Tea Towel Display Shelf Christmas Upcycle

In this post: A Tea Towel Display Shelf Christmas Upcycle We’ve been cleaning out the living room in preparation for the crowd that will be here for Christmas.  One of the things that went away with the purge is my antique piano turned into a desk.  Honestly, I wasn’t using it as a desk because I do almost all of my work in my bathtub on my bathtub tray table or the farmhouse kitchen table.  Don’t be shocked, but I asked my husband {Read More}

Visiting Family +10 Fresh Farmhouse Style Decor Ideas

10 Fresh Farmhouse Style Decor Ideas to Renew Your Space We got home from helping our son and his wife move to New Mexico almost 2 weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to share a few photos ever since.  I also have a great round-up of farmhouse style decor ideas because I know it’s fun to update the look in our home with fresh ideas.

Farmhouse Style DIY Decor Made with Salvaged Wood

A farmhouse wooden swing shelf, plus a collection of 13 DIY decor projects all made from salvaged wood. A few years ago, I made an Old-Fashioned Swing out of salvaged wood. On cool summer mornings when the birds are chirping, it’s the most relaxing thing in the world to pretend I’m a kid again, without a care in the world, and swing to my heart’s content. PIN IT! I looked out my front door at it a few days ago, and {Read More}

Metal Pallet Repurposed into Wall Shelf

Whoever first said that patience is a virtue, clearly never had the coolest metal pallet sitting right in their own driveway, but they couldn’t use it! Let me back up a little… My husband brought it home months ago, but never mentioned it to me. It took awhile for me to even notice it was sitting there, because he had stacked a small mountain of wood pallets on it. Little by little, that mountain started getting smaller in size, as we used {Read More}

Repurposed Drawers

These 3 drawers came from a totally trashed desk that I bought about 4 years ago.  The desk is too messed up to do anything with, so I was the only bidder on it, and I never pass up old drawers that I can get a good deal on – there’s just too many great ways to reuse them.

Old Wooden Cubby and Exciting Announcement!

I have an exciting announcement that I think you’ll love, but first (don’t you hate “but firsts?”), I want to show you this beautiful old wooden cubby unit.

Repurposed Drawers and Crates for Craft Supplies

Does anyone else have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after Christmas?  I feel like until I get all the decorations and the tree taken down, it’s hard to do much else, but I did work on a little organizational project today. When we “remodeled” one wall in the kitchen to install an oven range hood (seen here), and removed the little crates that held my spices, I wanted to find a new use for them. {Read More}

Futon Frame turned Chalkboard Shelf

This chalkboard shelf was another one of those, “it almost ended up in a landfill” projects.  My daughter had a metal futon bed, which she loved, but somehow, the bottom of the frame got bent, and the bent part was miserably uncomfortable on her back.  We had another futon in the back room that my son used over the summer, but since he went back to college, my husband took her futon out, and replaced it with the other one.  He {Read More}

Salvage Wood Shadow Box Shelf – 2 Variations – a SALVAGE STYLE EVENT, Link Party & Pin Board

All you salvage lovers out there – this one’s for you!  Today, I’m joining forces with 8 other gals, who are masters at turning junk into gems, for a Salvage Style event, and YOU are invited to participate!

Repurposed Drawers into Wall Shelves

Last week, I showed you the trashed dresser that I turned into an entertainment center.  I didn’t use the top 2 drawers, because we needed their space for the DVD player and game system, but I wanted to find another use for them and repurposed drawers projects are some of my favorite projects, so I got busy with them.