Sonday – {Higher Ground} Antique Hymn Page Printable

I’ve always liked this old hymn, but it took on new meaning for my family, and especially our animals last week.

Heavy rains brought flooding to our area.  We woke up on Thursday morning discover that the little creek behind our property had overflowed, flooding our pasture…where our 2 horses were.

For our larger Quarter Horse, it wasn’t too bad, but for our little miniature horse (seen in the distance), it was up to her belly in some places.  Thankfully, my 18 year old son was home, so he was the one who waded out to bring them in to safety.

You can tell the water was even higher before we woke up, because of the debris hanging on the higher wires of the electric fence.  The water receded amazingly fast though, and within an hour had mostly drained back out, leaving a little sandbar behind from creek sediment.

We live in a town on the border of the Mississippi River, between Illinois and Missouri.  There’s a beautiful park on the river’s edge that is partially under water and they’ve had to close the bridge you see here, leading from the Missouri side to the Illinois side, so both directions of traffic are now traveling on the newer, higher bridge that is behind the view of this photo.

Hope this day finds you climbing to higher grounds in your walk with the Lord!


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  1. Angie, I have always loved that old song,too, but never thought about taking it in a literal way. God bless you- too much rain is such an awful thing-flooding is horrendous- xo Diana

  2. Angie,
    Thankful- you, your family and animals are safe. Thinking of you-

  3. Angie, I was so surprised to hear about the flooding when I called my brother on Friday and heard about it. I have to rethink where I want to live when I return to your area as I wanted to buy a specific house where the water had flooded up to the driveway. Thank you for sharing the pictures of my home area. Blessings

  4. Angie, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. As we received another 18 inches of snow 2 days ago, many people have gotten crabby at our “Spring”. I fear more for people such as yourself who will have to deal with the watershed. Take care and stay safe. God Bless.

  5. Angie, You are in my thoughts and prayers too. I hope your horses are okay given their ordeal. I pray that you, your family and your animals will be safe should you have more floods.

    Take care and God bless!


  6. Oh no, what a sight! So happy to hear your horses are OK. We’re keeping everyone in our prayers.

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