Wooden Tray Makeover as Antique Crate

I bought a wooden tray a few weeks ago at a thrift store, and pulled it out recently to work on.  I batted around a few ideas of how I wanted to fix it up, and what popped into my head, was to make it look like the top of an old shipping crate.  I searched for inspiration on Google, and ebay, and then I found this antique crate on Etsy. The crate is from the same company as this {Read More}

A New Sign, a Bread Pan, a Lunch Box and more

I always have visions of summer being such a relaxing, laid-back time, but it never seems to work out that way.  It’s been a very fun summer, but busy enough that I’ve done very little work.  Over the last month, I’ve brought home quite a few neat things, but most of them have been sitting in a corner of my living room, I’m just now getting around to taking photos of them. I found this bread pan at an antique {Read More}

Salvaged Metal and Wood Sign, Answered Questions about the Guest Room & the Nightmare on the Other Side

A few weeks ago, I shared some industrial style inspiration I found while vacation. One of the things I fell in love with, was this sign made of corrugated metal and a wood frame.  I added it to my “must make” list of things to do when I got back home. I knew I had some corrugated metal (leftover from my guest room remodel), and my nephew gave me an antique wood frame, that he found in the abandoned house behind {Read More}

Milk and Cream and Beady Little Eyes

A few days ago, I was outside photographing another Milk & Cream Co. sign when my daughter came rushing up to me saying, “Hurry, take their photo before he flies away!” It constantly amuses me that this girl has always loved snakes, praying mantises, and even huge hissing bugs (and I have no idea what they were), yet she’s always been terrified of spiders – even daddy long-legs.  Her nickname has always been Miss Muffet for that reason. I see {Read More}

Antique Alphabet School Book Page Sign

I warned you a few days ago that I’m a slow learner, and all the troubles I had with my bakery sign didn’t teach me my lesson not to choose elaborate fonts to cut out on vinyl with my Silhouette machine.  I truly expected this project to be a failure and probably be a total waste of time, but I felt compelled to try it anyway. Here’s why.  I bought an adorable 1895 school primer.  It is filled with some {Read More}