Sidewalk Chalkboard from Wooden Folding Chairs

How to turn a wooden folding chair into a standing chalkboard.
Today, I want to show you one of my favorite kinds of projects.  I seek out broken things at yard sales, thrift stores, and auctions, because I get a real kick out of taking something broken and turning it into something usable again.
How to turn a wooden folding chair into a standing chalkboard |
You may recall that last fall I bought 35+ antique wooden folding chairs at an auction.  I sold all of them that were still in good condition, and then painted those that had chipped wood and sold them as well.
Antique wooden folding chairs

I was left with about 7 or 8 folding chairs that had damaged seat covers.  I removed the covers from most of them and re-covered them with muslin that I applied an antique graphic to, so they can be used as memo boards.
Antique Typewriter Bulletin Board - Repurposed Chair Seat Memo Board
Some of the frames were damaged beyond any use, but I try to salvage as many parts as possible from “junk.”  I was left with a few folding chairs that had frames that were still good, so I wanted to find a new use for them.  I decided to turn them into sidewalk-style standing chalkboards.  My husband cut some squares from MDF, which I painted with chalkboard paint, then we attached them to the frame of the chair with some old bolts so they wouldn’t be too shiny.

I rooted through my wood scraps and found 2 matching pieces of trim and added them to the top and bottom of the chalkboard.

Repurposed antique folding chair sidewalk chalkboard by Knick of Time

A chain was added between the front and back legs to keep the legs standing open.

Repurposed antique folding chair sidewalk chalkboard by Knick of Time

I love salvaging junk!


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  1. Really neat Angie … you always come up with the best use for what someone else, (not me, might toss in the trash. Love this chalkboard. Good job.
    Audrey Z.

  2. Very clever and fun, Angie.

  3. Angie, you are amazing! Truly! To buy all of those chairs, sell them and come up with unique and very wonderful/practical works of art with them is truly an art! Love this idea!
    Jennifer 🙂

  4. Now THAT is a really, really cute idea! xo Diana

  5. I am constantly AMAZED at the ideas you come up with! Sure wish you lived next to me so I could enjoy your creativity and your goodies. 🙂 LOVE this idea!!!

  6. Awesome, very creative. So glad you can think of ways to reuse items instead of them ending up in the trash pile. Good job.

  7. awesome!

  8. What a unique idea to use for the chairs, and love what you did!

  9. That is just awesome, Angie! Great way to think outside the box! Love it!

  10. Oh my goodness, Angie! This is just the greatest upcycle i’ve seen in awhile. I work at a sign shop, so i sell and make signs all day, and this is the best sidewalk sign ever!

  11. Oh my gosh Angie, this is the absolute neatest re-purpose ever! I am so going to keep my eye out for some of these!

  12. Angie,

    This is so cool, great repurpose project. Love it!


  13. Angie, I have 9 of the same exact folding chairs from my Grandmother. My Mother is 81 so I know the chairs are over 125 yrs. old. Love the chalkboard chair. Linda

  14. that turned out great! i love your ideas.

  15. LOVE this!!!! Great job!


  16. This is a great use for your old chair! I absolutely love it!

  17. Perfect! I love this idea. Now I just need to find a stash of awesome chairs.

  18. I absolutely LOVE this! Even more than a functioning CHAIR! Nice work!

  19. Oh my goodness Angie…this is a super “cool” idea and I luv the memo board idea too!


  20. so fabulous, angie!!! i just love this!

  21. Angie….clever is as clever does! That sure is one sweet chalkboard idea….just had to pin it for you!

  22. LOVE IT!!!


  23. So clever!! I am featuring this Thursday, thank you so much for linking up.

  24. Oh goodness…. another absolute hit! I so adore this! Those chair frames are gorgeous and you just made them better! This cool project will be featured on I Love That Junk this week. Thanks for linking up!

  25. This is so clever! I love chalkboard paint!!! Stopping by from Hoyby Crafts. Thanks for sharing.

  26. This is amazing! New follower here:) I’d love for you to link up at my Work it Wednesday linky party!!

    xo, amy

  27. Such a cute transformation! Love it! ~M.

  28. Angie,

    I MUST say that folding chair chalkboard is brilliant! I absolutely love it! so perfect for a wedding!

    catching you!

  29. Angie, I swear you just make the most awesome things!
    This is perfect

  30. What a very cool chalkboard!

  31. Fabulous! Now I wanna find a vintage folding chair to do this with! Great idea!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  32. Love this idea, thanks for sharing. Now I have to find a folding chair;-)

  33. This is such a creative idea, I love it! I can’t wait to try this on my folding chairs. We would love it if you would join our Saturday Show Us How You Rock Link Party with this post or any of your other posts! It starts every Friday at 6pm, hope we see you there.


  34. Just found your blog and love it! You are so talented! And I love this idea! Do you have any others for sale? I would be interested in purchasing one of these chalkboards from you! 🙂
    Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  35. Great idea! I have six of these and now I have a new idea for what to do with them!

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