Sonday – {Bringing in the Sheaves} Antique Hymn Page Printable

The farmers in our area hustled all last week to finish harvesting the last of the corn.  This week they were tilling up the stubble left in the fields and I imagine they are relieved to have their work done for the season.
I’ve very familiar with the first two verses in this hymn, but the last two are really meaningful as well.



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  1. We will come rejoicing!

  2. Angie, are farmers are working hard here to, there is still a little corn standing but that will be down soon too. My mom sings that hymn all the time, it brings back memories.

  3. The old hymns are the best hymns. Not just music but a journal of life back before blogs and Facebooks. I can never pass up a book of hymns at a garage sale and love wrapping my homemade soaps in them. Have a wonderful Sunday Angie!

  4. my mother sang this all the time!!!

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