‘Til the Cows Come Home

Thank God I’m a country girl.
I’m a die-hard John Denver fan, and a die-hard fan of living in the country.
Each evening, this is the view that greats us from outside our front door.
I enjoy watching their evening trek across the field, to eat up what’s left behind from when the corn was harvested in the fall.
I have never seen anyone open the gate to let them through, or noticed when they cross back over into the pasture on the other side of the gate, but by morning, they are always gone from the field.
These 4 were staring across the road at our horse, and our horse was staring back at them.  None of them seemed impressed with the other.

 They all got a little spooked when they heard my camera shutter making a clicking sound and started quickly walking away, but this one kept turning around to look at me, as if to say, “What is it you want, woman?”  Once the field gets tilled up and planted, they will no longer come to this field, across the road from our house, so I just enjoy the somewhat dumb, but cute creatures while I can.

Which would you rather see across the street from your house – a Starbucks or a cow?
 City gal or Country girl…which one are you?



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  1. I’ve never lived across the street from a cow, but we had a lot of them not too far away when I was growing up in the 60’s. They and the land with fields and farms has disappeared around here. I’d love to be a country girl and I’m a die-hard John Denver fan too! Fun post. Love seeing your country sights and knowing another John Denver fan.

  2. Sweet photos Angie! I pass by a field of sweet cows everyday when I drive my daughter to school.One of these days I am going to bring my camera and take some photos too 🙂

  3. I have cows for back yard neighbors. I am a country girl for sure! Jean

  4. I am 110% country gal 🙂 I love everything about the country-not just the cows but their “sunshine” aka manure as it’s spread on the fields, love that smell 🙂 Fun post and really pretty pictures, their colors are so relaxing.

  5. Total “Country Girl” here…
    I actually grew up in a County with NO STOPLIGHTS ~ not a one~~!
    I can’t even drive in a city (by city, I mean over 1000 people)…
    I am blessed enough to coincide with cows, sheep, horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, deer, elk. I even have my own flock of wild quail that sweep through me yard a couple times a day. Definitely you’re not alone in your love of John Denver ~ is there any greater song than “Annie’s Song”?
    Enjoy your Moo, Moo’s…
    Beautiful pics to look at~!

  6. I’m a beach girl.
    Chris =]

  7. I do like to GO to Starbucks but I would CRY if I had to see one outside my front door every morning. I’d love to see cows – I do see them everyday actually – just not outside my front door. I grew up with a chickens and a pet goat. . . and my mom (single mother) made her living for many years milking on a dairy farm.
    Definitely a Country Girl!

  8. I am a country girl thru and thru…even though I grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY and spent a lot of time wandering down town. but I spent my summers either at my uncles sheep farm, and as a teenager I worked at a dairy farm…complete with tractor pulls and 4H. Now I have my dream…I live in the country with a view of the blue ridge mountains and a pasture of horses out my front window. It’s sad to say, but the farms and fields around me are slowly being replaced by cul-de-sacs and neighborhoods. If they ever sell the farm across the street, I’ll look for a new place…maybe in the mountains? lol

  9. Country girl at heart, even though I live a short distance from both countryside and town – perfect distance for a woman who likes both cows and coffee … and doesn’t drive.

  10. Oh, Angie! I love the cow pictures. I am getting homesick. Thank you so much for sharing these. Blessings

  11. I grew up in the country, and am a true country girl at heart. I now live in the city. Love your pictures of the cows. I have always liked them. We used to ride them when we were kids (my cousins). I also love Starbucks. How about seeing a cow with a Starbucks!
    Blessings, Diane

  12. Cow.

  13. Complete country girl, but at present having to live in town. If I had my druthers I would own 160 acres with a house right smack dab in the middle of the land!! Of course the house and land around the house would have to be cleared and be landscaped.

  14. Country girl that has always been stuck in suburbia.

    Currently, our house is on the market (what a nightmarish no-good agent we have) and we’ve started the process of building on our 2 acres in LaGrange.

    There is a little highway noise there, but it’s better than where I live now. We’ll have cows (“Gods of the Country” I call them), and a donkey named “Hugs” living just behind us!


  15. I would totally rather be staring at a cow, but unfortunately I’m staring at our neighbors house! Love your post Angie! xoxo

  16. I miss waking up to cows in the yard. Moo anyday. 🙂

  17. Love your cows as I am truly a country gal. Our present home backed up to a ranch before a developer came in. We could watch the Quarter horses play. One time cows and when the owner came to feed them, he would honk the horn and the cows would come running. Then one time calves and they were so cute … always deer and antelope, even now. The house behind us is not real close, and we have almost an acre lot, so still feels a little like in the country. Thanks for a refreshing post … yes, I would love seeing cows wander into a field in front of my house. Enjoyed your post.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  18. Love the cows how stinkin cute are they. You are lucky to be able to see them out your front door. How great is that!!!

  19. Great post! We have one daughter who lives in the country, one who lives in the big city, and we’re somewhere in between living in our small town.


  1. […] corn fields by our house have all been harvested.  Normally once the fields are harvested, cows are turned loose to eat up what is left behind, but the electric fence around the field was taken down a few months […]

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