Vintage Style White Christmas Tree

Vintage Style White Christmas Tree

Never in my life have I decorated a Christmas tree by myself, and I didn’t expect to start now.  I thought we’d decorate our tree when my two older sons came home from college for Christmas break, until I realized that because of work, they wouldn’t be coming home until the week of Christmas.

I like to have a tree up for at least several weeks before Christmas to enjoy, so I decided to decorate a temporary Christmas tree, rather than leave them out of decorating with us.  I’ve wanted to decorate a tree completely in vintage style for the last several years, and this was my chance, but since I knew it would be temporary, I really didn’t want to spend any money to do it.

antique Christmas music page printables for Christmas tree ornaments - by Knick of Time |

It’s very simple, but I love its simplicity and enjoyed making everything that went on it.  I didn’t have any plan when I started – I just tinkered around with ideas and made things until it was done.

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations at Knick of Time |
The first two projects I made were garlands for the tree.  I got an unopened package of vintage crepe paper streamers at a thrift store, so I sewed a line down the middle, which creates a slight gather.

Vintage Christmas Decorations crepe paper garland via Knick of Time |

The 2nd garland was made out of rolled antique book pages strung on jute.  Remember my cousin who lost her home in a tornado a few weeks ago?  Well, her roommate gave me the antique book.  It was very damaged in the storm, but there were enough undamaged pages to use for this project.

Repurposed book pages Christmas ornaments via Knick of Time |

Next, I created some simple ornaments.  I used several antique postcard images that I previously shared with you HERE.  I reduced the size of the images, so they are about half the size of the original postcard, cut them and and glued some cotton shipping twine on the back for a hanger.

Antique Postcard Christmas Ornaments via Knick of Time |

Antique Christmas Postcards Ornaments via Knick of Time |
I also reduced the size of Christmas and winter-related antique music pages.
Antique Sheet Music Christmas Ornament via Knick of Time A printable version of the reduced sized music is included at the bottom of this post. 
The full-size versions are available HEREHEREHEREHERE.
Sheet Music Vintage Christmas Ornament |

I wanted to add some natural elements as well, so I tucked some sprigs of fresh baby’s breath in the branches.  I use dried baby’s breath a lot around my home, so by the time Christmas is over, these sprigs should be nicely dried.

Baby's breath in Christmas tree via Knick of Time |

My daughter said she’s content to just leave my vintage decorations on the tree, but I’ll let all the kids decide together when the boys get home.  We’ve never gone to a tree farm to buy a cut tree before, and I’d actually love to do that and enjoy decorating the tree together, so I don’t mind taking my decorations down.  I’m still able to enjoy it for several weeks, and had fun doing it.
Vintage Style Christmas Tree at Knick of Time |

 One of the best things about this tree is there isn’t anything breakable on it.  Everything on it is paper, pine cones or flowers.

So, this little kitty that looks so innocent sleeping under the tree, but loves tackling the branches when he’s awake, can’t break anything.

Cat under the Christmas Tree via Knick of Time |  

Vintage Christmas Music Printables from Knick of Time |

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Vintage Style Christmas rree ornaments Blessings,

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  1. Wow, Angie that is just gorgeous and every detail so perfect:-) How wonderful to have the tree-trimming all together later also!

  2. How beautiful, Angie! I love all the paper pieces you made. That is a darling picture of your ‘innocent’ little kitty 🙂
    Thanks so much for the printables!

  3. Your tree is so pretty…and so creative. Love the simplicity of everything you put on it! Thank you for sharing the printables…I think I’ll use the pretty postcards as tags on some gifts I’ll be wrapping tomorrow!

  4. Love, love, love what you created!

  5. You are so creative! I love it!

  6. The tree is beautiful and has the “Angie look”. Blessings

  7. Love your tree! Simple sometimes is best. Our kids are college age too. From birth on we bought each of them ornaments that related to something important and special in their life that year. Well 5 years ago when our lovable,too playful black lab puppy came into our family we did not want to risk putting the collection of keepsake ornaments on the tree. So we made homemade decorations. Paper snowflakes,gingham bows, picture frames made from cardboard and wrapped with matching material and filled with family photos printed on computer paper,pinecones tied with twine. Simple and lovely!! Still decorating our tree the same now! Even though the puppy is out of her “puppy stage” just love the homemade style.

  8. That’s the kind of tree I need this year with our new kitten! But I’ll give him credit… he’s been only a little naughty so far! He’s gotten some of our ornaments off but nothing has broke. Yet 😉

  9. I absolutely love your tree Angie. And I’ll be saving those printables for projects for next year. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  10. Your tree is so special with all your festive handmade ornaments. I love the postcards and the little pine cones. Perfect!

  11. Your tree looks beautiful Angie!Love the sheet music!

  12. That really came out perfect!!!
    Well done!
    diane @ aug’s blog

  13. So creative and pretty! Are you going to take it all off to decorate when your sons come home?! I think you should get another whole tree!! Visiting from Open House Party!

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