Tin Cans and Texas Sky

How many empty tin cans can a person save, before they are considered a hoarder?  Whatever that number is, I think I’m getting dangerously close to reaching it.  When there are more empty cans on the shelves in the pantry than full ones, that should be a red flag that I have a tin can obsession.

 I’ve been stockpiling empty tin cans for months now, knowing I wanted to make another tin can wall organizer, like the one I made to hold all my paintbrushes, rulers, etc. (seen here), and I have way more than I need, but I hate to get rid of something that’s so useful.  I was in the dollar store buying tissue paper last week, and spotted some really pretty packs of napkins, with butterflies, script handwriting, and old postmarks, and I knew I’d found the perfect pretty for at least a few of my tin cans!

tin can wall organizer

 I picked 3 assorted size cans and spray painted them white.  Once it dried, I brushed a coat of school glue mixed with a little water around the sides, then lined up the napkin with the base of the can.  You can see the napkins weren’t wide enough to go all the way around the can, so I cut a strip from another napkin to fill the space.

napkin decoupage on tin can

 There was excess napkin at the top of the can, so I just trimmed it, leaving about 2 inches, and brushed more glue inside the can, then folded it inside the can.  Once that was done, I just brushed another coat of glue/water over the whole can, as a protective coat.

decoupage napkins on tin cans

I used a perfectly chippy piece of wood that was salvaged from an old door, and just screwed the cans onto the wood, from the inside of the cans.  I put D-ring hangers on the back to hang it by.

decoupaged tin cans


Well, that uses up 3 cans.  I just need to make one of these for every member of my extended family, and I might make a dent in my stash.

My parents have been visiting for the last two weeks, and I made a bit of a last-minute decision to ride back to New Mexico with them, along with my youngest son.  He was really young when we moved from New Mexico to Missouri 9 years ago, so he has no memory of going to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, and I wanted him to get to experience the beauty of watching a mass ascension of hundreds of hot air balloons, directly from the field they take off from.  Hopefully, I’ll have some nice photos to share with you of the event when we return.

Right now, I’m stiff and sore, from riding cramped in their back seat since 5:30 this morning.  A good deal of our drive is spent driving through some very barren areas,  but we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset, just as we were crossing the border into the Texas panhandle.  The silhouettes of passing telephone poles and train signals looked so lovely against the watercolor sky.

Texas sky at dusk

It’ll be the wee hours of the morning before we arrive, so I’m hoping the remainder of our drive is uneventful, and that my dad will be able to stay alert.

Texas sunset

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  1. Love the tin cans! And of course, this Texan loves that Texas sunset.

  2. So simple, but so beautiful! What a great project–now I can use up some of MY tin cans 🙂 I’m hoping my dollar store has napkins as nice as the ones you found–

  3. I love this project, Angie! I’ve been hoarding pretty napkins for projects for awhile now…I better start hoarding cans now, too, lol. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful, memory-making time with your son and parents!

  4. Love this one, Angie!

  5. Angie, I really liked your kitchen organizer and now this one I love even more. I’m saving cans starting today! Would love this for my paintbrushes but now I’m thinking maybe in the bathroom for makeup and makeup brushes too. Also, I’m looking forward to your pictures from the balloon festival. I’ve heard of this but I’ve never been anywhere out west. My husband has, and we’ve discussed a trip so I can’t wait to see your pictures. Have a great time with your family.

  6. Great project! I used those same napkins for a recent project myself. Gotta love a dollar!

  7. Such a wonderful project ! This would dress up the yard fence, but would the glue coat be protective enough to survive outside? Thank you Angie!

  8. Thanks for the great idea! We’ve decoupaged recycled cans for pencil and craft supplies before, but I never thought to mount them onto a board as an organizer. I think we’ll look for some “guy-friendly” papers and my daughters will make them for their granddads for Christmas.

  9. Really pretty Angie … looks so good with that chippy board.
    Love the sky pictures. Be safe.

  10. These are beautiful! What a wonderful idea-pinning !
    I would love if you share your tins with my party -Big Autumn Bash:


  11. What a great, creative idea for tin cans! I love how your mind thinks!

  12. WOW just found you,great idea I work for a pre-school and have been saving large cans, now I (CAN) get started with some wonderful new projects! Thanks A friend in sunny Calif..

  13. Jann Olson says

    Angie, love this! The napkins are perfect. I am going to the Dollar Store on Fri. Hoping they have these. Guess I’ll pull that can out of the garbage that I just threw away tonight. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Thank you so much for linking up with Big Autumn Bash !
    Your project has been featured 🙂

  15. Love these! Very cool!

  16. So cute! I am doing this now! Is the painting in step 1 necessary since it will be covered by the paper napkins?

  17. I have those exact same napkins! I bought them for a future craft project……I love yours!


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