How to Paint a Window Screen Fresh Flowers Sign | Junk Garden Projects Series Part 1

How to Paint a Window Screen Fresh Flowers Sign Junk Garden Series Project #1

Antique Window Framed Flag Display

There is a big blank space on one side of our barn where I plan to make and hang another barn quilt, but when I found a retired flag at a thrift store, I decided to make a flag display to hang there during the summer months.  I still have quite a few antique windows in my stash, and I found one that was the perfect size for the flag. I love how the colors in the flag coordinate so well with the {Read More}

Take the Scenic Route – Antique Automobile Window Sign

I love it when I stumble across something unique at a yard sale or flea market, that I know I’m unlikely to come across again.  A few weeks ago, I got an antique car windshield at a yard sale and that was definitely the first time I’d ever found one of those. The man selling it had several of them, but the rest had broken pieces off the glass, so I only purchased this one. I debated a few different {Read More}

Chalkboard Windows & Frames

After creating signs on several of my antique windows, I switched gears this week and turned some that had broken panes into chalkboards.  I bought a big sheet of luan at Lowes (in the plywood section of the store) and had them cut pieces to the sizes I needed for several windows (less than $14 for the sheet, which is enough to do 3-4 windows, with lots of smaller pieces to use on other projects).  I’m a horrible chalkboard artist, {Read More}

Farmhouse Dairy Sign, a Mini Version and Some Silhouette Tips

I enjoyed creating the Milk & Cream Co. sign so much, I thought I’d create another dairy sign.   I decided to look for another design to put on it. I searched the internet for inspiration and came across this antique business card.  I love the various font styles on it. {source} Once again, I removed the background and removed some of the wording, to come up with this image. This design proved to be very tricky for the Silhouette {Read More}

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel – A Room with a View

I didn’t plan to show you my farmhouse kitchen remodel until Friday, because I had a lot of photos to go through before posting about it, but my mom is going on a camping trip today and she wasn’t too happy when she found out she wouldn’t get to see my kitchen until she got home late Sunday night. I stayed up until the wee hours this morning finishing this post for you, Mom – I hope you like it {Read More}