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I’m so excited to be joining forces again, with the Junkers United team.

DIY easy tin can kitchen and storage wall organizer - KnickofTime.net

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I’m Angie, the author behind Knick of Time and owner of the Knick of Time online market.  
You can see all my Repurposed projects HERE and view the progress of our farm country home remodel HERE.
For this event, I created a project that is easy, very useful, and you’re likely to have the few needed supplies already available in your home.  I’ve been saving tin cans of all sizes, “just in case” I needed them for a project.  You never know when you’ll need an empty tin can, right?  Well, what I needed was a place to store some crafting supplies, like paintbrushes, screwdrivers, scissors, etc.  I use these things constantly, so I wanted to come up with a way to store them that keeps them off my counter, but easily accessible, so I came up with a repurposed tin can wall organizer.
Recycled tin can organizer by Knick of Time | knickoftime.net
Now, some of you might not want paintbrushes and screwdrivers on display in your home, but I’m going to show you why you might want to make one too.
When company comes over, take the “junk” out of the cans, put a glass of water inside them, and it becomes a wall flower display.    The variety of textures of the old wood, book pages, and flowers looks beautiful all together.
Recycled tin can organizer by Knick of Time | knickoftime.net

So…let’s get started!  Grab some clean tin cans in assorted sizes.  Make sure there are no sharp edges.

Recycled tin can organizer by Knick of Time | knickoftime.net

Now, remove some pages from a junk book – I used a beat up old dictionary, but any book (or scrapbook paper) would work.

Recycled tin can organizer by Knick of Time | knickoftime.net
I mixed some white glue with a little bit of water and “painted” the glue onto my cans, then adhered the pages onto the cans, and let them dry (or blow dry them to speed it up).  I painted another layer of the glue mixture over the pages to seal and protect them. then let them dry well.

Recycled tin can organizer by Knick of Time | knickoftime.net

To give the top and bottom of the cans a finished look, I hot-glued some twill tape around them.

Recycled tin can organizer by Knick of Time | knickoftime.net

I drilled two holes in each can and screwed the cans onto a piece of old wood I had in my wood scrap stock, but you could also use a new board, and either paint or stain it.

Recycled tin can organizer by Knick of Time | knickoftime.net

Rather than just line the cans in a row on the wood, I wanted a more dimensional look, so I attached the smallest can to the front of one of the larger cans by drilling 2 small holes in the back of the small can, and into the larger can, so I could twist some wire to hold it in place.  I also put some E-6000 glue between the cans, so it would be nice and sturdy.  I added 2 D-ring hangers to the back and it was done!
Recycled tin can organizer by Knick of Time | knickoftime.net
One of these organizers is not going to be enough, because I also need more storage in my kitchen for cooking/baking utensils, and it is perfect!  It doesn’t take up much space, keeps my utensils close at hand. and looks great in my home.  Who knew a humble tin can could be so useful?!
tin can organizer kitchen storage

Have fun making your own repurposed tin can organizer!

Repurposed Tin Can Office or Kitchen Organizer | #KnickofTime #tincan #repurpose #reuse #upcycle #organize | knickoftime.net Now take a look at all the projects created by the rest of the Junkers United team!

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  1. Angie,

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Love the detailing on the cans….you are brilliant!

    So happy to be partying with you today!

  2. Angie, only you could make a tin can sing like these. You have such an outstanding eye for detail. I adore every one of your setups and hope to emulate this when I’m further along with my own junk styled office! LOVE this!

  3. These are amazing–so easy, but so useful. Trust me, I will be copying this!

  4. You always have such great ideas and projects, Angie. These repurposed cans look so at home in your vintage and rustic kitchen! Love them.

  5. I love tin cans too – so versatile – and cheap! loved how you made them dimensional and just didn’t line them up…brilliant!

  6. I love the dictionary cans so much I want to make some tomorrow! Great job Angie!

  7. Oh man I love junking with reclaimed wood!!! My favs!

  8. I have some covered cans that I use for storage but I REALLY like how you hung them all together (mine just sit on a shelf) and I really like the twill tape idea, too! BEautiful!
    oh – and I REALLY love your giveaway!!

  9. Love your tin can organizer! I’m going to make one tomorrow!!

  10. I love this project. I have just the perfect bit of odd leftover wall in my kitchen that really needs a bit of storage space. I am so going to copy it and use it! I love the versatility of it. Oh and you make it look so easy and so pretty too!

  11. What a cute idea. I love it. You always amaze me with the things you come up with. I too have tin cans sitting in my office /sewing room but this is so much better. Off to get my drill and screws. Great giveaway. Thanks.

  12. I love the can idea and the way you hung them. So many ideas so little time! Than you for the opportunity to win this fabulous box of junk.

  13. what a great idea this is! trying to enter your giveaway but not seeing the gadget ???

  14. Cool and I’ve saved some cans for my fairy garden, now I can do this too!

  15. Oh, the junk I could make from your junk! I get lost in your blog whenever I visit. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  16. LOVE this idea!!

    I create stuff with all types of old & found objects..I love to reduce, re-use, recycle & re-purpose lol..Thanks for the chance to win!! I’d love that!

  17. Fabulous junking project Angie. I’d love to win the stash of junky junk!

  18. LOVE your tin can organizer/ vases, Angie. The box of crafty junk would be so fun to play with! Thanks for the great party, ladies!

  19. Love this as well as everything you do. I check your bog daily for new ideas. You are unbelievably creative and talented. Keep your uniqueness coming. The give away is wonderful

  20. Love this as well as everything you do. I check your bog daily for new ideas. You are unbelievably creative and talented. Keep your uniqueness coming. The give away is wonderful

  21. LOVE this! It’s so fun to gather ideas from others who see the beauty in ‘junque’! 🙂
    I have covered picture frames with old pages… now ON TO CANS!!

  22. I am so inspired by your projects giving new life to old wooden bits and pieces. I have started haunting the thrift shops (and my husband’s workshop) searching out odd bits of furniture, frames and silver trays to paint! So much fun! Thank you!

  23. Angie this has my wheels spinning. I’ve been saving some interesting cans for I didn’t know what, and I have some old encyclopedias and sheet music too. I just wonder…. yup I’m thinking hard on this, my son’s room perhaps where he has no storage for little things.

  24. Such a great idea Angie!! I think I might have to do something similar for my daughters art stuff. I have a vintage children’s dictionary that would be FUN. Thanks!! So fun to party with you again 🙂

  25. This is awesome…this ieahas jumped right to the top of my to-do list!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. Anonymous says

    My favorite “junk” is sewing “junk:” fabric scraps, buttons, trims, etc. I also like old maps & worn-out books.

  27. I love repurposing with old and unique woods, metals, fabric and paper. Junk is so inspiring and I enjoy seeing all of the ideas you share!

  28. Anonymous says

    I Love this, pinned it for my daughters new kitchen, she always wants me to make something for her! I too have been saving cans just in case!

  29. I create with everything and anything… but you already know that! I love, love your giveaway Angie!

  30. Hey this is an awesome idea. I found you on Pinterest. I have recently taken up using tin cans as a base for junk chimes. But I loooove this. My grandma gave me her old encyclopedia collection so I will be doing this for my kitchen. 🙂 keep up the awesomeness.

  31. This has so many fun uses and it’s just plain adorable. 🙂
    Love your box of goodies…I ‘d love to sort thru all your junk!

  32. sorry about removing my comment above….i got so excited i didn’t read the question! i love to do assemblages and collage….but more than anything, i adore the beauty of each little thing i find that it stands on its own and i use it in vignettes around my home. each old thing just speaks to me because it carries its own history…..its own life. i can’t explain it other than that. the something vintage was once loved or cherished by someone else and the fact that it survives…..and then lets me love or cherish it….makes it immortal. and you are my muse and i thank you for all your wonderful inspiration. this sweet collection you want to give away makes my whole heart and mind stutter with possibility. thank you for an amazing giveaway. such sweet generosity. angelheartcottage@comcast.net

  33. Great Idea.

  34. I love to create with old jewelry

  35. Lately I have become obsessed with creating things with old hardware like rusty hinges and old tools. My latest projects are creating bird houses and feeders with old enamelware pots and pans. I was almost salivating when I seen the trove of goodies in the photo.

  36. I love using old rusty bedsprings!!!

  37. My, oh my… what would I do with all that stuff? Not sure, but it would be fun finding out! -margfretwell60@gmail.com

  38. This is great! I love to create with FREE found items. I have a couple of windows I would love to transform. 🙂

  39. Awesome idea! I have to make one for my kitchen! Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  40. I love all the junque ideas! Thanks for the chance to win vintage fun.

  41. Lovely. I pinned so I could try at a later time. Not sure how to enter in giveaway. Would love to have a chance at this great giveaway. I follow you everyway possible. Thanks Angie

  42. Such a great project! Thank you for a chance to win your awesome giveaway!

  43. I could not find the gadget link????

  44. Love the box-o-vintage. I collect old folding rulers and love rusty old hardware.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Love this idea. I have so many oatmeal containers that I can’t throw away. Am inspired by your project to make something like this!

  47. Anonymous says

    There is no such thing as bad junk, its all good!! I love yardsticks, faucet handles, old jewelry parts/pieces, anything rusty & crusty.

  48. There is no such thing as bad junk, its all good!! I love yardsticks, faucet handles, old jewelry parts/pieces, anything rusty & crusty.

  49. I like wood. And door handles. My favorite is architectural salvage.

  50. scrap wood, glass jars, wire, beads, whatever I can find and put together. love this idea for the garage workbench too. thanks 🙂

  51. Fab idea! Love it 🙂 We are just starting to broach the junk world, so this is exciting!

  52. Just when I thought there were no new ideas for using a tin can!! This is so cute, I pinned it and will start saving my cans again. Love the picture with the flowers.

  53. Thanks for hosing!

  54. I love this project….old books, storage, junk style….how can you go wrong?

  55. I love tin can projects! I like using wire, paper, boxes, and things found from nature–twigs, rocks, acorns, etc. But I save lots of junk just in case I’m inspired to create.

  56. I love to use old parts of games, books, wood, etc. I love your tin can organizer!

  57. This will look great in my history classroom. Cover the tins with Declaration of Independence and The Constitution and sit on my ladder shelf next to my enamel top table I use for a desk. Pens, pencils, scissors, and markers will become accessories rather than just necessities.

  58. I like to find different and unusual pieces and use them in my decor. I have a more traditional decorating style, but love to add the old and vintage pieces into it to give it a cozy feel.

  59. Neat idea–would love this idea in a craft room–if I had one! Some day……

  60. I love the tin can organizer!! I’ve done ones sitting on the table but never attached to a board. An AHA moment.

  61. Yvonne Charters says

    I love using old wood, especially barn wood, and recently started to collect driftwood, so my daughter and I will be creating some tables and coat racks out of them.

  62. I love odd shaped things, whether it be Animal, Vegetable and/or Mineral. There is so much out there to explore and reuse. I now try to not have to buy anything other than glue and thats only if flour paste won’t do!

  63. Awesome idea!!

  64. Awesome idea!!

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. I love re purposing with any cool junk I can get my hands on! Wow Angie, I so love this tin can project what a great adorable organizational idea.. definitely pinned this for my followers! How could I have missed such a great party before today? Looking forward to hopping around to all the great junk posts!

  67. I like to work with anything I can scrounge from the basement of my house, my parent’s house or what I find as I’m walking the dog. (Picked up a beautiful butter knife the other day by the railroad tracks.Strange but exciting.)

  68. I like to work with anything that would end up in the trash/landfill if not repurposed.

  69. Angie,
    Another neat idea from you…love it! Like how you added the trim to finish it off. Would love to enter the giveaway, but I don’t see where I sign up for it.


  70. What a neat and very cheap but VERY AWESOME idea!!! I think I’m adding this to my LONG list of DIY junk projects. My husband and I are true Junkers! We rescue what some think as junk and I create jewelry and he makes yard art.
    So glad i discovered your blog!

  71. Old rusty items is what I like the best. It all began with my 97-year-old grandpa’s old rusty tools (he never threw anything away). I recently found a rusty horse shoe on the land – it used to be a horse farm. Love these sorts of treasures!

  72. I love this Angie! I have a drawer full of cans just waiting to be put to use and now I am inspired. Your giveaway is fabulous too, so many fun goodies!

  73. I remember growing up and constantly going through our “junk drawer”. It was full of amazing things and some boring ones too! I questioned my Mom about the things I would find and she would answer me while she was working in the kitchen. Great memories! The things I love to use in projects are old thread spools, measuring tape and clothes pins!

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  75. Love the tin can idea! I’ll have to start saving some ~
    Thank you for the chance to win your ‘junk’ give-away ~ sounds like I could have ALL kinds of fun!!

  76. Lisa Bryant says

    I’m trying to find the link to enter the give-a-way. I’m missing something because I cannot find the “gadget”. Please enter me. Thank you!

  77. Hi Angie, love your tin can wall organizer – how creative is that! Thanks for hosting the party and wishing you a Happy Easter.
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

  78. Beautiful organizer Angie! I like using old hardware for crafting.

  79. What an absolutely fabulous organizing idea! I love to decorate my garden with old and rusty junk. I love the contrast of the rusty metal with fresh growing green things and flowers; and if I can make a flower “pot’ out of it, even better!

  80. lol almost broke my finger scrolling down to leave a message..i am new came from home talk wow love those cans i just had a conversation with my daughter she like the concept but not the dict pages gosh can she really be my child lol i love them we will see who wins on this one lol…then when i saw the box of junk i almost swooned wow i hope who ever wins appreciates wht the have xx

  81. I love your projects and can’t wait to see what you do next =)

  82. Sheryle G says

    Anything rusty and old!

  83. I like old farm equipment and tools

  84. I don’t see the gadget either…but I love the pic of all the wonderful “junk” – truly treasures describes it better! Anything old is so much fun! And the tin can organizer is such a gorgeous DIY idea – thanks for sharing! I have added it to my to-do list!

  85. I love to take old thrift shops items and repurpose them. Also like to take boxes and make 3D collages. Like to use old Crackerjack charms with my art.

  86. So much inspiration here. Love the box of vintage goodies. I shared on FB.

  87. I love creating with vintage ribbon, clock pars, broken jewelry and other bits and pieces. Love your blog!

  88. I love that idea! I’ve always loved repurposing cans but haven’t made something like that… yet anyway!

  89. I’m a teacher and I love to use recycled books, maps, frames, etc. I love your blog!

  90. Love creating with anything vintage that makes you wonder what it was used for or who used it! Love old cameras, watches, door knobs, rulers, books & cards for just a few!

  91. I love creating things with letters that I get from old games from the thrift store!

  92. I love using keys and other do-dads I find when snooping through antique shops or garage sales.

  93. We’ve made many a shelf out of old door panels, then used the hinges and knobs to make wind chimes. We’ve turned beds into benches and tailgates into hinged counters that can be lifted to the wall when not in use. There is no useless junk at our house!!

  94. Love to repurpose…thanks for the ideas.

  95. I love using old wood and rusty nails!

  96. I love creating with anything I can get my hands on or is given to me: old quilts, fabrics, vintage cemetary fencing, wood, metal; if it has a past, I want to recreate it’s future!

  97. I have a soft spot for repurposing anything old into some sort of storage container. I have pen, pencils, etc in jugs, sugar bowls, glasses, etc. Old, handmade tool boxes make the best storage containers and don’t get me started about all the ways to display flowers. Thanks for your ideas, you remind me that there are others out there who love old things and repurposing.

  98. I absolutely love your project! I hope I win the awesome goodies!

  99. I love to repurpose old furniture

  100. Love this!! I have a box full of old yardsticks that I want to create with……..this makes my tumblers move!!! Something soon I hope!!!

  101. Thanks for hosting this fun party, Angie…I’m having fun browsing the great projects!
    Happy Easter to you!

  102. Love love love all your wonderful goodies & ideas Angie! Also love taking any kind of “old junk & making it new again. Thanks for all you do!

  103. I like to create with wood the best, although I do ewnjoy trying a lil this n that too m! The cans turn out great ! thank you for the chance of winning in your giveaway too

  104. What a wonderful box full of things to ‘play’ with! It would certainly be fun to see what the winner does with them.

  105. What I like to create with is mostly buttons, lace and rhinestones, some wood boxes and wood rulers
    thanks for a chance to win some of your treasures
    fingers crossed for me LOL

  106. I love creating with vintage “odds and ends”. Love reading your blog, you are so talented.

  107. I like to find stuff at the Hosparus thrift store or the ReStore to use in crafting. It is wonderful to reuse something and make it into something new to love!

  108. I haven’t done much creating yet, but I’m obsessed with numbers, text and rusty bits.

  109. I luv working with junk! Old barn wood, old books, vintage fabrics, pallet wood, etc. I like your idea a lot & I will be making one this week for sure!

  110. Love the can storage and your giveaway!!

  111. So pretty – and practical, too–my favorite combination. I love crafting with anything and everything metal.

  112. Great project, I love it when we can recycle AND make something useful and beautiful at the same time!


  113. Hi Angie, I love to create with found or bought items. I even leave out curiosity baskets around with things I have purchased. My friends and family love to come over to see and guess what I have found now. I am an art doll maker, so things I find, I use to make dolls. I would love to explore your garage or win the box of goodies!

  114. Like you, I like to tinker with a lot of different materials.

  115. Just discovered your blog this week, and love it! 🙂
    Would love to win your giveaways as well. Happy Easter!

  116. I adore your tin can organizer! Just brilliant! I am totally coveting your giveaway, ohhhh, the antique door locks, rusty wheels, old hinges, square peg nails, wooden spools & antique music pages, my mind is spinning with possibilities! 🙂

  117. what a lovely project, I wish I had larger kitchen walls, mine have long cupboards that give me very little wall space. Of course this would be a cute idea modified in any room!

  118. Old rulers, wood and maps!

  119. Anonymous says

    I like to use anything that has a little use on it, you know? I’m so happy to have found your blog!
    Kay S

  120. Angie … Love your tin can organizer .. great idea … thanks for sharing and being one to host this party where junkers unite.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  121. Awesome giveaway for the DIYer – vintage style! Thanks for the offer. Euroangela@aol.com

  122. How do you prevent the sharp edges where the top is cut off?

  123. Great thought! I have alot of old pages and music and there is always a need for organization! Thanks, Tootsie

  124. I can do this! What a great idea. It would be a perfect place to display vintage utensils too! Thanks so much!

  125. I love this project! Love the detail you used in the decorations! I’m asking people to share their tin can projects on my blog this month at a monthly Create With Me party and I would LOVE if you stopped by and shared 🙂 Lindi @ Love Create Celebrate

  126. Good afternoon!
    Can I use a photo from your blog site for entertainment, unsold.
    The post on the site will include information on the use of cans in the home.
    Active link to your site will necessarily be available.

    I ask permission for photos, which are stored in tin dishes at this link.

    Many thanks!

  127. Hopefully I’d be as awesome as you someday

  128. Gгeetings frlm Colorado! I’m bored to tears att work
    sоo I decided too check out yⲟur site on my iphone during llunch break.
    I love thе іnformation youu proovide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get
    homᥱ. I’m amazed at how quick your blog loaded on my phone ..
    I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, great Ƅlog!


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