Antique Farmhouse Inspired Horse Head Mount

Several years ago, I brought home a pitiful little antique rocking horse from an auction.

 My plan was to try to replace his missing and broken legs, strip off what was left of the loose veneer on the sides and repaint him, but I never got around to doing it.  Eventually, I did remove the rocking base, and used it to make an Apothecary Bottle Display, but the rest of it has just been hanging on a wall in my workshop, waiting for the inspiration to do something with it.

antique rocking horse via Knick of Time

That inspiration came when I saw this Horse Head Mount, offered by Antique Farmhouse.  There was suddenly hope for my little horse, and even though it was the wee hours of the morning, I got him out of the workshop, cleaned off the dirt that had accumulated, and started working on him.

Antique Farmhouse Horse Head Mount

It’s a good thing I live in the country and don’t have nearby neighbors, because I used our circular saw in the driveway, to cut the remainder of the base off, then drew a line and cut behind the “mane”.  Thankfully, my family slept through the noise.

Antique Rocking Horse Head

I used a sample pot of Valspar paint from Lowes, mixed with some Vintage Storehouse Restoration Co. Chalky Paint Powder (formerly Blue Minerals), and painted the head.  I left a little of the wood peeking through in a few areas.

Antique Farmhouse Inspired Horse Head Mount via Knick

I used my palm sander with course grit sandpaper to scuff up the paint in a few areas, to accent the scuffs and chips the wood had.

Antique Rocking Horse

Horse Folk Art

I love the folk art feel it has now, and am so glad to finally have found a way to use at least the front half of my little horse.  Who knows…I may do something with the tail end too!

Antique Farmhouse Horse Head Inspired Project by Knick of Time


The Vintage Storehouse Restoration Company

Antique Farmhouse Inspired Horse Head Folk Art via Knick of Time

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  1. Fabulous! I like yours better!

  2. I love it!

  3. When inspiration strikes … you gotta do it regardless of time of day. It really turned out nice. Can’t wait to see what you do with the rear section. I know you will think of something.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. It looks great, Angie! Good for you that there are no neighbors nearby and that your family is so noise resistant.

  5. Use what you have. Love your version, so clever.

  6. Love it Angie!

  7. What a great idea Angie!! I love it…will be keeping me eye out for forlorn ponies!!

  8. I LOVE HIM!!! I want one now! LOL though I’ll have to make mine from scratch… but that’s ok. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I love your horse head! So beautifully vintage!

  10. Such a great idea. I guess I’m not the only one having sleepless nights!


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