Farmhouse Dairy Sign, a Mini Version and Some Silhouette Tips

I enjoyed creating the Milk & Cream Co. sign so much, I thought I’d create another dairy sign.   I decided to look for another design to put on it.
Farmhouse dairy sign on antique repurposed window by Knick of Time |
I searched the internet for inspiration and came across this antique business card.  I love the various font styles on it.
Antique Business card
Once again, I removed the background and removed some of the wording, to come up with this image.
Antique Dairy Business Card
This design proved to be very tricky for the Silhouette to cut out, as I didn’t remove all the tiny lines inside the larger letters, and I cut it on 2 separate pieces of vinyl, so positioning them on the glass was tricky.  For unknown reasons, the B in the word, “Butter” didn’t cut and I didn’t realize it until I had the whole thing positioned on the glass, so I cut another piece of vinyl to add that.

This old window is a beauty – especially with the original latch on it.

Most of the windows I brought home were fairly large, but of those that are smaller, I plan to create more antique style signs on, because I am really enjoying making them.  IF you could actually find an antique window with the painted signage on them, they wouldn’t be within my budget, so creating my own on antique windows is the next best thing.  This sign is available in my shop HERE.

Repurposed Window Dairy Sign on Antique Wooden Window by

A customer contacted me, wanting to know if I had another window that I could create another Milk & Cream Co. sign on.  I did have a square white window, but it was larger than the first and too large for her space, so I created a miniature version on an 8×10 photo frame instead.

Repurposed Photo Frame Dairy Sign by

We are getting a rip-roarin’ winter storm today.  Right now, we have probably 4 inches, and it just keeps coming.  We were supposed to attend a basketball tournament this weekend, so we’re waiting to hear if it’s been cancelled or not.  It’s about a 2-hour drive each way, which could become a 4-hour drive on bad roads, so we’re hoping this will blow over and the roads will get cleared so the boys can play.  My middle son is a senior this year, so I want to see him play every chance I can.

Stay warm!  If you live someplace warm…do not tell me about it!  :0)


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  1. I love your new signs!

  2. Hope the weather works out for ya.We are to get some snow and ice.Hate the ice part.Your sign is soooo nice.Love it.Stay warm.We are here.

  3. I’m glad you have the verse “thou shalt not covet” at the bottom of your posts ’cause I need reminded! This is just more awesomeness than I can take! 🙂

  4. I love the Milk and Cream sign…I collect milk and cream bottles…so that one definately speaks to me!

  5. So beautiful as usual!

  6. OH this is such a great sign…and I LOVE the 8×10 idea, too!

  7. Angie … just love your new sign on the old window. With all your old windows, you will be making lots of signs. Would love to make one, but need a Silhouette. I have done some research, but do not know which one to buy … maybe the Silhouette Bundle. Any suggestions?
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. Angie,
    The signs are so fantastic. I love the little milk and cream sign. It is adorable.

  9. I just love your signs, Angie. They are fabulous. Thank you for providing the link to the wonderful business cards.
    Hopefully you won’t get more snow. Stay warm and safe!

  10. Your windows are fantastic…I really want to put a silouhette on my wish list!

  11. Love the Biloxi sign too, so pinning that.

    I do not live in some place warm, so I can tell you about it…. it looks just like yours, covered in white stuff.

    Lastly, you probably said this in one of the latest posts, but are you painting the words on the front side or the back side of your windows?


  12. This is very special. Thanks for sharing.
    Love from sunny South Africa
    De Oude Huize Yard

  13. You are getting quite the expert with your silhouette. These signs are beautiful Angie!:)

    Love and hugs!


  14. Oh, my. I love that 8×10 size. I need to buy one of those silhouettes. Now!

  15. Love the window sign- Never thought of creating smaller ones on picture frames, how creative. Visiting from Three Mangos link party. Have a great week.

  16. I’m in love with your window signs! Nothing beats a perfectly chippy old window, unless it’s a perfectly chippy old window turned into a sweet sign. I love the idea of using a frame too. Genius! What a great idea for smaller spaces!Visiting from Three Mango Seeds 🙂

  17. Your signs are gorgeous Angie! I’ve got an old tray that has been itchin’ for a sign. I’m hoping the Silhouette Fairy comes my way some day. Loving the inspiration in the meantime!! 🙂

  18. Love them both Angie! I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while now, but I’ve never learned how to use my silhouette! LOL Sharing on Facebook later today. Hugs! Clydia

  19. Beautiful signs Angie, what a great job!

  20. Thank you for the inspiration. Drool! I am going to put my silhouette to good use! Love your style and your blog!

  21. Hey, Angie…are you using regular spray paint when you paint on old windows?

  22. I’ve been searching for almost a year for a window just the right size and finally found it. The small windows are difficult to find. The family that built my house in 1920 owned a local dairy company and I have been dying to make this sign to hang in my kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration.

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