Tiered Tray Decor 20+Farmhouse Ideas and Ideas Wanted

If you love tiered trays, you’re going to love these 20+ Farmhouse Tiered Tray Decor Ideas! I’ve made tiered tray stands for many years. Never could I have predicted they would become so popular! Most were made from old enamelware bowls, like this one. Some were a mixture of bowls and vintage pans, like this one. This one was made from vintage kitchen strainers. Here’s my Make Your Own Tiered Stand Tutorial. So it’s my pleasure to bring you 20+ {Read More}

More Farmhouse Style Tiered Stands

Farmhouse Style Tiered Stands Well, hello, tiered stands – I’ve missed you! It’s been a very long time since I’ve worked on any farmhouse style tiered stands. I love making them and have missed working on them, but I ran very low on my supply of bowls and spindles.  I finally built up enough supplies in my stash and my husband jumped in and helped me work on four new ones, since I’m still feeling a bit weak from when {Read More}

Make a Farmhouse Pedestal Stand

Do you know how to make a pedestal stand?  I love these things to pieces and have a few new ones that my husband and I finished this week! Not only do they look super farmhousey (yeah, I made that word up), but they earn their keep in the kitchen.  Since I have a serious shortage of counter space in my kitchen, everything has to be functional, and can’t just sit and look pretty. The first one we finished was made {Read More}

Make Your Own Tiered Stand Tutorial

Over the last several years, I’ve received lots of questions about the tiered stands my husband and I make, so I finally got around to photographing the steps for it so I could write up a tutorial, and show you how to make your own! I’ve seen these made different ways, usually using glue to hold the pieces together, but glue isn’t always the sturdiest thing, so we came up with what we think is a better method.

An Identity Crisis and more Tiered Stands

You’ve all seen my tiered stands before, so rather than talk too much about my latest batch, I want to address an issue you might be wondering about – am I going nuts? To clarify, if you are a regular reader of my blog, I’m sure you noticed that just about every time you visit, something looks different, and it looks like I’m having an identity crisis.  I’ll spare you the longggg story, but did want to explain what I’m doing, and ask {Read More}

Enamelware Pie Pan Pedestal Stand and a Beautiful Autumn Day

Any fellow lovers of vintage enamelware out there? Enamelware immediately makes me think of an old farmhouse kitchen, and I never walk away from a reasonably priced piece. Many are retired from cooking and baking service, because of their condition, and those are the ones that make their way home with me! …

Tiered Stand Serving Center

Did you think you’d seen the last of tiered stands from me?  Well, I hope not, because in the past, I’ve always shown my tiered stands as more of a decorative item, but with my most recent tiered stand, I wanted to show it as a decorative, but very useful piece to have. I picked up a set of vintage cake pans at an auction. I had no intention of baking cakes. What!

New Tiered Stands and What I Did {and did not} Do in Chicago

Yesterday, I went with two of my sons, for a whirlwind drive up to Chicago.  The older son sells specialty cheese at a Farmer’s Market in our town, and he needed to pick up hundreds of pounds of cheese in Chicago.  Between worrying about deer on the roads through the rural areas, and crazy drivers in Chicago, I didn’t want him to make the drive alone, so I packed up my computer and camera, thinking I’d get some work done {Read More}

Tiered Stands with Repurposed Bowls and Tins

Are you all sick to death of seeing our tiered stands?  I hope not, because my husband and I finished a few more of them for the shop, so I thought I’d show them to you.  I’m always searching for great-looking vintage bowls and pans, and save them up until I can put together the right combination to make a stand. Occasionally, I get lucky and find a set of bowls and pans that match, which makes the project easier. {Read More}

Repurposed Baking Pans Tiered Stands ~ Numbered Versions

My husband and I created a few new tiered stands this week, but I wanted to do something different to these than usual, so I added some numbers on them. We did a 3-tier version using old pie pans and a 2-tier version using square baking pans. I love using these numbers on things, especially because they are from an 1800’s sewing pattern that I previously shared with you here.  I just opened the image with my Silhouette software and {Read More}