Autumn Morning on a Farm Country Road

The last several days, it’s been very foggy in the morning, but burns off late morning.  A few days ago, I was getting in my car, and noticed how beautiful it looked, with the fall colors, and had to grab my camera to capture it.   The view down our gravel road was ghostly beautiful, and  my oldest son said it looked like the Headless Horseman should come galloping down it.

Country Road on a Foggy Autumn Morning

My old-fashioned wooden swing looked a little lonesome, yet charming.

Farm Country Fall Morning on a Foggy Day

The corn fields by our house have all been harvested.  Normally once the fields are harvested, cows are turned loose to eat up what is left behind, but the electric fence around the field was taken down a few months ago, because work was being done on the side of the gravel road.  I’ll miss seeing them from my front door – especially since this is the only time of year they are in this field.  I hope they put the fence back up next year.

Corn Fields and Forest on a Foggy Autumn Day

I’ve dedicated myself to getting some house cleaning done this weekend, and hope to work on a project or two as well.   I wish I could make autumn slow down, and ask it to stay for a long time, but to everything, there is a season, right?  You can see what our lovely gravel road will look like soon HERE.

P.S. – I’m still taking my online classes with Shoot Fly Shoot, and haven’t forgotten my promise to share what I’ve learned with you.  It’s just a hectic few weeks, and I haven’t had a lot of time to practice what I’m learning and prepare a post about it – but I will soon!  If you missed my previous posts for amateur photographers, they can be found here, here, and here.

How to Use Your DSLR Camera Photography Friday Series

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful autumn!

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  1. I wish there was a linky party for photography or home town tours. Everyone has been sharing these fabulous posts showing off their home towns with the gorgeous fall colour. I love your photos!


  2. Beautiful images, Angie.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  3. Gorgeous photos! Why not drop by and post one on my Silent Sunday Linky Party! Hope to see you there.

  4. Lovely photos, Angie…looks so peaceful…I would love to live in the country!

  5. Angie, your photos and words today bring back so many memories. I love the photos. It always gave me an other worldly feeling to be in that light fog. And the picture of the swing reminded me of years ago when I was a little girl (many, many years ago) my grandfather made a swing like that for me at our house. Also remember falling out of it and hitting my head which could explain the different paths I have taken in life. LOL I am still here in very hot Puerto Rico and look forward to getting back in the states in Divine time. Blessings and thank you for the trigger of my memories, Nancy

  6. Oh, how I miss living in the country on a gravel road! Thank you so much for sharing your photos. They look so much like northern Michigan where I’m from…and how I came to love fall so much. Have a lovely weekend, Angie! ~ Jamie

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