An Antique Mirror Makeover, Rusty Old Ice Skates, and a Special Visit

Last week I had a little time to kill while I was in town, so I made a quick trip into an antique store.  I spotted this little antique mirror in the window display.  Sorry about this awful photo – I took it at night, after I’d removed the mirror.  The original dark black paint hid the pretty carved details in the frame, and the paint was looking worse for the wear anyway, so I decided to give it a little makeover. antique mirror

I didn’t take any “in the process” photos – because all I did was paint it and distress it a little with sandpaper.  Normally, I would paint something like this white, so it will match most any decor, but I decided a pop of color would look really pretty, so I used the same mint green color that I had made to match the antique stove in our kitchen.  I used that paint to make a rustic recipe card holder, that I shared at the Best of DIY party event (seen HERE).

The light distressing after painting it, was just enough to let some of the black peek through, which really accented the details.

carved frame antique mirror

I absolutely love finding mirrors that have “ghost marks” on them – it just adds to the vintage character.

While I’d love to keep this mirror, I don’t really need it in my kitchen, and the green wouldn’t fit in any other room in my house, so I’ve listed it in my shop HERE.

Antique Mirror

I also found a rusty old pair of antique metal ice skates.

antique ice skates

  I took them down my gravel road, to take their photo with a pretty red barn in the background.  They look like someone hung them on the fence, many years ago, and forgot them, don’t they?

They are available in my shop HERE.

antique ice skates

I had a special treat today.  I got to meet up with one of my blog readers for lunch.  I met Julie recently when we attended the same auction.  She bought a horse trailer and I bought a bunch of rusty junk and some cool farmhouse style decor (see more about my auction finds HERE).

As most of you know, I live in the country, and this auction was in a tiny little town down the road from me, with a population of about 100-some people, so meeting anyone who knows me would have been a stretch, but meeting up with one of my blog readers was a real long-shot.

We connected by email after that.  She assured me she wasn’t stalking me (which I was’t worried about!), and I assured her, that should she ever come to visit my home, it will look NO WHERE near as clean as it is in my photos.  That kind of cleanliness only occurs on photo shoot day!  With those assurances made, we made plans to meet.

We met for lunch in an 1800’s opera house, that was restored and converted into a restaurant.  It has the kind of old brick walls, and gorgeous old ceiling tiles that I love.  Julie loves the same restaurant, and we had a wonderful visit.   We went across the street to her friend’s shop (where I asked her friend to snap this photo).  We both love the same type of old “junk” and we could relate to each other right away, so it wasn’t an awkward visit at all, and I look forward to getting together with her again.  It’s so nice to be able to put a face to someone who I didn’t even know read my blog until recently, and who I probably never would have met if it weren’t for this blog.

Knick of Time

Wheww…this is a long post, but if you missed the announcement last night, I’m kicking off a 12 Days of Christmas marathon starting tomorrow evening (Nov. 20th).  I’m feverishly working on my projects and printables for this event.  Only 3 are completed and photographed at this moment, so wish me luck and join me for the kick-off tomorrow evening!

12 Days of Christmas

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  1. I love this post, Angie! We meet so many wonderful friends through our blogs! I would never have thought to paint the mirror that color…but I love it! Really does bring the detail to life with the distressed finish!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that mirror!! Great makeover. AND a great photo of the ice skates, yes they do look like they’ve been there for a very long time. Hugs,

  3. This summer I got a visit from a Wisconsin blogger that has become friends. She is from Hull and what a surprise to have a new friend that normally I would not even know if not for my blog. What is the name of this store you were in…I am assuming you were in Camp Point.

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