A New Sign, a Bread Pan, a Lunch Box and more

I always have visions of summer being such a relaxing, laid-back time, but it never seems to work out that way.  It’s been a very fun summer, but busy enough that I’ve done very little work.  Over the last month, I’ve brought home quite a few neat things, but most of them have been sitting in a corner of my living room, I’m just now getting around to taking photos of them.
I found this bread pan at an antique store on our way home from vacation.  I rarely find bargains at antique stores, and this wasn’t one, but this was one of those times that I decided that even though I wouldn’t make a great profit selling it in my online shop, I would be happy to keep it if it didn’t sell.  These days, I seem to buy a lot of those type of items.  I have a hard time selling things I don’t love, so lots of things I love have made their way home with me, then have mixed emotions when they sell.  Such is the life, when you deal in antiques.
Antique Bread Pan via Knick of Time
I would be quite content to hang it in my kitchen and if was hung vertically, it could even be used as a spice rack.  It’s available here.
Antique Bread Pan via Knick of Time

A more recent find was this old produce crate.

Antique Produce Crate via Knick of Time

Two sides have this awesome, “Table Grapes” image.

Antique Produce Crate via Knick of Time

One end has this paper label.

Antique Produce Crate via Knick of Time

And the other end has an imprinted image.  I love that it can be displayed from different sides for different looks.  It’s available here.

Antique Produce Crate via Knick of Time

I also brought home two boxes full of old bottles.  I group any like colors together and sell them in sets.  This large set is available here.

Apothecary Bottles via Knick of Time

I love these pretty blue colored ones.  They are available here.

Apothecary Bottles via Knick of Time

I’ll be using some of the single bottles for other projects, like more bottle garlands, and this simple flower vase.  The wood shelf was one I made as a sample for my VBS class, but we ran out of time and weren’t able to make them.  It was the perfect size to hold the little bottle.  The bottle and shelf are available together here.

Apothecary Bottle Repurposed Flower Vase via Knick of Time
My husband and I finished another tiered stand.  This one has an enamelware bowl and antique coffee tin.  It’s available here.
Enamelware Bowl and Coffee Tin Tiered Stand via Knick of Time

This old lunch box was a nostalgia purchase.  I remember my dad carrying a metal lunch box to work, similar to this one.  I couldn’t resist making a “lunch” printable flashcard to display with it.

Vintage Lunch Box via Knick of Time

A customer sent me an image, and asked if I could turn it into a sign on a window.  I’ll admit, I failed 3 times before I got it done correctly.  I was totally ready to throw in the towel, but finally succeeded on the third try.   There is something about custom orders – they always seem to give me a hard time, which is why I don’t accept many of them, but I’m glad it finally turned out.
Salvaged Antique Window Sign via Knick of Time

Hopefully, the remainder of the summer will slow down a little and I’ll have more time to work on the long list of projects I have planned.


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  1. I would love to find one of those bread pansI think they’re neat!

  2. I feel EXACTLY the same way you do about my finds!! Right now I too have a room full of great finds I have to get to to list! I always buy things I love and wouldn’t mind if they don’t sell. I have a spot in my kitchen that I hang kitchen items for sale and it never fails that they sell from that spot! I especially love it when I find an item exactly like one I have so I don’t feel like I have to sell mine! I have so many things that I don’t want to part with.

  3. Hello Angie,
    you have ever so great ideas.
    Thank you for sharing.


  4. Love that bread pan! I have one just like it with no rust! I can actually bake bread in it.

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