Futon Frame turned Chalkboard Shelf

This chalkboard shelf was another one of those, “it almost ended up in a landfill” projects.  My daughter had a metal futon bed, which she loved, but somehow, the bottom of the frame got bent, and the bent part was miserably uncomfortable on her back.  We had another futon in the back room that my son used over the summer, but since he went back to college, my husband took her futon out, and replaced it with the other one.  He took her futon out by our garage, and planned to haul it away.  I walked by it a few times, and kept thinking there should be something I could do with at least some of it – especially the rounded sides of the frame.  The more I looked at it, the more I could see how easy it would be to turn the flat black part into a chalkboard.  I’m sure my husband wasn’t thrilled that he had carried the thing outside, only for me to drag it back in again…but he’s learned to just accept that if I think there’s any chance of finding a new use for something, I’ll attempt it.

repurposed futon frame

I cut a piece of wood that was salvage from a door frame to make a shelf for it, and attached that to the futon frame with brackets.

futon frame chalkboard with shelf

I brush-painted chalkboard paint over the flat black part, and used a strip from a vintage tape measure to cover the holes where the seating part had been attached to it.  There’s a little “lip” on the chalkboard area, that can act as a tray to hold chalk.

futon bed frame chalkboard

A few D-ring hangers got added to the back, and it was done!

repurposed futon frame into chalkboard

I listed this one in my shop, because I still have the other side to create another one.  It’s available here.

repurposed futon bed frame chalkboard

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  1. Genius! Wish I could figure out what to do with the four posts left over from an old cannonball waterbed. Two are tall and two are short. I keep wanting to make a table and use them as legs but the short ones are too short. It’ll come to me one of these days. 😉

  2. This is so creative, Angie…what a wonderful way to reuse this piece! Looks beautiful, too!

  3. You are so creative Angie … that turned out really nice.
    Repurposing is so much fun.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. This is amazing…I just love how you put such disparate things together and created such a unique and useful piece of art. You deserve hundreds of positive comments on this project!

  5. Brenda Eachon says

    Cute shelf. Where did you get the brackets?

  6. That is super cool Angie, I love how your creative mind works!

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