Repurposed Drawers into Wall Shelves

Last week, I showed you the trashed dresser that I turned into an entertainment center.  I didn’t use the top 2 drawers, because we needed their space for the DVD player and game system, but I wanted to find another use for them and repurposed drawers projects are some of my favorite projects, so I got busy with them.

Trashed Dresser

The inside of the drawers were pretty trashed, because the rain that had leaked through the roof and onto the dresser, had seeped into those top drawers.  It completely warped the bottom of the drawers, so I had to remove that part.

repurpose an old drawer

I used my heat gun (looks like a blow dryer) to remove the sheet music from the front, and the layer of veneer underneath, taking it down to the bare wood.  My husband cut both drawers to a shorter size, then cut a new piece of wood to go inside the bottom of the drawers.  I sanded the fronts, and thought about painting them, but decided to stain them first and am so glad I did.

drawer into shelf

The stain brought out the beauty in that old wood.  All that was needed then was 2 D-ring hangers on the back, and they make awesome hanging storage now.

Repurposed Drawer Storage Shelf by Knick of Time

I love the dovetail joints on these drawers and the warm color of the wood really shines against the white beadboard walls.

Repurposed Drawer Storage Shelf

My husband is finishing up the last project in our living room, then I’ll be cleaning everything up and photographing it.  Then I can finally share what my whole living room looks like, but here you can see I hung one of the drawers under the gallery wrapped canvas I made of our family photo.  It’s so nice to be able to check one more room in our house off the “must remodel” list. We do have smaller projects within rooms to work on, but only 1 room is left that needs a full remodel, and that’s mine!

Repurposed Wooden Drawer Wall Shelf

Repurposed Dresser Drawers into Farmhouse Style Wall Cubby Shelves  by Knick of Time |

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  1. that wood tone is beautiful! I’ve re-worked drawers into shelves before but never thought of cutting them down – great idea!

  2. Well Angie’s done it again – OMG – I LOVE this idea –
    They look gorgeous !
    Pinning now

  3. great little shelf … and that picture … just wonderful.
    Shelves like that would be very useful in a bathroom.

  4. That’s fantastic….as usual! Can’t wait to see the finished room, as I’m sure you are.

  5. So nice. I have a great spot that needs something like this. We’re moving my grandma’s (dad’s then mine) three drawer dresser out to our family room for the TV. One small drawer is being removed to put the electronic components. Think I’ll use your idea on that drawer and make a shelf for the living room. It’ll look great and help tie the two rooms together.
    Your posts are always enjoyable AND inspirational. Thanks. 🙂

  6. What a unique, great way to use those drawers. They look great!

  7. Beautiful, Angie! Such a great choice to stain the wood, too!

  8. Angie, you are the repurposer of all repurposers! I’ve never seen somebody who could use every single part of a vintage piece like you can. LOVE this!! Rock on girlfriend!!

  9. Angie, I love how this drawer shelf turned out. I like that you had your husband cut it down. I might have to try this!

  10. I love this! Such a creative idea that turned out great!

  11. Beautiful Angie!!

  12. Always love a great repurposing and this drawer is beautiful!

  13. This is so pretty and so much more unique than a plain old wall shelf. I love the gallery wrapped canvas as well, Angie!

  14. Angie, this drawer shelf idea is awesome!! Such a great way to repurpose and create something beautiful!! Lisa

  15. I love the idea of cutting the drawer down. You can also hang them on a wall with the bottom of the drawer flat against the wall. Love the curve of your drawer. My only negative thought was why didn’t you stain the ends? It would make it look so much more finished. I collect treadle sewing machine drawers and hang them in all directions depending on the prettiest side or end.

  16. What a great idea! Turned out beautifully!

  17. I really love this project Angie! So original and unexpected! I’ve featured it on my FB page. Thanks for linking up to Party Junk this past weekend!

  18. Adorable. I love it esp with the glass jars in there. Looks great.

  19. Well, you surfaced again. I’m so drawn to that drawer in a mad kinda way… 🙂 You’re also in Party Junk this weekend!

  20. Karen Pryce says

    I so love your re used and up cycled stuff, i love this idea with the draw, How may i ask did you attach it to the wall? as i am a renter i am always looking for new ideas for storage or shelves that i can make or use without damaging the walls etc….

  21. What a gorgeous project! What brand and color stain did you use?

  22. What a great idea!!! I have several old drawers that I could do this with, you are so crafty!!!

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