DIY Wood Christmas Tags: Chalking Series Project 14

DIY Wood Christmas Gift Tags Only one project left in this 15 Days of Chalking series! I hope you aren’t tired of it yet.  Creating for Christmas is my very favorite! I’ll keep this short and sweet. Not many in-process photos, because after seeing so many of my Chalk Couture and Dixie Belle projects, I think you already have the gist of it by now. If you ever need a refresher though, you can always go to my Chalking 101 {Read More}

Farmhouse Galvanized Buckets Christmas Ornaments

Farmhouse Galvanized Buckets Christmas Ornaments I know Halloween is just a few days away, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll blink your eyes, Thanksgiving will be over, and you’ll be freaking out about why you haven’t pulled your tree out of the attic or made any new ornaments yet.  And that’s why I’m here 🙂

Ornament Palooza | Christmas in High Gear

Halloween 2016 is down in the books, Thanksgiving is up next, and Christmas will be here before you know it.  So I thought we could look back at each ornament made by 31 different bloggers, including myself in October. I have lots of Christmas projects and decor planned, so I’ve got to get busy working on them all.  I plan to share them throughout November, so you have plenty of time to make any that inspire you. This is my {Read More}

Handmade Christmas Ornaments | Three to Make in a Day

I rarely, if ever, share two blog posts in one day.  But when I was invited to participate in a fall seasonal harvest tour, and 31 days of handmade ornaments, on the same day, I couldn’t say no. 🙂 I’m the blogger for day #5 of handmade ornaments (the links to the bloggers for the whole month are below). I started out having a hard time deciding what kind of ornament to make.  But then I found these binder clips and {Read More}

DIY Christmas Ornaments with Quilt Block Patterns

I’ve kind of gone nuts this year sharing DIY Christmas ornaments, but since I wanted a specific theme for our Christmas tree, it was easier to make the ornaments myself  than search all the stores looking for just the right ones. Since the theme I picked is “simple farmhouse”, I brainstormed what comes to mind when I think of farmhouses, and quilts immediately came to mind. I remembered the barn quilt my son and I made together in the spring, and the quilt-inspired chair I {Read More}

Gingham and Brown Paper Ornaments

Well, the table is cleared, and the leftovers  are now filling my refrigerator.  It was a lovely day, and although I don’t love to cook, I didn’t set off the smoke alarm, I didn’t repeat  last year’s “turkey on the floor” episode, and I was much more organized than the year before’s “thrown together Thanksgiving“, so I’d call my meal a big success!

Gingerbread Men Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

I know the title of my post seems wrong, since gingerbread men should be made of gingerbread, but I wanted to make some cinnamon dough ornaments, shaped like gingerbread men, so let’s just roll with it, ok? 🙂 If you recall, the theme for my Christmas decor this year is ” old-fashioned farmhouse”, and just like the 1st ornament I shared this year (see it here), these little guys look like something Mary and Laura (the Little House girls) would {Read More}

Christmas Cards Printables – Winter Watercolor Barn

Normally we take our family photos to include in Christmas cards during the summer. Every year, it’s a fiasco. Seriously, I think my family plots together how they can make it as difficult as possible for me to take a decent photo.  I’ve whined enough about it in the past, but if you’re new here, or just want to read about my past family photo ordeals, here you go… {2014 Family Photo Ordeal} {2013 Family Photo Ordeal} The agony goes back much {Read More}

Farmhouse Christmas Ornament

When my kids were younger, our Christmas tree was pretty random looking, with an assortment of kid-made ornaments, and store bought ones, but the last few years, I’ve done most of the decorating and have gone with a theme for the tree.  Two years ago, I did a “Vintage White” theme, last year, I did a “Gold and Glittery” theme, and this year I decided I want to do an “old-fashioned farmhouse Christmas” theme.

Vintage Style White Christmas Tree

Vintage Style White Christmas Tree Never in my life have I decorated a Christmas tree by myself, and I didn’t expect to start now.  I thought we’d decorate our tree when my two older sons came home from college for Christmas break, until I realized that because of work, they wouldn’t be coming home until the week of Christmas. I like to have a tree up for at least several weeks before Christmas to enjoy, so I decided to decorate {Read More}