.O. Schwarz and was intended to be cut out and used as a Christmas ornament.  It came from an 1880’s Harper’s magazine. {Right click  on image to save and print} F.A.O. Schwarz is the oldest toy store in the United States, which was founded in 1862, by German immigrant Frederick August Otto Schwarz.  Originally, it was called, “Toy Bazaar”, in its first store in Baltimore, and according to information I found on the internet, the year {Read More}

8 Vintage Red Labels – Perfect for Christmas!

Even if you aren’t a gardener and don’t “put up” fruits and veggies, these vintage red labels are still really cute to use for craft projects, gift tags and as digital images for a blog or website. If you missed it, I previously shared 11 vintage red canning labels HERE. I also shared 8 vintage blue labels HERE. Blessings, Angie