Farmhouse Meets Industrial Wall Bins

Obviously, farmhouse style is my favorite style, but if I had a 2nd home, I would go a totally different direction with it.  Should living in the country ever become too much work to maintain as my husband and I get older, I dream of finding an old building in a downtown district – one with brick walls, exposed metal pipes and wood floors – loaded with industrial style.

Since I can’t have both, I have to find ways to introduce industrial style in my farmhouse style home, without the two styles clashing.  Thankfully, old wood and old metal make great partners, and right now, I have a fair amount of both in my workshop, so I put together another set of wall bins that look like a blend of my favorite two styles.

Wall bins with Farmhouse Industrial Style

It’s similar to the first set I made ( seen here),  but instead of adding numbers to the metal parts, I decided to paint a little leaf motif on them – the same one I used in my blog header.  It’s a really simple looking design, which is why I like it, but it adds a bit of a feminine element to the very industrial looking metal parts.

leaf border

repurposed metal bins

I loved the shape of these bins, and the welded tabs around the edges.

industrial repurposed metal bins

I’ve listed this set in my shop (HERE), bur fortunately, I have more bins and old wood, so I plan to make another one to put in my kitchen.

On a side note, it’s been quite a while since I listed any Grain Sack Fabric Wall Pockets in my shop, but when my mom was here visiting over the summer, she sewed up a new batch of them for me, and I’m finally getting around to painting embellishments on them.  Right now, I just have this one available in my shop (HERE), but I hope to get a few more listed soon.

grain sack wall pocket

grain sack wall pocket

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  1. I love the look of farmhouse mixed with industrial…they go together well! The little touch of feminine paint is charming, Angie!

  2. Love the new wall bins! I think I need some in our work room! 🙂

  3. Awesome! Once again, we are on the same page with the cool downtown buildings!! Love those bins 🙂 Im super excited for tomorrow soul sister!! Haha!

  4. I always love all your great ideas and finds, Angie. They give me a new way of looking at things when I’m out and about. I know I would otherwise have missed some great opportunities.

  5. Love the wood and metal bins! The little grain sack pockets are cute, very festive. Would be a nice piece that you could change it up for each season or holiday.

    Just yesterday my husband and I stopped at a antique shop in old town Hico, Texas. The old building was beautiful with it’s wood floors, rock walls, and metal pipe showing. They bought two buildings and connected them, and where they came together was solid rock walls, would make for a beautiful grand entrance. As we where walking through we were wishing we could find something like this and turn into our home. It was beautiful. If your ever out that way you should stop by and see it, plus they have all kinds of neat things in the shop.

  6. I too have a love for all things rusty, but my bent is toward what I call “Yard Art”. After finally collecting enough for a ‘set’ of 3 of these metal bins, I arranged them on an old shed door that acts as a flower bed backdrop. Any idea what they were originally designed for?

  7. I’m dreaming of that same space. Just one soaring brick wall. Or two. Or three. and wide plank wood floors and tall drafty windows. I wouldn’t mind having enough space for a “conservatory” or an indoor garden. I want, I want, I want.

  8. I enjoy your posts so much, probably because I too, love using usual items in unusual ways. Often I don’t even know what the heck the found piece is, or is for. I just automatically see what I want to do with it!

  9. I love your new wall bins! They are great! Thanks for sharing! I also wanted to give you a heads up that tonight, Saturday night, at 8PM, there’s an all new linky party in town called Found & Foraged. We debuted last week and would love for you to join in the fun! You can find us at

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