Don’t Just Sit There – Repurposed Chair Parts

I have a bunch of old, broken chairs out in my workshop that have been hanging on my walls and taking up space, so I decided to finally do something with a few of them this week.

I bought 3 of this style of chair at an auction.  This one had a broken seat, and the other 2 only had seats – no back rests.  Originally I thought maybe I could combine 2 of them to get 1 complete chair, but there was really no way to do it.

The back is absolutely gorgeous, so I cut the back away from the rest of the chair and added 5 old nails that have really pretty patina to them, so now it can be used as a peg/herb-drying/key/jewelry rack.


Another gorgeous antique chair, but there was no seat at all on this one, so I just had to cut the lower portion of the back legs off.

I love the embossed designs in these old chairs.

I added 7 of the nails to it, also.

I don’t like to let any old wood go to waste, so I wanted to come up with some use for the lower part of the legs.  I batted around a few ideas, like turning it into a sign of some sort, but when I hunted around through my stash and found a few little old bread pans, they seemed like the perfect thing.

It’s projects like this that make me glad I hang on to every screw I remove from other old things, because a shiny, new screw would look out of place against old metal and wood.

The only problem is, my tiny drill bit broke, so I couldn’t pre-drill the holes in the wood.  This was another middle-of-the-night project and I didn’t want to wait until the next day to get a new drill bit, so when I screwed the top pan in, it split the wood a little on the back side.  The pans are still pretty sturdy on it, but I was very annoyed by that.  I also changed my mind about the placement of the top pan, so you can see the extra hole made.  Fortunately, none of that shows from the front side, and the pans are still attached firmly.

This chair back was  painted and turned into a shelf.
repurpose chair shelf

You probably don’t remember this old chair that I posted about way back in October of 2011.  I had hoped to reupholster it.  My mom attempted to help me, but we failed, and it’s been sitting in the workshop with all the other poor chairs that have been waiting for me to pay attention to them.

I was going to try again to fix it, but apparently it had gotten banged around in the workshop one too many times, and a piece broke off, which couldn’t be fixed.  Although I was sad about that, it was a bit of a relief to have a reason to break it down into smaller parts that I knew I was more likely to
have some success with.  My grandfather, an upholsterer, would
be embarrassed that his granddaughter can only tear fabric off chairs, rather than fix them up.
Oh, I wish I had his skills.

Honestly though, I love the “bones” inside old chairs, so I’m happy to just let them show.  My husband cut the back away from the chair and I just added a hanger to the back.  Nothing else was needed.

The original jute webbing is still in good condition, so now photos can be clipped to it, for a unique photo display.

I used some old paper clips, but little clothespins would be cute too.

I removed the front two spindle legs, for an unknown future project, but I still had the back legs from this chair to work with.
I loved the old piece of burlap that was attached to it, so I left it in place.  I thought about adding a basket or tin to it as well, but under the original seat cushion, was a piece of metal mesh.  I decided the two pieces had been together so long, I might as well leave them together, so I attached the mesh behind the chair legs, so now it can be used as a magnet board.
I thought I was finished, but when I went out to my workshop, I discovered another set of chair legs hanging on the wall – I don’t even know where the rest of the chair went!  This time I decided to hang some old Ball lightning jars from it, using some quirky curly wire salvaged from a mattress.

I just removed these little springs from the mattress yesterday, and was going to throw them away, when I realized I could probably use them on some project in the future.  Didn’t realize it would be such a near future.  They were just right for hanging the jars.

repurposed chairs
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  1. You are amazing. When I grow up I want to be as creative as you.

  2. WOW!! What awesome repurposing creations. I don’t know which one is my favorite…love them all. I could scream when I think of all the old chairs I got rid of years ago. Wouldn’t I love that junk pile now. Great job Angie.

  3. That is so clever! I’m so glad to be your newest follower, love your blog!


  4. Cute, cute, cute idea, Angie. I really love the idea and it looks great- xo Diana

  5. Adore your header….fabulous!

  6. I love all the chair projects. I think I saw someone use a chair similar to your first and second examples only it was turned side ways and mounted rather crudely to the door in their closet…they used it for belts, scarves and ties! Great bunch of uses for chair parts, I tell ya!

    love the curly baling wire and the jars!
    Do you drink a lot of caffeine? Just wondering, because my late nights are NOTHING like your late nights. 🙂 Pat

  7. Great projects! Love your blog header too–great photo!

  8. I agree. All of these projects are soooo much fun. I too love old chairs and can’t stand to throw any part away……no matter how bad or broken. Here’s one that I saved by making a wall shelf out of the pieces. Please visit me there.. I’d love for you to become a follower. Im now following you and can’t wait to go back and cruise through your old post.

  9. Love your blog header Angie. Great way to celebrate the season.

    I love what you’ve done with the chair parts. So brilliant!

    I once found 3 of just the mid section of the chair in your first pic. I painted and distressed them, added a double hook in the centre and a hanger on the back. Makes a quirky place to hang your hat!


  10. Love the header change. I have wondered what to do with pretty chair backs, and now I know. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Great ideas Angie! Sometimes people drop stuff off in my driveway, but half the time it’s in very bad repair, I’ve got one chair in particular that my husband hauled home that I could easily do this with. I’m so sick of restoring furniture, way more fun to re-purpose it!!

  12. I lovelovelove the chair legs with the bread pans. Don’t you just hate it when your tiny drill bits break. Happens to me all the time. I’ve taken to buying them in advance. Happy New Year!

  13. More fantastic ideas! Dang, does your creativity ever run out? I especially love the chair “innards”. Really inspired!

  14. I love your chair projects. So super cute!

  15. Goodness but you are clever!! I love all of these ideas but especially the one with the pans attached and the one with the original jute webbing. What a great way to make use of chairs that are no longer ‘sit-able’ but still have character and charm. I have an old herb drying rack that just might work with your pan idea . . . hmmmm . . . thanks for the inspiration!

  16. I love your chairs. I have done a few of these myself. I just love salvaging and reinventing pieces!

  17. So very clever Angie…thanks for sharing them.


  18. Such fantastic uses for unusable chairs! Very unique…they all look special.
    Debbie 🙂

  19. What a great way to put those chairs to good use! So creative! You are invited to share them at SHOW-licious Craft Showcase. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  20. Angie, these are so darn fun! Love all of your creative ideas. Now, I could have possibly come up with the use of the back of the chair. But the way you used the legs is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with Share Your Cup.

  21. Super neat project and chair up cycle!!!!!!

  22. I love absolutely everything about them!

  23. well, that just makes me want to tear apart my chairs! Great ideas, love the look. I agree with CeeKay above, love the header too.

  24. LOTS of great ideas here…now I want to run out and look through my chair “stash”!!! Thanks for the inspiration Angie!!

  25. What great ideas!! Love them! I actually like that chair just the way it was. It looked perfect in that field;) But you did a great thing using it to hang pictures. Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  26. Love these ideas! Now I know what to do with the pile of chairs I have! Pinned! Take care, Laura

  27. Cute, clever and thrifty!

  28. And I love your snowy header too!

  29. Love your chair re-purposes, Angie.

  30. Inspired ideas, Angie! Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed ~ thanks for sharing!
    Heidi @ Decor & More

  31. Oh my! Isn’t this soooo clever!
    I love it! chairs, lovely chairs…..

    Thanks for your inspiration!

    hugs x

  32. such a clever idea! i love how you made these chairs so functional and transformed them perfectly. well done!

  33. great ideas Laura!! pinning this for later. Congrats on the C&B feature!

  34. Angle,
    Could you please send us, ok me, pics of your workshop? I am so intrigued and wondering what do all theses creative bloggers workshops look like?

  35. Angle,
    Could you please send us, ok me, pics of your workshop? I am so intrigued and wondering what do all theses creative bloggers workshops look like?

  36. Just came across your blog from Pinterest. Love these chairs and I will be a hunt to find one that I can do the same with. What a wonderful idea.

  37. Betsy Hartmann says:

    My Grandfather was an upholsterer also! I still have one of his chairs which I refer to as the “Queen’s Chair”. He was tall for his time and my G’ma was quite short, so he lovingly made her an upholstered chair with a matching ottoman. I feel the same way you do about tearing apart a chair that I recently found. It needs to be reupholstered, but it also has a broken brace in front so I am struggling with what to do with it.

  38. Love your site, very inspirational! I’m just starting to repurpose furniture for resale, love it….

  39. I love every one of them Angie… you are such an inspiration!

  40. RUTHIE STIEFEL says:

    You are one of the most AWESOME TALENTED people I have seen . Your page is in my top FAVORITES. look at your stuff all thru the day. Such a PLEASURE to have FOUND you. It makes my day Love RUTHIE

  41. I just love all of what you have done!!! So clever and inspiring!

  42. Char Fsiher says:

    Such fun to look at all the vintage finds and the possibilities to make them into something very useful and pretty. Thank you for sharing such wonderful creative projects. As I love going to flea markets, now I can look at many item in a more creative way.


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