New Tiered Stands and What I Did {and did not} Do in Chicago

Yesterday, I went with two of my sons, for a whirlwind drive up to Chicago.  The older son sells specialty cheese at a Farmer’s Market in our town, and he needed to pick up hundreds of pounds of cheese in Chicago.  Between worrying about deer on the roads through the rural areas, and crazy drivers in Chicago, I didn’t want him to make the drive alone, so I packed up my computer and camera, thinking I’d get some work done on the drive.His job was to do all the driving, so I could get some computer work done, and my job was to freak out about his driving, and I did my job well.  :o)  My younger son’s job is to sit back, relax, read and play games…and annoy his brother and I occasionally, and he did his job well also!The cigarette lighter that I plug my power supply into in my Jeep stopped working, so I couldn’t plug my laptop in, and was only able to work on it for a little while before the battery died.  That allowed me to focus all my attention on his driving…which he wasn’t happy about.

After he loaded up 4 big coolers full of cheese, we headed to a really cool store that carried lots of urban salvage – old lights, signs, furniture, etc.  It was sort of like a miniature Restoration Hardware store.  I brought my camera in with me and took about 30 photos.  We got back to my Jeep, and I discovered that I didn’t have my memory card in it, so I didn’t actually take 30 photos at all.  I was just snapping away for nothing!  The boys got a good laugh out of it, because this kind of thing has become typical for me.  I blame it on midlife “fog” brain.  I had planned to finish this post and share it last night, but since my laptop battery was dead, that didn’t happen.  I did enjoy just spending time with them on the drive – freaking out an all.  We didn’t hit any deer and we survived Chicago crazy drivers, and he missed taking two exits, so our 5 hour drive home was more like 7…but we laughed, and harassed each other, and those are the kind of moments that make up memories, so it was worth it.

Anyway…The last few months have been so busy, and even though I have a stockpile of bowls, tins, and parts for tiered stands, my husband and I weren’t able to get any new ones made.  Now that the guest room is finished, our vacation is over, and our company has gone home, it was time to get a few made to list in my online shop.

Repurposed Tins Tiered Stand
I found 3 nesting tins at a yard sale, which were perfect for a triple-decker stand.  They such a pretty design on them.  I painted a salvaged piece from an oak table leg for the center spindle.
We used 2 metal colanders for this one – one with feet; one without.  The spindle is another section from the same table leg.
Repurposed Colanders and Tiered Stands
Both of these stands can be found in my shop HERE.  I picked up a cute antique coffee can the other day, and will look through my stash today, to find a bowl to pair it with for another stand, so hopefully, it will be available next week as well.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Repurposed Colanders and Tiered Stands


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  1. I love that three tier stand, one of your best!

  2. Angie, your stands are always so cute. The three tier with the pretty patterned tins is really pretty. I have several spindles painted for stands and hope to make some soon. Hope mine turn out half as pretty as yours.

    You know, maybe all these ‘happenings’ is not just ‘midlife “fog” brain’, but someone telling you to slow down and take it a little easy. I know that is hard when you have so much to do and you try to make every minute count.
    Audrey Z.

  3. I live an hour outside of Chicago and just spent two days on a mother/daughter Chicago weekend. 4 recent eighth grade graduates and their moms, shopping. Unfortunately it wasn’t the same as your fun shopping since I’m the only junker in the bunch! Glad it all worked out for you in the end.
    xo Kathleen

  4. Those tins kinda knocked my socks off! Glad you had a good trip with your family.

  5. I always enjoy your creations!

  6. beautiful ideas, always wanted one of those. Regards

  7. That sounds like you all had a fun trip, Angie. Your tiered stand creations are beautiful.
    Have a great Sunday!

  8. Angie,
    Love the tiered stands!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


  9. Love your very creative stands. Sounds like such a fun time on the road with your sons…good laughs and great memories.

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